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Penis sleeves, sheaths, and extenders, oh my!

While not exactly the same — even though they’re all often referred to as “sleeves” — they all slide over the penis for the sake of sexual pleasure.

How they’re used once they’re on the peen is another story we’ll slide into next.

To make sure there’s something for everyone, we included sleeves, sheaths, and extenders, and divvied them up for their various uses.

Before we go deeper, here’s the diff between all three types of devices, which we’re going to call sleeves for the sake of ease:

  • A sleeve covers the shaft only.
  • A sheath covers the entire penis.
  • An extender covers the entire penis and then some, with extra material to elongate the peen.

To pick the best of the best, we tapped some experts for their penis sleeve picks based on:

  • features
  • user reviews
  • effectiveness
  • cost

Sure, there are hundreds of penis sleeves you can buy. But this isn’t the time to shop all willy-nilly.

You’re putting your — er — willy in this thing, after all, and may or may not be inserting it into a partner. Some consideration is a must!

Keep these things in mind when making your choice:

  • Materials. Comfortable and body safe is a must!
  • Function. Are you using it to help with erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), or simply for pleasure’s sake?
  • Cost. Most sell for $10 to $150, but those made specifically for ED can cost upward of $400.

If you’re looking for a sleeve made specifically to help with ED, you have a couple of options. These are pretty costly, but, based on research, are an effective option.

All that said, there are more mainstream and budget-friendly options you can buy online, which we’ll mention throughout this article.

RX Sleeve

Price: $$$

RX Sleeve makes VERY realistic penis sleeves for people with ED that come in unique life-like shapes and external sizes for a customizable fit.

They’re made of skin-safe silicone in three different color tones. They come in two different firmness levels to accommodate people who can maintain an erection and those who can’t. They also take custom orders.

The sleeves are attached to an adjustable harness that keeps it in place during penetrative sex.

The biggest downside is the cost, which generally ranges from $385 to $524.

Buy RX Sleeve online.

The Elator

Price: $$$

The Elator is an external penile support device for people with ED.

Unlike a traditional sleeve that covers the entire penis, this device is made of two thin rods that run along the underside of the shaft and two flexible rings. One ring goes around the base of the shaft and the other just under the head.

The design lets you have penetrative sex without an erection.

A definite perk of the Elator is that your entire penis is exposed for all the feels.

Buy The Elator online.

If you’re experiencing PE — which most penis-having people do at one time or another — a penis sleeve may help in a couple of ways.

A masturbation sleeve can be used as a tool to help you “train” yourself to last longer.

You can also incorporate a masturbation sleeve into partner play by having your partner stimulate you almost to the point of orgasm, or by wearing a sheath during penetration to downplay the sensation you’d get from going commando.

Holster Silicone PPA Extender

Price: $$$

Carol Queen, PhD, Good Vibrations sexologist and author (with Shar Rednour) of “The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone,” recommends the Holster.

“Most sleeves have internal nubs, waves, and so forth to better stimulate,” Queen explains. “If someone comes faster than they desire to, they need the smoothest sleeve. For us that’s the Holster.”

For penetrative sex, the Holster adds girth and texture for your partner, but inside is smooth and hollow and designed to be used whether you have an erection or not. This makes it an option for those with ED, too.

A stretchy hole for the testicles keeps the sleeve in place during play.

Buy Holster Silicone PPA Extender online.

Satisfyer Men One

Price: $$

Megwyn White, certified clinical sexologist and director of education for Satisfyer, recommends the Men One.

One of the perks of this masturbator is that you can use it with any of Satisfyer’s interchangeable pleasure sleeves, which White says can help exercise the muscles within the penis that are especially helpful for edging.

An internal pressure regulator creates a varying suction effect. The pump feature lets you adjust the tightness as you please.

Did we mention the 15-year guarantee?

Buy Satisfyer Men One online.

These are sleeves of the extender variety that give you an extra inch or more if deep penetration is what you’re after.

Both picks come from sociologist and clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, PhD, with The Sex Toy Collective.

Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve

Price: $$

The Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve adds an extra inch to the wearer’s length and has a comfy loop that fits around the balls so it stays put while you play.

The silicone material is body-safe and flexible but tight enough for the user to enjoy sensation and keep their erection — something that can be a challenge with sleeves, according to Melancon.

Melancon also warns that this sleeve can be challenging to put on, but once you do, “the experience is worth it.”

Buy Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve online.

CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis Extender

Price: $

This curved sheath adds 2 inches to your length and has a slightly curved tip for extra stimulation, and maybe even some G-spot or A-spot action for your partner.

It features a mesh sleeve for some extra contact and a scrotum ring for support. It’s made of a smooth and flexible silicone.

It’s not realistic looking by any stretch, but it is super affordable at less than 20 bucks!

Buy CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis Extender online.

If thick is your or your partner’s thing, then you’ll want to look for a sleeve made to add girth.

Word of advice: You’re gonna need more lube.

Pipedream Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Penis Enhancer

Price: $

This is another one of Melancon’s picks for several reasons.

First, this extender adds a whopping 33 percent to your girth. Holy moly!

It’s open at the tip so your head gets to enjoy penetration au natural, and the tip can be trimmed for a better fit.

It’s made of Fanta Flesh (TPE) for a realistic feel for both partners, but Melancon points out that while the material’s great, it’s also porous.

