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Love exercising at home, but miss the energy and instruction of studio classes? Tired of doing the same workout DVDs because your schedule never seems to leave time for the classes you want to take?

Whether you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, tone up, or just have some fun, virtual studio workouts offer a convenient way to get moving without leaving your living room.

Obé Fitness is a popular virtual fitness platform offering thousands of live and on-demand studio-style classes.

With endorsements from celebrities like Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, and Drew Barrymore, you may be wondering if the online workout program lives up to the hype.

We’ve done the research — including testing it ourselves — to provide an honest review of Obé Fitness, including who it may (or may not) be right for.

Keep reading to see if Obé Fitness is worth the subscription fee.


  • little to no equipment necessary
  • options for classes under 30 minutes, as well as longer workouts
  • thousands of on-demand classes with new live classes offered daily
  • filtering options make it quick and easy to find a workout that fits you


  • expensive compared with many similar programs (though, it still calculates out to less than $1/day)
  • doesn’t integrate with cardio machines, such as bikes and treadmills
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Obé Fitness is an online fitness platform that allows you to stream live and on-demand workout classes using your phone, computer, or television screen.

Also included with your subscription is access to the Obé Fitness Community on Facebook, where users can swap suggestions for things like recipes and books.

The platform makes it easy to sign up online and offers a free 7-day trial for new users.

Once you’re signed in, you can filter classes by class category, class type, music, instructor, fitness level, class focus, impact (high or low), and equipment needed.

Obé recommends taking 5 classes per week, including 3 strength and 2 cardio, all of which offer a similar feel to in-person studio workouts.

After each class, you have the option to finish or select a cooldown or top-it-off class. There’s also a calendar tool, which allows you to plan your workouts for the week.

Similarly to Peloton, Obé is known for its high energy instructors, all of whom are certified fitness experts.

Each Obé Fitness class can be categorized into one of three pillars of movement:

  • Define: Pilates, sculpt, strength, power, and barre
  • Sweat: dance cardio, dance high intensity interval training (HIIT), HIIT, cardio boxing, and bounce
  • Flow: Vinyasa yoga, fire flow, yoga sculpt, and beginner yoga

There are 20 live classes per day, as well as thousands of on-demand workouts, including single replays of live classes.

Obé also offers pre- and postnatal workouts, though if you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, talk with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen.

For those who prefer a more structured workout routine, Obé offers programs that range from 7–28 days.

For example, the Just Getting Started: Beginner is a 7-day, beginner-friendly program that introduces you to a variety of class styles and instructors — no equipment required.

There’s also a Just Getting Started: Intermediate & Advanced program, which is designed for people who are experienced with home workouts but are new to Obé.

Additional programs include travel workouts, desk exercises, yoga, ab workouts, and 7 days of handpicked classes from popular Obé Fitness instructors.

Finally, Obé Fitness recently added Riding Classes, which are indoor cycling workouts for subscribers who own a home exercise bike.

You can pay for Obé monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Here are the current prices:

  • $27 per month
  • $65 per quarter (every 3 months)
  • $199 per year

If you decide that you like Obé, going with a yearly subscription can save you some money and earn you additional perks, including special access to Level Up classes and $20 to spend in the Obé store.

Similarly, the quarterly subscription offers access to Level Up classes and $10 off at the Obé store.

If you’re interested in Obé but not sure if you want to invest in a subscription, the company offers a free 7-day trial.

Editor here! To help you decide if Obé Fitness is right for you, I decided to try Obé’s 1-week free trial.

Spoiler alert: It’s been 3 weeks since my free trial ended, and I plan on renewing my membership again next month.

Here’s a breakdown of what I love about Obé, why I decided to subscribe, and aspects of the platform that I think could be better.

Who tried it

Similar workouts I’ve tried

I’ve always loved working out from home and have tried a bunch of platforms, including Fitness Blender, CorePower On Demand, and iFit.

I also frequently search for free workouts on YouTube and still have a few Beachbody workout DVDs, though I can’t remember the last time I watched one.

How to get started with Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness offers a free 1-week trial, though you’ll still need to create an account, which includes selecting a subscription plan and entering your credit card information.

There are three subscription options, including Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. The Quarterly and Annual subscriptions are the best bang for your buck as they reduce the price to $16.25 or $16.53 per month, respectively.

If you decide that Obé isn’t right for you, make sure to cancel your account before the last day of your free trial to avoid being charged.

After choosing your plan, the platform asks a few questions about your fitness habits and preferences.

Using this info, Obé curates a list of recommended classes, which you can select or navigate to the “Classes” page to find a different option.

How to select a class

One of my favorite aspects of Obé is how easy it is to find exactly the type of workout you’re in the mood for.

From the “Classes” page, you can use a handful of filters to narrow your search, including:

  • Class category: cardio, strength training, yoga, activate/recover
  • Class type: barre, cardio boxing, dance, dance HIIT, endurance, ride, kids, seniors, theme, and more
  • Music: pop, R&B, hip hop, rock, and more
  • Fitness level: beginner, open level, advanced, prenatal, postnatal
  • Class length: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 28 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
  • Body focus: full body, upper body, lower body, core
  • Impact: no impact, low impact, high impact
  • Instructors: Walter K., Ana C., Alex S., and more
  • Equipment: no equipment, 1–3-pound (0.45–1.36-kg) hand weights, foam roller, yoga blocks, bike, and more

While I prefer to pick and choose classes based on what sounds good that day, Obé also allows you to plan your workouts using the calendar feature.

