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Who is this best for?

  • Anyone that wants a natural/organic mattress
  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • People that want a firm, responsive mattress

Who won’t love it?

  • If you’re searching for a plush mattress
  • People who don’t like bouncy/responsive beds
  • If you need a bed for under $1,000

Natural and organic mattresses are quickly gaining favor in the online marketplace as consumers have become more health-conscious.

These types of beds use hypoallergenic materials, have antimicrobial properties, help combat dust mites, and have little to no off-gassing (odors), among other benefits. They’re known to emit lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to lowered indoor air quality.

As luck would have it, Avocado happens to be the most well-known mattress brand in the organic space. To put it simply, the Avocado Green mattress has pretty much every certification in the book.

In this review, we discuss all the major details you need to know with this bed, including materials, feel, firmness, and which types of sleepers the bed is best for.

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365 night trial period
  • 25-year warranty
  • Certified organic mattress
  • Hybrid design (11 inches thick)
  • Optional pillow top adds extra 2 inches of plush latex foam
  • Firm profile (~6 to 9 on scale)
  • Latex foam feel with bounce from coils
  • Most ideal for back and stomach sleepers
  • Premium price point

The Avocado mattress is priced well above the standard bed-in-a-box, which makes sense given the bed is 100 percent organic certified.

Avocado is not targeting the average consumer who is just looking for any cheap, comfortable mattress. Rather, the company is targeting health-conscious consumers who are willing to pay a little more to ensure they’re sleeping on a safe, eco-friendly bed.

With that in mind, here is how MSRP breaks down by size for the base Avocado mattress:

Twin XL$999
Cal King$1,799

Prices valid as of September 9, 2020

If you want to upgrade to the pillow top version, which we discuss in more detail below, it will cost you an additional $250 to $500. Before you get too worked up over the price tag, it’s important to understand the prices displayed above are not what you’ll likely pay come checkout.

That’s because Avocado runs sales and promotions regularly to make their beds more affordable. In most cases, you can expect to save at least $150 on your mattress purchase. [Check current Avocado promotions.]

There are dozens of online beds that use natural and organic materials, but the Avocado mattress is one of the few that is actually 100 percent organic certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The bed is filled with safer materials from top to bottom. In total, the standard Avocado mattress is 11 inches thick and uses four distinct layers. Here’s a look at each layer, starting from the bottom:

  • Organic Dunlop latex: This thin layer serves as the foundation for the bed.
  • 8-inch recycled steel coils: Together, these individually wrapped coils form the primary support framework for the mattress.
  • Organic Dunlop latex: This layer serves dual purposes. It acts as a transition from the sturdy coils below, while providing a responsive yet breathable comfort element for the sleeper.
  • Organic wool: Gives the bed an airy yet soft feel near the surface of the mattress.

Wrapping the four layers is an organic cotton, button-tufted cover. It’s soft, breathable, and quite frankly, it gives the mattress a premium look and feel. Please note, the cover is not removable, and therefore, not machine washable. If the cover happens to get dirty, Avocado recommends you spot clean the stained area with a mild, safe detergent and cold water.

There’s a lot more to discuss as far as construction and materials. In the following sections, we’ll cover the different options the Avocado mattress is available in as well as the various certifications the bed has and what they mean.

When considering the Avocado mattress, consumers have the option to upgrade the bed by adding a pillow top. As we mentioned earlier, this upgrade costs around $250 to $500, depending on the size you’re looking for.

Essentially, by opting for the pillow top, Avocado includes an additional 2 inches of organic Dunlop latex foam. As a result, the pillow top version totals 13 inches thick. It’s also softer than the standard model, which we discuss in more detail later in the review. For now, we simply wanted to alert you that option exists.

Consumers can also opt for a vegan version of the Avocado mattress. It’s the same price as the standard model. Really, the only difference is that the company swaps out the wool from the standard Avocado for 100 percent USDA organic certified cotton batting in the vegan option.

For clarity purposes, absolutely no wool or animal-based products are used within the Avocado Vegan mattress. The bed is PETA-approved.

Given Avocado’s entire brand centers around their mission to be the most respected source for organic mattresses, we thought it was only fitting to include a section that covers all the different certifications the bed has as well as how and where their mattresses are made.

