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If your life is more about getting things done then getting done, it’s time to enjoy a quickie.

“Real life is not like the movies, so sometimes making time for lengthier romps isn’t realistic,” says CalExotics’ resident sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt. Retweet.

The key is remembering that sex doesn’t start or stop at Pound Town. “The prevailing framework that only penetration ‘counts’ as sex is patriarchal, heteronormative, extremely limiting, lacking in imagination, and frankly boring,” she says.

Makeout City, Humping Hill, and Analingus Avenue can all be just as pleasurable.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try the positions below next time you fit in a quick romp.

Quickies can be hot and memorable, too — especially if you keep these tips in mind.

What you’re wearing matters

For starters, you’ll want to avoid anything with huge zippers, studs, spikes, and belt buckles that could snag on skin or catch hair. Any tops or bottoms that could rip if you move in the wrong way are an automatic no-go.

Some clothing to opt for instead:

  • dresses, skirts, or kilts, which can be easily pulled up to exposed privates
  • sweatpants and baggy bottoms that allow more room for a strap-on or erection
  • leggings, which will allow you to more easily stimulate genitals without removal
  • crotchless panties or assless chaps for easy access

Your outfit can serve as visual foreplay

“Clothing can be more than just something that provides easy access, but something that hints at what’s to come,” says sex educator Cassandra Corrado with O.school.

Think: a lacy low top, sweats that conceal a hard cock or strap beneath, gray leggings that reveal a wet spot when you stand up, or a ring that doubles as a vibrator.

What you’re wearing — and how you wear it — can add new sensations

For instance, while certain materials like cotton can cause chaffing, silk can add a pleasurable slippery sensation against a clit.

If you prefer a lot of pressure and friction in your play, try rocking jeans and corduroys, which create more rub during humping and outercourse.

Other examples:

  • Shirts with tassels can be used to tease nipples.
  • Sports bras can be used to create a pleasurably painful snapping sensation against the skin.
  • Underwear can be pulled tight in the back and dragged back and forth between butt cheeks for anal teasing.

If you have time to prep, consider adding a wearable sex toy into the mix

Want to take things from wow to WOW? Consider these options, all of which you can shop for online:

Use your words before you use your mouth

Build anticipation by sexting throughout the day.

Or, whisper all the dirty things you want to do to your partner in the coat closet.

Some lines to try:

  • “I’m thinking about the way your grind against my mouth when I go down on you.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about the way you rode my fingers last night…”
  • “I miss the way your neck tastes, and the way you beg when you want my lips elsewhere.”

Quick PSA: STIs and, in some cases, pregnancy are still possible

“Your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is the same whether you’re romping for two days straight or just 10 minutes,” says Corrado. So make sure you both know your STI status and exchange that info ahead of time.

If one or both of you tested positive for an STI at your last screening, or you haven’t had this chat, you’ll want to use:

  • dental dams during vulva-to-mouth, vulva-to-vulva, and mouth-to-anus contact
  • condoms during penis-to-vulva, strap-to-vulva contact, penis-to-mouth, and strap-to-mouth contact
  • a latex glove or finger condom during manual play

Friendly reminder: Pregnancy is a risk most times there is penis-in-vagina penetration. If you’re interested in preventing pregnancy, you should discuss birth control options.

Word of warning: Public sex isn’t legal

Having a quickie in a parking lot, public bathroom, park, or bathroom may sound hot.

Even if you keep most of your clothes on, remember that in the United States, public sex is illegal.

While the charge depends on the specific act, “having sex in public can get you into trouble, especially if the person who catches you is a minor,” says Corrado.

You can still go down and touch around, even when the clock’s counting down.

Unzip and dip

Great for coat closets and bathroom stalls, you both stay standing.

Start by having the receiver unbutton and unzip. Then the partner can slip their hand between the receiver’s waistband(s) and skin to tease their labia and vaginal opening, rub their clit, or penetrate their front hole with a finger.

