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Suspension trainers are a series of ropes and handles that suspend from a fixed anchor point, such as a doorway, wall, or even a tree.

Using body weight and adding a level of instability, suspension trainers challenge your muscles without the use of weights. They’re also lightweight and easy to store, making them a good fit for small spaces.

However, with several options to choose from, figuring out which suspension trainer to purchase can be challenging.

The products in this article were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Quality. We looked for suspension trainers made with high quality materials, including sturdy, comfortable straps.
  • Cost. As budgets vary by individual, we included products at a variety of price points.
  • Customer reviews. All of the products below have mostly positive customer reviews.

Here are the 7 best suspension trainers.

A note on price

General price ranges with dollar signs ($ to $$$) are indicated below. One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher cost.

Generally, prices range from $58.85–$269, though this may vary depending on where you shop.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $75
  • $$ = $75–$150
  • $$$ = above $150
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Best overall

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training

Price: $$$

TRX is a brand that specializes in suspension trainers, so it’s no surprise that the TRX All-in-One is the best overall option.

The equipment weighs just under 2 pounds (0.77 kg) and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds (159 kg). It also includes adjustable straps, rotating foam grips, and indoor and outdoor anchors.

If you’re new to suspension training, you’ll also appreciate that kit comes with a 35-page workout guide and access to 2 online workouts.

For extra motivation, you can subscribe to the TRX app, which offers on-demand and personalized training for $34.99 per year.

Best for small spaces

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Price: $$

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is ideal for travelers and those who are short on space, as it’s lightweight, easy to store, and attaches to doors, ceilings, beams, and even trees.

It also features a split anchor and adjustable straps, allowing you to engage a greater number of muscle groups during your workout.

Other notable features include a 600-pound (275-kg) weight capacity, nonslip handles, sturdy foot cradles, and a downloadable workout video.

Best for beginners

TRX Fit System

Price: $$

The TRX Fit System has all the basic gear you’ll need to get started with suspension training, including two anchoring devices, straps, rubber handles, and a workout guide.

Reviewers mention that the system is durable and easy to set up, though it’s not quite as robust as what you’d find at a gym.

However, it’s important to note that the extenders for lengthening the straps are sold separately, which may be a downside if you plan on anchoring the system from a tall ceiling.

The Fit System has a weight capacity of 350 pounds (159 kg).

Best advanced

TRX Elite System

Price: $$$

One of the more expensive options, the TRX Elite is a gym-quality suspension trainer designed for more advanced exercisers.

The system comes with three anchoring options, an extender, and three mini resistance bands for adding intensity to your workouts.

What’s more, the durable rubber handles have a textured grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

As with other TRX products, this system is lightweight and offers a weight capacity of 350 pounds (159 kg).

Best affordable

RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit

Price: $

Despite being one of the cheaper options, the RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit provides all the essentials you need to get started with suspension training.

Featuring durable straps and rubber handles, this set comes with adjustable bands, a 38-inch (96.5-cm) extension strap, and 3 anchoring options, including a ceiling mount.

It’s also easy to install, supports up to 400 pounds (182 kg), and offers a lifetime warranty.

Some reviewers note that the carabiners holding the handles in place can get in the way during certain exercises, but this may not be a dealbreaker given the affordable price.

Best customizable length

The Human Trainer Suspension Bands Trainer Kit

Price: $$$

With carabiners placed at regular intervals along the straps, this suspension kit from The Human Trainer makes it simple to adjust the length.

It also comes with rubber handles, door anchors, and versatility anchors, which allow the system to be set up using an overhead beam or sturdy tree branch.

As an added bonus, the kit comes with 20 sample exercises and a circuit training DVD.


Price: $$$

The RECOIL S2 Gym is a great option for instructors, as it features a patented recoil system that makes lengthening the straps quick and simple.

Rather than adjusting each strap individually, the recoil system evenly extends and retracts both straps with the push of a button.

Like other options on this list, the RECOIL S2 Gym comes with antislip handles and can be anchored over your door or mounted to the ceiling.

It also gets good reviews for being easy to use and store.

The system weighs 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) and has a weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg).

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a suspension trainer, including:

  • Experience level. Some suspension trainers are easier to assemble and come with workout guides, while others offer more advanced training options.
  • Weight capacity. Most suspension trainers hold up to 350 pounds (159 kg) or more, but it’s always a good idea to check the weight capacity before purchasing one.
  • Anchor requirements. Think about where you want to anchor your system and whether you plan on traveling with it. Additionally, if your suspension point is high off the ground, you’ll want to pick a system that comes with an extender.

Using a series of ropes and handles, suspension trainers offer a compact and portable strength training option.

There are several systems to choose from, and they range in price, weight capacity, and features.

By using this guide as a starting point, we’re confident you’ll find the suspension trainer that best fits your needs.