This final month of summer-turned-autumn was a busy one for our Diabetes Online Community, and it brought out some truly amazing — and also heartbreaking — posts.

Below is our initial "Fall Collection" from around the DOC including blogs, podcasts, online news reports, and more that caught our eye this month, in no particular order:


Sadly, our Diabetes Community lit a collective blue candle after the unfortunate news that a 10-year-old T1D girl named Sophia died after experiencing a severe low at a sleepover. Many were praying online for her family in Pennsylvania, and in the aftermath of her death, our community not only expressed sorrow but also pushed to make a difference -- supporting the new Beyond Type 1 program Jesse Was Here, as a way to help Sophia's family and others who have suffered loss due to T1D. We echo those calls to support that valuable resource, because Sophia Was Here Too (and lives on in so many hearts).


Our D-Community was also on heightened alert about natural disasters, with hurricanes and severe storms smashing into US coastal areas like the Carolinas and Gulf Coast. Fortunately we have a non-profit consortium known as the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition now in place since the disastrous 2017 hurricane season, and this group has put efforts in motion to help in these situations.


Friends at Beyond Type 1 seem to be everywhere these days on so many things diabetes, and we've enjoyed following the group's Instagram feed where they regularly share stories of PWDs from around the global D-Community. They're using the hashtag #LiveBeyond to showcase these many diverse and varied stories from around the world, and how these experiences actually connect us all.


The end of the month marked the 4th annual RD Blog Week, created by T1D peep Rick Phillips to address both diabetes and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) that he lives with. We've enjoyed reading his posts, including this one about Playing Those Pill Pickup Blues on his struggles getting his prescription meds.


Updating our news coverage from earlier in the year, we're excited to see a pilot episode now released for the first-ever comedy series surrounding type 1 diabetes. It's dubbed A Bad Case, created by T1D-peep Erin Spineto to show that humor and laughter can be a great way to deal with the seriousness of diabetes. The pilot episode -- which previews more to come -- went live on Sept. 22. You can stream it to eventually view the whole series at your own pace.

Insulin pricing continues to make headlines and be a continuous drum beat of conversation (and frustration!) Did you catch the  recent episode of FOX medical drama The Resident that touched on insulin rationing due to high prices? And were you aware that the grassroots advocacy group #insulin4all is planning a second protest in front of Eli Lilly HQ in Indianapolis on Sept. 30? Advocate Lori Ruder wrote a blog post, Why I Protest to Fight for #insulin4all, that includes info on viewing the demonstration live-cast on Sunday. (Also stay tuned here at the 'Mine for further coverage of these issues).


Over on Instagram, we've enjoyed seeing Pancreas Pals share diabetes-focused visuals, and also listening to the awesome podcast these two D-gals have had doing for several years now on iTunes. Worth a view and a listen, DOC Friends!

Fellow diabetes writer and longtime T1 Riva Greenberg has been on a fasting routine recently, and she shares that experience over on her Diabetes Stories site. Very insightful posts, Riva, and it's great to hear how this unorthodox approach has been working for you.


One guest post that caught our attention was written by the so-called "Accidental Super Mom" Erin De Boer, who shares her family's story over on The Life of a Diabetic, a blog run by Chris Stocker.


We loved seeing the mantra from T2D blogger Phyllisa Deroze over at her Diagnosed Not Defeated blog: "I didn't beat diabetes, I fight it." What a great philosophy when it comes to the never-ending nature of living with diabetes. We certainly can relate.


An awesome diabetes T-shirt design popped up in our Twitter feed recently by A Prickly Shark, giving us a laugh and also making us nod in agreement. Yep, we'd totally snag one of those shirts if we could!

Definitely check out the impressive visual online project called "I Define Me" by teen T1D Izzy Myszak who was diagnosed in September 2017. It's aimed at raising awareness about diabetes and other "invisible illnesses," through photos and stories online. To date at month's end, the website says they've shared six stories, each representing a different chronic condition.


Longtime T1 PWD Molly Johannes at Hugging the Cactus prefers to keep her glucose levels to herself, and this post she's written sums it up nicely: "My blood sugar is none of your business!" He he... nicely written, Molly. We totally agree that it's up to each of us to decide how we decide to share our D-info... or not!


With a title like A Really, Really Wonky Diagnosis Story, how can you not stop to listen? D-Dad Scott Benner at the Juicebox Podcast has a suspense-ridden interview with a woman who has a well... not ordinary... diabetes diagnosis story from Valentine's Day years ago that may very well surprise even the most seasoned PWDs.


Some important blogging has been going on recently at Happy Medium, where T1D advocate Stephen Shaul has been sharing a candid discussion on drug prices as well as how our U.S. government is doing significant work on the diabetes front. It may not be the most sexy and fun stuff, but it's a must-read for those who care about the cause, and we give props to Stephen for sharing this information.


Seeing and meeting up with other PWDs and their "Type Awesome" partners "in the wild" is always a rewarding experience, and it's fun to read about these stories too. Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe recounts two of those instances recently, which she cleverly-describes as "Close Encounters of the Pancreatic Kind." :)


Huge congrats to T1D Instagrammer and photo journalist Laura Pavlakovich at You're Just My Type, who shared the happy news of her wedding recently. We're sending our warmest wishes to the newly married couple!


For those in the DOC who love videos, this fun diabetes-themed song parody by T1 Melissa Lee is a "can't miss" for sure. We've loved the collection of musical parodies she's shared over the years, and this new one showcases Melissa's own singing talent along with the dance moves of many others from around our community. Many smiles for this effort that embraces the best-of our D-community spirit.


Friends - Please share any thoughts you have on these posts from September, as well as any suggestions to feature for our next roundup. You can reach us by email, or via social media. Thanks!