Standing ovation

With your back against the wall and partner in front of you on their knees— or butt, if sitting gives them better access to your genitals — drape one leg over their shoulder. Because you’re supporting yourself on a single leg, good balance and decent leg strength is a must.

As your partner licks your bits, have them tease your hole with a finger. Or even insert it for G- or A-spot stimulation.

Handstand 69

This very athletic position requires that one partner have Hulk-esque upper body strength.

If you’re admiring your arms as you read this, have your partner stand against a wall, with their feet hip-width apart. Next, do a wall walk until you’re in a handstand with your arms straight and your mouth at genital level.

Have your partner wrap their arms around your legs, lifting you slightly to help take the weight off your wrists and shoulders. From here, get licking/munching/sucking.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a BIG risk for not a lot of award, you’re right. But hey, a horny couple can dream…

Your pucker and paws can be used if your partner has a penis or has one strapped on.

“Orgasm may not be the goal, but if it is and the receiving partner has a penis, have them wear a condom for easy cleanup,” says McDevitt.

Using a strap-on?

Corrado recommends any dildo from New York Toy Collective, which are made of dual-density silicone and have a wire running down the core. “You can bend them and wear them as a packer in public, and then unfold them when you’re somewhere private and want to have a quickie.”

Mutual masturbation

Face it: Nobody knows how you like to be touched better than yourself. “While maintaining eye contact, you can each touch yourselves either over or under your pants,” says Corrado.

“It can feel really hot to be putting on a show for your partner like this,” she says. Plus, you’ll both probably come faster. Quickie mastered.

Kneel and squeal

This classic requires the receiver to peek their dildo or penis out through their fly. The giver should drop to their knees in front of their partner, and use their mouth and hands to lick, stroke, and suck.

If there’s a wall around, you’ve got two options, according to Corrado. Either have the receiver lean their back against it for support, or have them stand facing the wall, and lean towards it so that they can rest their forearms against it.

Keep in mind: “This is probably not the time for deep throating, as that’s best for slow, controlled, and mindful sex, not rushed sex,” says Corrado.

Lapping lap dance

This seated position begins with the receiver bringing their log into the light, and popping a squat onto a chair, couch, box, or ledge.

The giver is then free to either sit on their partner’s lap or get on their knees and stroke up and down using their hands, mouth, or both.


You’ll need a bench, bed, or table for this one. To begin, have the giver lie back with their head tilted over the edge.

The receiving partner will drop their trousers to their knees or peek their cock out through their fly. Then, they’ll straddle their partner’s face, bending their knees to bring their bits to their boo’s lips.

“Your throat is naturally more open in this position, so if the giver has a sensitive gag reflex it’s a good option,” says Corrado.

Ahh, analingus. Also known as tossing the salad or rimming. “Rimming is the act of pleasuring your partner’s anal entrance with your mouth,” says Corrado. Packed with other 4,000 nerves, stimulating that area can feel incredibly good for anybody.

Note: For any rimming positions, if the receiving partner didn’t have time to shower (or use a wet wipe ahead of time) you may want to use a dental dam.

Nose diver

The receiver should lower their bottoms just low enough and bend over. The giver will get on their knees behind them so that they’re looking right at the butt.

This position naturally spreads the cheeks, which means the giver can use their hands for other things — like teasing their partner’s front half, or teasing themselves through their own clothes.

The face sit

Got plenty of room to lie down? Great. Have the giving partner lay back, fully clothed. The receiving partner should either hold up their skirt or pull off their pants, and then straddle their partner’s face in a reverse rider position.

The receiving partner can tilt their pelvis to help the Lick Master find the spot that feels good. The receiver can use their hand to either spread their own cheeks apart, or to reach forward and pleasure their partner through their clothes.

Lifted missionary

You’ll need either a sex pillow or a sweater/coat you can ball up for this one.