First, we’d like to point out that Avocado’s parent company owns and operates its own facility located in Los Angeles, California. This obviously means that Avocado mattresses are made in the United States.

Further, the company’s factory is GOTS and GOLS organic certified. In short, these certifications mean the company meets the rigorous standards set forth by independent third parties to manufacture organic products.

According to the company’s website, there are only five mattress factories in the United States that have both of these certifications, and Avocado is one of them.

Now that we’ve talked a little about the company’s factory, let’s get into the actual materials used within the Avocado mattress. Let’s start with the latex foam in the bed, which again is 100 percent GOLS organic certified.

The company sources the pure rubber sap, which is the foundation of Dunlop latex foam, from Hevea brasiliensis trees in India. For those of you who don’t know, organic latex is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. It also helps combat dust mites.

The bed’s 100 percent GOTS organic certified wool is sourced from a collective in India that Avocado jointly owns. Like organic latex, organic wool is antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. It also acts as a natural fire barrier.

Lastly, wool is praised for its temperature regulation benefits. The structure of wool fibers naturally allow for ample airflow and absorb moisture.

The cotton used for the cover of the mattress is also 100 percent GOTS organic certified. It’s soft, durable, and provides similar antimicrobial benefits as the other materials previously mentioned.

The company’s latex, wool, and cotton are also Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Further, the Avocado mattress does not use any petroleum-based polyurethane foams or chemical adhesives to attach the various layers.

Finally, the Avocado mattress as a whole is GREENGUARD GOLD and MADE SAFE certified. These certifications prohibit the use of harmful substances anywhere in the mattress.

For more information about Avocado’s certifications or sustainable practices, be sure to check out the company’s website.

Whether you opt for the standard or pillow top version, the Avocado mattress has a responsive and supportive latex foam feel. If you’re not familiar with how latex foam feels, allow us to give you a quick rundown.

Latex foam doesn’t quite adapt or mold to your body’s shape like memory foam. You really don’t sink into the material like you do with memory foam either. Rather, latex foam is a much more responsive material. It’s spongy, bouncy, and buoyant. We like to describe it as “cushioned support.”

The wool layer in the mattress does balance out the feel of the latex foam to a certain degree, but at the end of the day, we’d still categorize the mattress as having a latex foam feel.

The height, weight, and number of people on the bed largely determine how a particular bed feels. In other words, mattresses feel different to various sized individuals. As such, we felt it was prudent to split the sections so people of all shapes and sizes know to what to expect with the Avocado mattress.

To be clear, though, the Avocado mattress is an ideal choice for people of all sizes. The bed contains 8-inch tempered steel coils that are arranged in five distinct ergonomic zones. As a result, the bed provides the necessary support under the torso region of sleepers, regardless of size.

We only bring this subject up because not all beds are recommended for people who weigh more than 240 pounds. Individuals with higher body weight generally want to avoid beds that are made entirely of foam. Obviously, that’s not the case with Avocado so there’s nothing to worry about.

Lighter people: Firmness rating and ideal sleeping positions

For lighter folks (less than 150 pounds), the standard Avocado mattress is going to feel extremely firm. We give it a firmness rating of 9 to 10 on the scale. As such, we feel it’s best for smaller people who either prefer extra firm beds or require substantial lumbar support.

If you’re lighter and you opt for the pillow top version of the bed, it will feel a little softer. We think this model lands in the 8 to 9 range on the firmness scale.

Bottom line: Given the firmness profile of both models, we think Avocado is best for lighter individuals who primarily sleep on their back or stomach. If you’re a side sleeper, you may want to think about going in a different direction.

In our opinion, the Avocado mattress simply does not provide enough pressure relief for lightweight side sleepers.

Average size people: Sleeper type analysis

For folks with more moderate weight (150 to 240 pounds), the standard Avocado mattress will feel like it belongs in the 8 to 9 range on the firmness scale. As your weight increases, you sink into the top comfort layers more, which is why beds feel softer to people with more weight.

Still, given the firmness profile of the bed, we’d only recommend the mattress to moderate weight individuals who are dominant back or stomach sleepers. The bed provides ample support under your lower back and core.

For side sleepers with moderate weight, it’s the same story as lightweight folks. We just don’t think the pressure relief is there for your hips and shoulders.

