The holidays are a time to eat, drink, and be merry. But dieting or even trying to enjoy the holidays in a healthy way can put a dent in just how merry you are. Fortunately, going into the holidays with an arsenal of healthy drink recipes can ensure you’ll enjoy all of the festivities without regret.

We’ve rounded up the best healthy holiday drinks recipes online to make this holiday season enjoyable no matter what your dietary restrictions may be.

Sugar-free eggnog

This eggnog from Sugar-Free Mom doesn’t just drop the sugar. It comes with a dairy-free option, too. It uses rum extract, which can give you the flavor of rum without the alcohol. However, if you’re going for a more indulgent version, dark rum may provide a deep, smoky flavor.

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Mulled pomegranate hot punch

Whether you go with the alcoholic or nonalcoholic version of this drink, you’re going to love it. The recipe from Holistic Squid calls for wintery flavors like pomegranate juice and allspice, and is certain to leave your kitchen smelling like it’s the holidays.

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Gingered cider hot toddie

A hot toddie isn’t all that unhealthy to begin with, but this version gets an extra boost with fresh ginger, which can improve heart health, lower your cholesterol, and even relieve pain. This has all the makings of a soothing winter beverage, plus a little something extra for warmth.

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Vegan Mexican hot chocolate

If you’ve never had the spicy, warming goodness of Mexican hot chocolate, you’re in for a treat with this recipe from Recipes to Nourish. It uses spiced Mexican chocolate from TAZA, but any brand would suffice. If you’re vegan, cut out the honey and go with full-fat coconut milk for an indulgent treat.

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a warming, spiced wine recipe that fills your home with the scents of winter. This particular recipe from Flourishing Foodie uses unsweetened apple cider, which means less sugar. It includes citrus fruit, honey, vanilla bean, cloves, and anise in a merlot base, and it’s spiked with a bit of brandy.

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Gingerbread cookie smoothie

It sounds decadent and loaded with sugar, but it’s really not. This smoothie from Good Girl Gone Green would make a great dessert or even breakfast, and is sweetened with just one ripe banana and a touch of molasses. Cinnamon and ginger give it that classic, gingerbread taste.

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Warm cranberry apple cider

Apple cider is a perfect comforting drink for a cold evening, and this recipe that uses cranberries is no exception. From Nutmeg Granny, it calls for traditional winter spices and an optional shot of rum or bourbon. If you’re watching your sugar intake, cut down or eliminate the brown sugar entirely — the juices are sweet enough.

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Pomegranate sparkling orange juice

If you’re looking for something for the kids to toast with at the holiday meal, try this sparkling juice recipe from Super Healthy Kids. You’ll need a juicer to make the pomegranate juice, or you could opt for prepared 100 percent pomegranate juice from the store. This is an easy recipe that the little ones at your table are sure to enjoy.

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