Interested in a live workout? Simply choose “Live Schedule” at the top of the page to see the 20 available classes for the day.

Obé Fitness instructors and class experience

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried my fair share of online workout programs, and Obé’s classes are among my favorite so far.

When it comes to exercising, I get bored quickly, so Obé’s high energy vibe — from the music and instructors to the workouts themselves — really works for me.

Plus, as I’m usually on a time crunch to get a workout in before my son wakes up, I’ve appreciated having a large selection of 28-minute classes to choose from.

Over the past month, I’ve tried a variety of workouts, including yoga, endurance, dance HIIT, HIIT, and cardio boxing, all of which were 20–28 minutes in duration.

Here are my thoughts so far:

  • HIIT. Mary W.’s 20-minute HIIT workout is what fully sold me on Obé. Thanks to a combination of high energy music, Tabata-style training, and expert instruction on how to safely perform each move, I found myself both physically exhausted and mentally energized after the workout. I’ve since taken several 20-minute HIIT classes, all of which prove you can get an effective workout in very little time.
  • Endurance. While HIIT is my jam, I figured I’d change things up and try an endurance class taught by Walter K. As I’ll rave about next, when Walter K. is the instructor, I know I’m in for a great workout. Overall, I was still plenty tired after the class and found it to be a nice change of pace from faster HIIT workouts.
  • Dance HIIT. When I’m tired or lacking motivation to exercise, I’ve found that a Dance HIIT class led by Walter K. is the perfect remedy. Alternating dance choreography with HIIT circuits, Obé’s Dance HIIT classes are easily the most fun you’ll have working out from home.
  • Yoga. I’ve tried several Vinyasa flow classes, most of which were led by Lulu S. I’ve enjoyed the flows overall and love the positive messages Lulu shares. However, I often find myself pausing the class to settle into a pose for a bit longer.
  • Cardio boxing. I have mixed feelings about the cardio boxing classes. On one hand, they’re exactly what you’d expect from a cardio boxing workout with classic boxing moves set to a fast pace. However, I find myself checking how much time is left more frequently during these classes than others.

All the workouts I’ve tried thus far have been equipment-free. I recently bought a set of free weights and a kettlebell, though, so I’m looking forward to trying a few strength and sculpt classes soon.

If you thrive on instructor-led classes or want to start your day off with a blend of dancing and HIIT, then I highly recommend trying a free week of Obé Fitness.

For those who travel frequently or have work/family commitments that make getting to the gym difficult, Obé can bring the studio energy you’ve been missing.

Still, while Obé Fitness is a solid product, it’s not for everyone.

For those who enjoy watching scenery during workouts or are looking for a platform that integrates with smart home gym equipment, apps like Peloton, iFit, or JRNY may be worth considering instead.

Additionally, the strength training classes aren’t designed for serious weightlifters or powerlifters.

Here’s a closer look at how Obé stacks up with other home fitness platforms:

ObéBeachbody On DemandPelotonDaily Burn
Cost• $27/month
• $67/3 months
• $199/year
• $59.85/3 months
• $77.70/6 months
• $99/year
Digital: $12.99/month
All access membership: $39/month
Basic: $14.95/month
Premium: $19.95/month
Free trial7 days14 daysDigital: 60 days
All access membership: none
30 days
Supported devices• all major web browsers
• iOS
• Apple TV
• Android
• Fire tablets and TV
• Roku
• Chromecast
• all major web browsers
• iOS
• Apple TV
• Android
• Fire tablets and TV
• Roku
• Chromecast
• Wahoo Tickr X devices
• iOS
• Apple TV
• Android
• Fire tablets and TV • Roku
• Peloton machines
• all major web browsers
• iOS
• Apple TV
• Android
• Roku
• Chromecast
• Fire TV
Workout types• barre
• bounce
• cardio boxing
• dance cardio
• dance HIIT
• endurance
• foam roll
• Pilates
• power
• ride
• sculpt
• strength
• stretch
• yoga
• yoga sculpt
• barre
• boot camp
• cardio
• dance
• family
• low impact
• pre- and postnatal
• running
• strength
• yoga
• barre
• cycling
• dance cardio
• family
• Pilates
• prenatal
• running
• strength
• walking
• yoga
• barre
• cardio burn
• cardio sculpt
• core
• dance cardio
• kickboxing
• low impact
• meditation
• mobility
• Pilates
• power cardio
• strength
• yoga
Option for equipment-free classesyesyesyesyes

Requiring just a screen and internet connection, Obé Fitness delivers studio-quality workouts you can do from home or on the go.

Offering thousands of classes led by expert instructors, the program is ideal if you’re interested in high energy workouts, from dance cardio and HIIT to yoga sculpt and strength training.

Obé also allows you to filter by difficulty, duration, class type, and required equipment, so there’s a workout to suit nearly any fitness level or goal.

However, Obé is relatively expensive compared with similar streaming services and doesn’t integrate with smart home gym equipment.

Additionally, while strength training classes are available, the workouts are not designed for serious weightlifters.

If you decide to try Obé, just be sure to check with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your workout routine.