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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

If you’re playing host this Thanksgiving, don’t get overwhelmed; get organized with these tips.

Dieting During Thanksgiving?

You don’t have to forsake your diet or completely deprive yourself of good eating.

6 Steps to Your Post-Holiday Workout Plan

Did you feast your heart out this Thanksgiving? Get back on track after holiday excess in six easy steps.

Navigating the Holidays: 5 Tips for Blended Families

It's hard enough to navigate the holidays when one family is involved, but blended families have added stress.

De-Stress from the Holidays

All that time with family during the holidays can leave you feeling tired, irritated, and grouchy. Don't OD on QT.

Creating Family-Friendly Holiday Meals

Get your kids to help you with holiday meals, so picky eaters will be more likely to finish what's on their plates.

How to Eat Less This Holiday

Stuffing is for the birds. With a few simple strategies, you can stay satisfied without feeling over-stuffed.

Make Spirits Bright With Colorful Meals

The best way to know you’re getting all the nutrients you need is to eat foods with a wide variety of colors.

More Joy, Less Sugar

Visions of sugarplums may dance through your head this holiday, but filling up on sweets can be a nightmare.