YouTube is a useful video platform that provides thousands of free exercise videos to help you stay in shape.

However, with so many people claiming to be fitness experts, you may wonder who you should listen to for proper and safe workout advice.

This article reviews our picks of the free YouTube fitness channels that cover all types of exercise, from weight training to yoga to cycling.


The qualifications of YouTube trainers vary widely, from those who have studied for years and hold many certifications, to fitness enthusiasts who aren’t certified by an official organization.

Be sure to do your research when you find a channel you enjoy. Always consult with a medical professional or certified personal trainer if you have injuries, or before starting a new program.

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1. Krissy Cela

If you’re looking to build muscle, strength, and gain confidence, then you’ll want to check out Krissy Cela on YouTube. She offers a wide set of exercises ranging from intense weight training sessions to bodyweight workouts.

Her unique, fun personality brings a fresh breath of honesty that has transformed the way many women approach fitness. Her goal is to show women that they can lift weights, eat delicious and nutritious food, and achieve the results they want.

2. Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a bodybuilder and internationally qualified powerlifter with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. His channel provides science-backed ways to build muscle, gain strength, and produce long-term weight loss.

If you’re interested in learning the science behind exercise and want to achieve long-lasting results, you may enjoy his videos.

3. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons provides dozens of weight training videos to help challenge you at the gym or at home. Whether you want to lift heavy weights at the gym or use your own body weight, her channel will give you tips and specific workouts to help you achieve your goals.

With over 2 million subscribers, she has gained popularity for her down-to-earth personality that resonates with millions of women worldwide.

4. Omar Isuf

If you’re looking for a laugh while learning about fitness, you’ll want to check out Omar Isuf.

As a former bodybuilder, his channel offers tips on increasing your muscular size and strength through weightlifting. His fun personality paired with his immense knowledge of physical training will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Most of his videos require some gym equipment, such as a barbell rack and bench.

5. Natacha Océane

Focused on science and results, Natacha Océane brings a unique approach to the YouTube fitness community. Her videos focus on strength training and full-body workouts while also teaching her viewers the science behind fitness to achieve long-lasting results.

What’s more, she calls out unattainable beauty standards and helps her viewers find balance between food, fitness, and enjoying life. If you’re looking to get in a high quality workout and learn the science of fitness, be sure to check out her channel.

6. Annabelle Hayes

Annabelle Hayes is a certified personal trainer that offers intense, effective workouts to help women build muscle and strength. Her wide variety of videos range from at-home, minimal equipment workouts to heavy weight training.

If you’re looking to sculpt your body and have fun while you exercise, you may enjoy her channel.

7. Stephanie Buttermore

Stephanie Buttermore is a fitness enthusiast with a doctoral degree in pathology and cell biology. Her background in science and passion for a healthy lifestyle has helped her design high quality exercises that can help you build muscle and strength.

Her popularity soared after her “all in” journey where she challenged the harmful dieting culture of the fitness industry. Since then, she has been an inspiration for millions of women that are looking to live a healthy, nonrestrictive lifestyle.

8. Bradley Martyn

If you’re looking to build significant muscle mass and strength, then you may enjoy Bradley Martyn’s videos. He offers weightlifting tutorials for people of all fitness levels. His workouts are intense but, for some, yield impressive results.

9. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines took the fitness industry by storm by providing convenient, affordable at-home workouts that deliver results.

With a following of over 376,000 on YouTube and 12.7 million on Instagram, Itsines offers minimal equipment cardio and strength training exercises for everyone.

10. Fitness Blender

Taught by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender provides a wide array of at-home workouts ranging from high intensity interval training, cardio, Pilates, and strength training.


Run by Chris Heria and his team of trainers, THENX provides a great way to help you get in better shape. Most of their workouts require minimal equipment or just your body weight, making fitness easy accessible and affordable for many.

The easy-to-understand instructional videos are a great option for those looking to perfect their form, build strength and agility, and do it all from the comfort of their home.

12. The Fitness Marshall

Taught by Caleb Marshall, the Fitness Marshall offers full-body workouts through dance for people of all ages, genders, and body types.

If you want to have fun while you work out, this channel offers quick 3-minute dance workouts to 30-minute sweat sessions to the tune of some of your favorite songs.

13. Koboko Fitness

Kola Olaosebikan is a certified personal trainer who strives to bring fitness into the homes of millions. She offers at-home strength training and cardio exercises (requiring minimal equipment) that can help you see results quickly.

Furthermore, she teaches her 1.4 million subscribers the science behind exercise. Olaosebikan includes instruction on how to effectively perform exercises to yield long-term results.

14. MrandMrsMuscle

The MrandMrsMuscle YouTube channel is for both men and women. With workouts ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, you can get in a good workout at home for free from two personal trainers.

