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Care/of is a personalized vitamin subscription service that provides third-party tested supplements packaged in convenient daily packs. I tried Care/of for 30 days to see if the service is worth the cost.

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Photography courtesy of Care/of

A note on personalized vitamins

Care/of is a subscription service that offers personalized vitamins, which are supplements customized for you based on the results of a health questionnaire.

The questionnaire doesn’t replace the guidance of a qualified health professional, and it’s important to talk with a doctor or registered dietitian before taking any new supplements.

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Care/of is a personalized vitamin subscription service that delivers a monthly supply of supplements right to your door.

The company offers a wide variety of products geared toward adults and provides recommendations based on answers to an online questionnaire.

I tried Care/of for 1 month to provide a firsthand review of Care/of, including how it works, the products it offers, and the service’s potential benefits and downsides.

Care/of is a vitamin subscription company that provides personalized supplement recommendations and delivers them straight to your door.

For added convenience, the daily supplements come packaged in individual envelopes so you don’t have to worry about opening multiple bottles.

The goal of Care/of is to make purchasing supplements easier by taking the guesswork out of choosing which ones to take.


  • personalized supplement recommendations based on your health needs and goals
  • monthly supply shipped straight to you
  • wide variety of products
  • ingredients and products graded based on the strength of available research
  • products third-party tested for purity and potency
  • daily vitamin packs are convenient and time-saving
  • pills are easy to swallow


  • wide variability in cost
  • shipping fee for orders less than $50
  • doesn’t offer consultations with a registered dietitian or another health expert
  • quiz isn’t a substitute for guidance from a healthcare professional
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Care/of monthly product shipment | Photography by SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN

To get started, I completed a quick health assessment on the company’s website.

In addition to my sex and age, the questionnaire asked about my overall health, including the following questions:

  • Have you taken vitamins in the past?
  • What are your goals? (This question refers to any health concerns you have, such as digestive issues, low energy, or heart health.)
  • How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat most days?
  • Do you smoke?

Using this information, Care/of recommended six supplements, which I could choose to purchase or replace with other products.

It’s important to note that only the types of supplements, not the doses, are personalized. Therefore, it’s best to confirm the appropriate dose with a healthcare professional.

Once my products were selected, I received a 30-day supply in the mail. It took about 1 week to receive my initial order. Monthly refills are shipped automatically, and you can pause the service at any time.

Care/of offers a wide selection of products that are categorized as either vitamins or powders.


Care/of offers a wide selection of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements:

  • Letter vitamins: These include a B complex as well as single vitamins like vitamins C, D, and B12.
  • Multivitamins: This category includes a prenatal vitamin and multivitamin options.
  • Minerals: The company currently offers calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Herbs: Several herbal supplements are available, including elderberry, ashwagandha, garlic, and turmeric.
  • Probiotics: Care/of offers Probiotic Blend, a probiotic that contains three beneficial strains of bacteria. It also has Prebiotic Plus, which contains prebiotic fibers from acacia and blueberry powder that may promote microbial balance.
  • Specialty: These include omega-3s, vegan collagen boosters, keratin, astaxanthin, an adaptogenic mushroom blend, and some other dietary supplements.

All vitamins can be added to your personalized daily packs. Some can also be purchased separately in a full bottle size.


Care/of also offers several powders:

  • Collagen: Care/of’s bovine collagen powders is unflavored.
  • Protein: Whey and plant-based protein powders are available in Chocolate or Vanilla.
  • Boosts: Boosts are powders that can be mixed with your favorite protein powder or beverage. Currently, they offer maca root and a fiber supplement with chia and flax.
  • Quick Sticks: These single-serving powders are easily mixed into water and marketed for specific health concerns, including digestion and immunity. They contain a mix of micronutrients, herbs, and other compounds, such as probiotics.

Care/of also sells some additional merchandise, like shaker bottles for its powders.

Care/of strives to provide supplements featuring the most effective form of each ingredient.

For example, rather than folic acid, which research shows can accumulate in the bloodstream and may be linked to adverse effects, Care/of’s folate supplement contains methylfolate — a form that is found naturally in food and doesn’t lead to unmetabolized folic acid in the bloodstream.

The company says it seeks out ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. However, it doesn’t provide a lot of detail about sourcing or harvesting beyond the country of origin for several products.

Product testing

Care/of’s products are made in facilities that adhere to the current good manufacturing practices, a set of quality and safety standards put in place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to the company’s website, products are tested multiple times throughout manufacturing, and final products are tested by third-party labs. This ensures that each supplement contains what is stated on the label.

However, Care/of products are not third-party certified. In addition to making sure a product’s purity and potency, third-party certification is considered a gold standard and goes a step beyond third-party testing by confirming safe manufacturing and storage practices.