“It isn’t possible to sterilize a porous toy, which is the major downside of this toy,” she says.

The solution: Wash thoroughly with soap and water after every use.

Buy Pipedream Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Penis Enhancer online.

Size doesn’t matter, but we do get that extra length and girth can stimulate more of your partner’s insides, if that’s their thing. Plus, some people just want it all.

Size royals rejoice, because the following sleeves let you have it all with extra length and girth.

Doc Johnson OptiMALE PPA Extender

Price: $

Queen likes the OptiMALE because it’s “soft and stretchy, so it’s comfy and pleasure-enhancing for both the wearer and their partner.”

A textured interior makes for added stimulation for the wearer. The firm tip makes insertion easier.

Speaking of insertion, this extender is 6.5 inches long — 5 of which are insertable — and an extra 2 inches of girth.

It’s made of body-safe silicone that has enough stretch to accommodate a variety of D’s.

It can also be enjoyed as a stroker when used without the scrotum loop.

Buy Doc Johnson OptiMALE PPA Extender online.

Doc Johnson Ultimate Stud Enhancer

Price: $

The Ultimate Stud Enhancer is the studded version of the OptiMALE.

You get the same extra length and girth but even more sensation because of the ribbed internal chamber, studded exterior, and super-accentuated head.

The price is another bonus, as this sleeve is currently only 10 bucks!

Buy Doc Johnson Ultimate Stud Enhancer online.

Extra sensation is often a good thing when it comes to sex.

For people with erection difficulties, the extra sensation from a sleeve can go a long way in sexual recovery, increasing pleasure and the chances of orgasm without needing to be hard.

Added sensation can come from texture, vibration, or sucking action.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Price: $$$

The Pulse Duo looks like a sexy silicone cannoli with a penis filling.

This is a sleeve that Christopher Ryan Jones, PsyD, clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and host of “Sex Therapy with Dr. Jones,” recommends because you can use it solo or with a partner, and it can help many people achieve orgasm even without an erection.

Two independent motors deliver powerful vibrations, stimulating the wearer from inside with equally intense vibrations at the base for a partner.

A wireless remote allows for hands-free fun to add extra sensation to solo play, dry humping, and other types of sex and foreplay.

Buy Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo online.

Satisfyer Men Vibration

Price: $$

If you’re looking to strengthen sensate awareness, White recommends using this as a vibrating tool to bring new sensations into the penis.

Thanks to the wide opening, you can use it on a penis that isn’t erect.

Its two powerful motors and internal wave-like structure focus the sensation on the head. Yes please!

Expert tip: Try this sleeve underwater for extra pleasure.

Other perks include 14 vibration programs with three intensities and eight rhythms, plus Satisfyer’s 15-year guarantee.

Buy Satisfyer Men Vibration online.

Penetrative sex with a sleeve is only as good as the harness supporting said sleeve.

A harness helps a strap-on stay in place, making insertion easier and more comfortable for all involved.

Doc Johnson’s Body Extensions Be Ready

Price: $$$

Melancon recommends the Be Ready extension for people who have erectile dysfunction and difficulty with penetration but still want to give their partner that experience.

You get a premium silicone and elastic harness with nickel-free hardware, and three hollow sleeves in different styles:

  • 7 inches with a bulbed head
  • 7.5 inches slim
  • 8 inches large

The harness accommodates waists from 28 to 48 inches, and each piece is hypoallergenic, nonporous, phthalate-free, and body-safe.

Buy Doc Johnson’s Body Extensions Be Ready online.

A small budget doesn’t mean you’re doomed to bargain basement-quality sex aids!

Plenty of reputable brands make budget-friendly sleeves to meet your needs and wants.

Tenga Flex

Price: $$

“Tenga makes some fancy sleeves,” Queen says, “and aside from their one-time use version, this one is the most wallet-friendly.”

The Tenga Flex is a masturbation sleeve with a cool and discreet design that’s made to be gripped and twisted to make the most of its textured and nubby interior.

It’s flexible and squeezable, and made from elastomer.

Buy Tenga Flex online.

Tenga Lover’s Egg

Price: $

The Tenga Lover’s Egg is another one of Queen’s picks. While it “isn’t intended to stay in your toy box for years and years,” according to Queen, “it’s a great toy while it lasts!”

Like other Tenga Eggs, this one’s soft and stretchy enough to cover your entire penis for a good stroking.

It’s textured with heart-shaped pleasure ribs on the inside for extra sensation.

Oh, and it’s currently only $9. Mind blown, right?

Buy Tenga Lover’s Egg online.

This was a hard pick because of the varying reasons a person might use a sleeve, but one device just kept coming up as a favorite in user and expert reviews.

Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse

Price: $$$

The Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse is the most compact and least expensive of all the Pulse sleeves, but just as versatile as it is effective.

It’s an expert favorite that Sadie Allison, sexologist and founder of and GoLove CBD Lube, says she always recommends to clients who need erectile support.

Two oscillating motors stimulate the frenulum — the nerve-rich pleasure spot on the underside of the head — which “helps maintain erections, offers enhanced pleasure, and can intensify the male orgasm,” Allison says.

Allison also adds that its clever design allows it to be used while either erect or flaccid and enjoyed during solo or partner play.

Buy Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse online.

Penis sleeves offer a plethora of pleasure possibilities for anyone looking to enhance solo or partner sex. They can be an invaluable tool for people with erection difficulties, too.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.