The receiver starts by lying back, pants pulled around their bum. Next, they can place the “device” beneath their hips pull their knees back as far as is comfortable to help expose the anus.

The giving partner can lie down so that they’re tongue-to-bum and lick them like a lollipop.

Two words: condoms and clits.

Condoms will make for easy cleanup whether your partner has a penis or is strapped on.

And clits because, well, most folks with vaginas need clitoral stimulation to climax.

Rocking chair

Have the penetrating partner pull their pants down to mid-thigh and sit in a couch or chair without arms. Next, have the receiving partner climb on top, facing them.

“This position lends itself well to rocking motions, as opposed to thrusting motions,” says Corrado.

“Pull a bullet vibrator out to use on the rider’s clit and you could be talking less than a few minutes to get off,” she says.

Doggy in the doorway

The doorway will give you both something to lean against or hold onto.

The receiver should be turned around, holding onto the frame, with their pants just low enough to make entry possible.

The partner with the penis or strap-on stands behind them, warming their partner up for penetration with their fingers before sliding inside.

The receiver can arch into the frame to alter the angle of entry, and the giver can hold onto their partner’s hips for leverage.

Once you’ve found a rhythm, the receiver can use one hand to circle their clit.

Propped and penetrated

For this standing position, the receiving partner will need a window ledge, table, countertop, or chair to prop their leg onto.

You’ll both start by dropping trou and positioning yourselves in front of each other. “If the receiver can balance on one leg and prop their other foot up on something, it’ll open up the vagina for deeper access,” says Corrado.

The giver can enhance the sensation by using one hand to play with their partner’s nipples or clit.

“If you’re trying to have anal sex when you’re short on time, I recommend expanding your definition of what anal sex is to include rimming, butt plug play, and anal fingering,” says Corrado.

Why? Because anal penetration can be painful for the receiver if rushed —even causing the sensitive lining to tear.

Flash fanny fingering

Have the recipient stand facing the wall, the waistband of their bottoms pulled beneath their rump. Next, have the giver don a finger condom, apply lube, and go inside.

If the recipient has a prostate, the giver might try curving their fingers down two-ish inches towards the belly button and making a come-hither motion against the prostate.

If the recipient has a vulva, the giver can either make circles along the nerve-rich entrance of the anus. Or, going deep — which may stimulate their A-spot.

Planned plug play

Be warned: This position is a commitment.

Pop a plug into your patootie (with lube, duh). Then, get dressed. “The plug can help prep your rear for anal intercourse later in the night,” says Corrado.

Or, you can opt for a vibrating, remote-controlled anal plug and give the remote to your partner to control while in public.

Reverse chair rider

What you’ll need: lube, a recipient in loose clothing, and a chair.

Have the penetrator sit, pop out their phallus, and liberally (!) apply lube to their shaft. Next, with their dress or skirt balled up at the waist (or sweatpants slid down), they face away from their partner and sit down on their partner’s penis or strap-on.

The giver can put their hands on their partner’s hips to help control the depth and speed of penetration.

Standing doggy

Doggy really opens up the anus, so you’re typically able to achieve deeper penetration. So this one is for Confirmed Anal Lovers only.

The receiving partner will bend over a couch or table, and the giving partner should roll on a condom and get in place behind them.

“Just please don’t forget the lube,” says McDevitt. Noted.

Done right, rushed romps can be just as sexy and fun as drawn-out lays.

Gabrielle Kassel (she/her) is a queer sex educator and wellness journalist who is committed to helping people feel the best they can in their bodies. In addition to Healthline, her work has appeared in publications such as Shape, Cosmopolitan, Well+Good, Health, Self, Women’s Health, Greatist, and more! In her free time, Gabrielle can be found coaching CrossFit, reviewing pleasure products, hiking with her border collie, or recording episodes of the podcast she co-hosts called Bad In Bed. Follow her on Instagram @Gabriellekassel.