The price of a monthly Care/of subscription varies based on the type and number of supplements selected.

Products range in price from $7–$45 for a 30-day supply, with free shipping on orders over $50. Shipping costs $8 for smaller orders.

My monthly cost for six supplements was $78.

The service ships to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It also ships to some addresses in Canada. However, there’s a $6 handling fee on all international orders.

To see what the service is all about, I decided to try Care/of for 30 days.

After taking the quiz, the following supplements were recommended as part of my daily pack:

In addition, Care/of recommended two other supplements:

  • Whey Protein
  • Focus Blend (a blend of ginseng, ginkgo, and vitamin B12)

I decided to try these in addition to the daily pack. Here are my thoughts after 30 days of using Care/of.

1. Care/of’s supplement recommendations were pretty smart

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Screenshot provided by SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN

Even though the quiz only took about 5 minutes to complete, I thought the recommendations it provided were reasonable based on the answers I provided.

Vitamin D and magnesium are two vitamins many people have a hard time getting enough of, and astaxanthin and rhodiola were chosen to address my concerns about brain health, focus, and memory.

Because physical fitness was one of my main concerns, the whey protein powder was recommended as a way to help increase my protein intake on lifting days to promote muscle growth.

Still, Care/of’s supplement recommendations aren’t 100% tailored to your needs.

For example, the service has no way of knowing what supplements you’re currently taking, what dose is best for you, or what medications you’re on and how they may interact with your recommended supplements.

For these reasons, it’s important to review your Care/of recommendations with a trusted healthcare professional before purchasing them.

2. The costs can add up quickly

Care/of is definitely one of the more expensive ways to take vitamins.

Prior to trying Care/of, I was spending less than $35 per month on supplements, which included individual bottles of vitamin D, magnesium, astaxanthin, and rhodiola.

With Care/of, my personalized regimen came out to $78 per month. However, if I had opted for just the daily pack, it would’ve been $35 per month, which is more realistic for my budget and closer to what I typically spend.

Though, keep in mind that there’s an $8 shipping fee for orders under $50.

3. The daily packs were very convenient

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Photography by SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN

I typically put my supplements in a pill organizer and was skeptical about whether daily packs would actually be more convenient. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

I liked that I didn’t have to fuss with bottles, refill my pill organizer, or fish supplements out of the tiny organizer slots. All I had to do was grab a pack and open it.

I could see this feature being particularly helpful for travel or if you need to bring your supplements to work.

The pills were also quite small and easy to swallow, and I didn’t notice any strange aftertastes or negative side effects.

4. Care/of Whey Protein is one of the better protein powders I’ve tried

Care/of Whey Protein has impressive, simple ingredients like grass-fed whey protein and organic cinnamon. Plus, it’s sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic monk fruit — neither of which impart an unpleasant aftertaste.

The Vanilla flavor was very mild and didn’t have an overwhelming artificial sweetness that many other Vanilla-flavored protein powders have.

In terms of texture, when mixed with water or milk, the powder remained clumpy even after vigorously shaking with a shaker bottle. However, it was nice and smooth when I used an electric whisk or blender. I also enjoyed this protein powder mixed into plain yogurt.

5. It will likely take more than 1 month to notice results

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Photography by SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN

After 1 month of use, I can’t say I feel particularly different. However, it’s likely because I was already a consistent supplement user before I started Care/of.

In fact, I was already taking many of the products recommended to me by Care/of, including vitamin D, magnesium, and brain health supplements.

It’s hard to say whether I would have noticed a difference after 1 month of use if I hadn’t already been taking supplements. After all, when it comes to most vitamins and minerals, I’ve found that it typically takes several months of consistent use to notice any benefits.

To assess the benefits and effectiveness of ingredients, all of Care/of’s products are graded using the following scale:

  • Traditionally used: history of use in traditional or herbal medicine
  • Limited research: very little scientific evidence available
  • Emerging research: limited recent evidence available
  • Good research: limited high quality evidence is available
  • Strong research: supported by several high quality studies
  • Very strong research: supported by several robust studies and expert consensus

In addition to listing the grade, each product page contains a summary of the related available evidence and a list of studies for further reference.

You can also dig into the company’s research library, which details the scientific research available to support the potential benefits and uses of each product.

It’s important to review the grades and research available for each product, as some health claims may not be as well supported as others.

For example, the herbal supplement shavatari is graded as “limited research” and “traditionally used” because even though it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, there’s still not a lot of research to back up the claims made about it.

On the other hand, vitamin D is graded as “very strong research” because there are several studies that support its use and most experts agree on its benefits.

Overall, when choosing supplements, make sure to look for those with a “strong research” or “very strong research” grade. You can find each product’s grade under the benefits tab on the product page.


While Care/of’s online questionnaire asks some health-related questions, it doesn’t provide a comprehensive medical history.

