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Standing up during sex can help increase pleasure and add a little spice to a relationship. Whether you prefer vaginal penetration, oral, or anal, there is a standing sex position for it.

Illustration of two people from the thighs down, leaning in to one another to share an intimate momentShare on Pinterest
Illustrations by Brittany England

It’s not all about the horizontal mambo. Standing sex positions open up a world of sexy fun that you can enjoy outside the bedroom, in the tightest quarters, without a mattress or soft surface in sight.

And penetrative sex isn’t the only kind of sex you can have on your feet. Touching, kissing, and licking are all on the table and all offer up the potential for some serious standing satisfaction.

Forget about any horror stories of snapped shafts and embarrassing trips to the ER you’ve heard. These tips will minimize the risk of falls and unfortunate fractures.

Leverage your body weight

Finding your center of gravity keeps you upright, but you’ll really need to leverage your body weight to keep two — or more — of you standing during sex. Get a leg up or lean your body to shift your weight for better stability.

Use your surroundings

Tables and counters provide a place to rest the booty so you can spread wide or lean back. Walls are perfect for leaning on during face-to-face or front-to-back sex. Use your surroundings to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to add props

Yep, sex props. They’re a thing and they’re fan-fricking-tastic.

You can use straps and bars to hold body parts back, up, or open. Sex swings can be mounted from a doorway to support one or both of you.

Sex pillows and ramps can also be used to prop-up bottoms and fronts, making any available surface instantly sex-friendly.

Shop for straps, swings, pillows, and ramps online.

Finish — or continue — in a different position

No one says you need to be on your feet for the long haul. Pleasure should be your focus, so if you’re more comfortable going on or finishing in another position, then by all means.

Consider your heights

How tall you are in relation to your partner matters and can make certain standing positions easier than others. Consider how your bits and bobs line up when choosing your position.

You still need to think about protection

Practicing safer sex is key.

You can get pregnant even if you’re standing up, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be transmitted though all types of sexual activities.

Yep, fingering and oral are on the menu even when it’s standing room only.

Here’s how to go about it, starting with a position for beginners all the way to our moves for seasoned pros.

Standing O

The receiver stands for this versatile position. Feel free to lean on a wall or other surface behind or in front of you for support.

The giver sits or kneels in front — whichever is easiest for reaching their partner’s genitals with their mouth, hands, or both.

Face first

You’ll need a counter or high surface to sit on for this one, unless the giving partner is strong and steady enough to hold their partner up for an extended period.

To begin, the receiving partner sits on the counter with legs apart and hands flat down at their sides for support. The giver then stands in front of them, bending over to reach their mouth to their partner’s genitals.

From there, the giver leans back and enjoys having their genitals licked, sucked, or teased with fingers or a sex toy, or all of the above!

Standing 69

You can try flipping for it, but the physically stronger — and ideally, heavier — of the two should be the one who stands for this position.

Why? Because they’ll need to be able to hold their partner upside for the duration.

Begin with the stronger partner sitting in a chair or on bed. The other partner then leans over and puts their head in their partner’s lap and uses their hands for support while the stronger partner guides them into an upside position.

Once both partner’s heads are between the thighs of the other, both partners should wrap their arms around the other’s waist and hold on tight.

Next, the stronger partner stands up and both parties go to town with their tongues.

Get the receiving partner to stand at attention with these blow job and hand job-friendly positions.

Face bang

This basic fave begins with the receiving partner standing while the giving partner kneels in front.

The giver is then free to stroke, lick, and suck to their heart’s content while the receiver gets to enjoy the view and thrust — or bang — their partner’s mouth or hand.

Sword swallower

To begin, the giving partner lies on their back on a bed or table with their head hanging off the edge.

The receiving partner stands facing their partner’s feet and leans in close enough that their partner can take their penis or strap-on in their hand and mouth.

The giver then begins to stroke their genitals and move onto fellatio. FYI: This position’s also perfect for tea-bagging.


Here’s some advanced Kama Sutra for a beej they won’t soon forget.

Grab your own copy of the Kama Sutra here.

You’ll want to start this one with the receiver in a seated position while the giving partner stands facing them and carefully places each leg over their shoulders, wrapping their legs around their partner’s head.

The receiver stands up, using their hands to help their partner slide downward towards their pelvis. While being lowered, the giver turns their face and torso towards their partner’s penis.

Once in position, the giver can take their partner’s penis in hand and get down to the business of licking and sucking, while enjoying the head rush.

The receiving partner, if so inclined, can reciprocate since their partner’s genitals should be conveniently at face level.

Up for some backside lip service? Here are some rimming positions for all experience levels. Bottoms up!

At your service

The receiving partner stands while the giving partner kneels behind them. Depending on the height difference, the receiver may need to bend over or stand on their toes to get the right angle.