Each workout is thoughtfully designed to help you burn calories for effective weight loss through high intensity interval training and strength training exercise using just your bodyweight or minimal equipment.

This channel is great to use by yourself or with your partner for added motivation and accountability.

15. Rebecca-Louise

Rebecca-Louise offers dozens of full-body workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment. You can opt for a 40-minute full-body workout or combine a few short, targeted videos to work out specific areas of your body.

16. Pamela Reif

If you’re looking to work out without the extra fluff and talking most YouTube videos have, then check out Pamela Reif. She offers workouts to help you gain strength, flexibility, and burn calories with minimal equipment.

Most of Reif’s workouts are around 10 minutes in length, making it easier to incorporate them into your daily routine. For added convenience, she even provides workout schedules based on your fitness levels.

17. Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell offers a wide variety of at-home workouts. From cardio to strength training to workouts targeting specific body areas, Mitchell covers many bases.

What’s more, she shows her viewers that they can achieve great results while following a vegan lifestyle and offers tips on how to start incorporating more plant-based eating into your daily routine.

18. Emi Wong

If you’re looking for an equipment-free workout that will still raise your heart rate, you may want to check out Emi Wong’s YouTube channel. Her videos are designed to help you burn calories and build strength using your own body weight.

Wong resides in Hong Kong. Her videos are also available in Chinese.

19. Yoga with Adriene

Taught by Adriene Mishler, her channel offers an array of yoga tutorials for all levels. With 8.8 million subscribers to date, and an uplifting, encouraging style, she has built a community of yogis of all ages and ability levels.

20. Blogilates

Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates, has been a top fitness YouTuber for over a decade. As a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, she offers a unique approach to fitness by providing Pilates-inspired workouts that require little to no equipment.

With over 5.42 million subscribers to date, Ho brings an honest, down-to-earth approach to fitness to help millions achieve realistic, long-lasting results.

21. Breathe and Flow

Bre and Flo Niedhammer are a married couple and certified yoga instructors who provide a wide array of yoga and meditation exercises for all fitness levels.

You can opt for short, medium, or long sessions of varying levels of difficulty. There’s even a high intensity yoga program. Another benefit? Having two instructors on-screen means you can see variations and modifications of each pose.

22. Boho Beautiful

Taught in front of a beautiful mountainous landscape, Boho Beautiful is a channel run by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk. It provides 10–20-minute full-body yoga, Pilates, and meditation exercises, and offers several full program options.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this channel has a library of exercises for people of all fitness levels.

23. Move with Nicole

Nicole Kastoun is a barre and Pilates instructor that provides low intensity, full-body Pilates and yoga workouts to help get you in amazing shape.

Her slow, calm approach to exercise, coupled with a relaxing zen environment, is great for those looking to calm the nervous system while getting in a good workout. If you’re looking for longer sessions that range from 20–40 minutes, you may enjoy her channel.

24. eFit30

eFit30 coaches you through yoga and Pilates sessions in 30 minutes or less. In particular, this channel focuses on stabilization exercises to help strengthen your core and back to alleviate pain and discomfort.

25. The Live Fit Girl

The Live Fit Girl by Deanna Dorman provides 15–20 minute Pilates workouts to help you sculpt your body and build strength. Her workouts are easy to learn, and you can easily choose full-body workouts or exercises that target specific muscle groups.

26. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness

Kaleigh Cohen provides energetic, intense cycling workouts to get your heart and feet racing. She provides helpful tips for beginners and teaches from a music-filled environment to keep you motivated for a full-body workout.

If you’re looking for a quick 20-minute cycling workout, you may want to visit her YouTube channel.

27. Gabriella Guevara

If you want to feel like you’re part of a cycling class while still in the comfort of your home, then be sure to check out Gabriella Guevara’s channel.

Along with energizing background music, she will coach you through a variety of cycling workouts ranging from 20–45 minutes that may give you the challenge you’re looking for.

28. Indoor Cycling Videos

If you’re tired of staring at your wall while doing a cycling workout or don’t want to listen to a trainer talking, you may want to give Indoor Cycling Videos a try. You can ride along to a beautiful scenic route for 30–60 minutes to create an enjoyable, effective workout.

If you want to get in shape without spending a fortune, be sure to visit these YouTube channels for workouts that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

While there are many fitness YouTubers to choose from, some may match your personality and fitness goals more than others. Regardless, it’s best to follow a person that motivates you to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Though many provide excellent workouts and sound fitness advice, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider or personal trainer first to make sure their workouts are right for you.

Once you’ve done your research and found a channel that inspires you, you can keep fitness a part of your lifestyle, even when you’re not able to go to the gym.