As a result, you may be recommended a product that interacts with a medication you’re taking or exacerbates a preexisting health condition.

Additionally, without blood work to confirm what your body needs, you may also be taking unnecessary nutrients or not enough of them.

For example, if you have a vitamin D deficiency, 1,000 IU (found in Care/of’s vitamin D supplement) is likely not a high enough dose to treat low or deficient levels.

In particular, many herbal supplements are not recommended for children or people who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Overall, it’s best to talk with a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement regimen.

Care/of is worth considering if:

  • You need guidance on which supplements to buy: The personalized quiz provides several recommendations that you can stick to or swap out as needed. Still, proceed with caution and know that it’s always best to get supplement advice from a healthcare professional.
  • You value the convenience of daily vitamin packs: Care/of’s daily packs are a good option for anyone who dislikes the hassle of opening various bottles or filling a pill organizer each week.
  • You don’t want to worry about buying more vitamins when your supply is low: The service automatically sends a new shipment every 30 days.

On the other hand, Care/of may not be right if:

  • You want to be certain that the vitamins you choose are exactly what you need: Care/of’s quiz is not an adequate substitute for nutrient or hormone testing, so the recommendations you receive may not necessarily reflect the nutrients you actually need. The most accurate way to determine whether you need supplements is through blood work and a dietary and medical review with a healthcare professional.
  • You’re on a limited budget: Care/of isn’t cheap. To save money, you might want to shop at your local or online pharmacy instead.
  • You don’t want any interruptions to your routine: With Care/of, there’s no guarantee you won’t experience interruptions. For instance, certain items may be out of stock when it’s time for you to refill, or shipping may be delayed.
  • You’re already taking supplements: If you already have a supplement routine that you’re happy with, there’s probably no need to make the switch to Care/of.
  • You need specific nutrient doses: Care/of doesn’t offer customized nutrient doses. As a result, it isn’t a good fit if you have been diagnosed with nutrient deficiencies or have otherwise been recommended to take specific doses of certain nutrients by a healthcare professional.

Care/of overall scored well during Healthline’s internal vetting process.

The company does not make any unacceptable health or disease claims about their products, although there is not always robust clinical evidence to support the use of its herbal ingredients.

Additionally, while the company mentions its products are third-party tested, the website doesn’t disclose the name of the testing organization or provide links to lab test results.

At time of publish, Healthline did not find any lawsuits or regulatory action letters involving the brand or its products.

Care/of’s online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many customers noting that the vitamins make them feel great, the prices are fair, and customer service is responsive and easy to work with.

However, common complaints include issues with shipping delays, resulting in customers going without their supplements for days. Other reviewers note that they dislike taking so many pills each day, and that the supplements don’t seem to offer any advantages over products from less expensive brands.

Another perspective

Healthline Business Operations Director Luke Sheppard tested several Care/of products, including the Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels and liked the simplicity and convenience of the daily packs.

“The package I received came with personalized instructions for taking the supplements as well as details of what each packet contained,” Sheppard explained.

“I took a single packet daily with plenty of water. Each packet contained three large pills and four smaller pills. While I couldn’t take all pills in a single gulp, as long as I spread that out over a few gulps, I had no issues swallowing.”

Care/of provided this product for free. But our opinions are ours alone and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by Care/of.

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Here’s how Care/of stacks up against some of its closest competitors:

Product offeringsHealth assessmentPrice rangeShippingOther services
Care/of• vitamins
• minerals
• protein powders
• collagen
• herbs
• probiotics
• specialty supplements
online quiz$7–$45free over $50, $8 otherwise
Persona• vitamins
• minerals
• probiotics
• herbs
• specialty vitamins
online quiz$1.80–$25.50free over $50, $8 otherwiseaccess to a health expert
Hum Nutrition• vitamins
• minerals
• probiotics
• herbs
• specialty vitamins
• protein powders
• collagen
online quiz$12–$50free over $50, $5.95 otherwiseaccess to a dietitian

It’s roughly the same price as major competitor Hum Nutrition. It’s slightly more expensive than Persona Nutrition, another competitor.

In general, subscription vitamin services, including Care/of, are more expensive than purchasing supplements from a local or online pharmacy.

Yes, Care/of’s vitamins and supplements are third-party tested by an independent lab, though the name of the testing organization isn’t disclosed.

No, Care/of doesn’t offer a free trial. However, it does offer a full refund within 30 days of your first order if you’re not satisfied. You can also opt for a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.

Care/of is a vitamin subscription service that provides personalized recommendations based on an online questionnaire.

Each product is made with high quality ingredients and graded based on the strength of available research. Additionally, final products are third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.

If you’re interested in trying a personalized vitamin subscription, Care/of is an excellent choice. Just make sure to talk with a healthcare professional before placing your order.