Dreading the gym? Shake up your fitness routine with a dance workout video instead. Dancing can be an intense workout that burns major calories and builds muscle. The free videos below will show you the ropes.

Healthline rounded up the year’s best dance workout videos here. Whether you’re into hip-hop, belly dancing, or Bollywood-style moves, there’s something for everyone.

The charismatic Caleb Marshall walks you through a fun, energetic dance workout centered around the sexy 2018 duet “Señorita” by pop stars Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. At just over 3 minutes, you can quickly fit this dance into your day if you need an energizing pick-me-up. Be sure to check out some of Marshall’s other exciting workouts on Instagram.

Get straight into some upbeat Bollywood dance moves with YouTuber Rahul. This video leans heavily on the fun, inspiring side of Bollywood music while also making sure you get in a good sweaty workout. Check out his other videos on Instagram.

Love Zumba? Want to take part in the “Tala” dance craze? Whether you’re a seasoned Zumba dancer or not, Live Love Party helps you jump right in so you can feel your blood pumping and your whole body moving smoothly in no time. Check them out on Instagram.

Ready to truly get a good workout while having a blast? MadFit takes you through a 15-minute cardio dance workout with some of your favorite music from the 2000s — it may just become one of your favorite daily cardio workouts. This dance workout gets your adrenaline pumping while giving you some positive vibes for the day.

Tanju from FitSevenElevent takes you to the next level with an intense 30-minute that starts off slow but gradually works in increasingly challenging but enjoyable dance moves. This workout is good for all levels but ensures you get a sufficient amount of exercise for the day.

Let Helio Faria from dancefunfitness get you right into a fun dance workout (his Instagram handle definitely delivers) with some of the world’s biggest, catchiest Afrobeat and Dancehall songs.

With hundreds of dance workout videos for different levels, BollyX knows just how to choose the right song with the right amount of energizing melodies and rhythms to make a full-body dance workout feel fun and effortless. Check out BollyX on Instagram.

Extreme Dance Workout

Want to start working dance cardio into your daily workout but aren’t feeling confident that you can keep up just yet? This follow-along workout from MYLEE Dance will help you learn the moves and have fun while you dance, with descriptions of each move as the workout progresses. Check out MYLEE Dance on Instagram.

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