The giving partner then uses their mouth and tongue to pleasure their partner’s anus, with their hands free to explore other pleasure spots.

Standing dog

The recipient stands with feet just far enough apart to allow their partner to sit in between. Next, the giving partner sits on the floor behind them, facing their butt with legs extended.

The recipient then assumes a Downward-Facing Dog pose, which involves bending over and planting their palms firmly on the floor. This position naturally spreads the cheeks, readying it for a rimming.


The recipient takes the lead in this one, though it’ll require some quad strength. As for the giver, they’ll need to consent to facesitting or suffocation.

The partner giving the tongue lashing lies on their back on a bed with their head at the edge.

The recipient stands with their back — butt — to their partners face and spreads their cheeks apart. Next, they lower their butt, sitting on their partner’s face.

No bed? Engage those quads even more and have the giver lie on the floor and squat all the way down.

If you’ve got a vagina, then the world is your oyster as far as options for standing sex go. Here’s how to get up to get down whether penetrating with a penis or strap-on. (Find options online.)

Standing doggy

The partner with the vagina gets on all fours at the edge of a bed and the giving partner stands behind and enters them.

The beauty’s in the simplicity… and the giver’s free hands that can pleasure the recipient’s other bits.

Bathroom badass

The bathroom sink offers up a couple of different options with the added bonus of a mirror with a view.

The recipient can sit on the counter while the partner stands between their legs and penetrates from the front.

The recipient can also switch directions and lean over the sink — and enjoy the view in the mirror — while their partner penetrates them from behind.

Pro tip: Remove any floor mats that might pose a slipping or tripping hazard.

Door jam

A doorway provides two walls (frames) perfectly spaced so you both have something to lean back on.

Stand facing each other in a doorway with your backs to the door’s frames. The penetrating partner lifts their partner up so their vagina is at the right height for penetration.

The partner with the vagina wraps their legs around their partner’s waist and leans back against the frame behind them.

Once they’ve got a firm grip on their partner, the lifter can push their feet against the frame in front, while leaning back for support even more.

One leg up

This one’s perfect for shower sex. Throw in a waterproof vibrator for even more fun!

Shop for waterproof vibrators online.

To do it, the partner being penetrated stands with their back to a wall and one leg up on the edge of the tub — or a stool or chair if playing outside the shower.

The penetrating partner stands facing them and penetrates from the front, pressing their hands on the wall for support.


Imagine a person pushing a wheelbarrow. Now imagine that the wheelbarrow is actually a person who’s upside down. That’s this position.

To do it, the giving partner stands with legs slightly parted and knees lightly bent.

The recipient stands in front and bends over, placing their hands on a floor, bed, or another surface.

The giving partner can hold their partner’s legs and guide them up so they can be wrapped around their waist.

Mastering the alignment can be a bit tricky, so go slow and be gentle until you get it right. Then, well, thrust away.

The right angle during standing anal can up your chances of an anal orgasm. So go grab some lube and give these positions go.

Over the table

This one’s easy, enjoyable, and perfect for anal penetration using a penis, strap-on, or anal toy.

The recipient leans over a table or sofa back while their partner stands behind them.

The giver can use their hands to guide their partner’s hips into position for penetration.

On the table

The recipient lies on their back on a table or a bed with their butt at the edge and their legs up.

The penetrating partner stands in front of their partner and takes a firm grip of their butt, pulling it up to the right level for penetrating.

The receiving partner rests their ankles on their partner’s shoulders and can push against them to lift their butts for a better angle.

Standing spoon

If you like full-body contact, you’ll love this one. It works better for couples of similar height, but tippy toes and squatting can help get the right angle.

The penetrating partner stands behind the recipient and presses their body firmly against them and guides their partner’s bum into place for penetration.

Do it with the receiver pushed up against the wall for a deeper thrust.

Standing doggy

This kinky variation on doggy style begins with the receiving partner bending over in front of the partner who’ll be doing the penetrating.

Instead of getting on all fours, this doggy’s wrists are held by their partner and used as leverage for deeper thrusting — with consent, of course.

Pile driver

For the experienced butt meister, we present the pile driver. This position requires a flexible catcher and a pitcher with mad squatting skills.

To begin, the recipient lies on the floor, legs up.

Next, the penetrator stands over the recipient, grabs their legs and pushes them until their ankles are resting on either side of their head.

The penetrator then squats down and penetrates their partner with their penis or a strap-on, squatting up and down to thrust.

Standing can take any kind of sex to new heights, literally and figuratively. We aren’t gonna lie — it can be tricky and some positions take practice and being a bit bendy. There’s a good chance you’ll topple over, but who cares? It’s all part of the fun.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed-up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.