Additionally, although the pillow top model is slightly softer (~7 on scale), we’d still say it’s most ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Individuals with moderate builds who are combination sleepers (i.e., people who rotate between their back, stomach, and side throughout the night) will likely be fine on the pillow top version, though, as long you don’t spend more than ~40 percent of the night sleeping on your side.

While we’re on the subject of combination sleepers, we’d like to add that it’s extremely easy to switch between positions on the Avocado mattress. There’s absolutely no resistance. That’s one of the nice things latex beds offer compared to memory foam ones.

With memory foam beds, sleepers often feel quite a bit of resistance when attempting to switch positions since the memory foam sort of wraps their body. Luckily, that’s not the case with the Avocado mattress.

Heavier people: Firmness estimate and suitable positions

The Avocado mattress will feel slightly softer to larger individuals (~240 pounds or more) since they’ll sink into the top layers a little more than others.

Folks with more weight will likely feel the standard Avocado mattress belongs in the 7 to 8 range on the firmness scale. Accordingly, the bed is still going to be best for folks in larger bodies who tend to favor their back or stomach.

If you’re a person of size and you sleep on your side, we’d strongly urge you to consider upgrading to the pillow top Avocado mattress. We think people with more weight will find the pillow top model lands around a 5 to 6 on the firmness scale, making it a viable option for side sleepers.

With this particular model, individuals in larger bodies will find the wool and latex foam combination form a forgiving surface for their hips and shoulders.

Sleeping temperature

Although the Avocado mattress doesn’t contain any technologies or textiles that actively cool you down, we do think folks will sleep somewhat cool on the bed.

This statement is based on two factors. First, latex foam, wool, and cotton are breathable materials that do not trap and retain heat. These types of materials naturally sleep a lot cooler than common materials like memory foam, for example.

The second factor has to do with the firmness profile of the mattress. Since the bed is quite firm, people will sleep more on top of the surface, which limits friction.

With that said, your mattress isn’t the only element you need to consider when it comes to sleeping temperature. In reality, there are a multitude of factors that affect how warm or cool you sleep. We’re referring to things like the climate you live in, what type of comforter you use, and whether or not you like to cuddle with your significant other.

Motion suppression

This topic is especially noteworthy for couples or singles who share their bed with a pet. Motion suppression relates to how sufficient a mattress is at deadening movement.

Couples in particular will want to select a bed that muffles motion well so that one person is not disturbed or affected anytime the other person switches sleeping positions or gets up to use the restroom.

With Avocado, couples will notice a little bit of movement due to the coils in the mattress and the responsive nature of latex foam, but overall, we don’t think it’s a major issue. The bed easily passed our motion tests.

Perimeter support

Perimeter or edge support refers to how solid mattresses are around the edges. Couples will want to avoid beds that significantly compress around the sides so that they don’t feel like they have to hug the center of the mattress.

Luckily, the Avocado mattress is quite supportive around the edges. Couples can spread out comfortably and utilize the entire surface area of the bed.

For health-conscious consumers, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that takes manufacturing safe, eco-friendly beds more seriously than Avocado. It’s one of the few 100 percent organic certified beds on the market.

Besides it’s high-quality construction, the bed also happens to be ultra-supportive and quite comfortable, especially for back and stomach sleepers.

With that said, the Avocado mattress is not going to be right for everyone. First, let’s face it, if you’re not overly concerned with the materials inside your mattress, then Avocado is probably not worth it considering that’s why it’s priced at a premium.

Next, if you spend the majority of the night on your side, the bed may be too firm for your liking.

If you’ve never purchased a bed online before, you’re probably wondering how the whole process works. How do I try the bed before buying? Do I pick up the mattress or does it get delivered? How do returns work? These are common questions that we will answer shortly.

First, though, let us just say that buying a mattress online really isn’t that scary and Avocado offers some of the most generous policies in the industry. Allow us to explain.

First, the Avocado mattress comes with free shipping. You don’t have to worry about paying some high fee just to have the bed delivered. The mattress will arrive roll-packed in a cardboard box about the size of a teenager.

Once you see the box has been delivered, simply move it your room, remove the bed from the box, cut the plastic, and unroll it onto your frame or foundation. You’ll immediately notice the mattress start to inflate and take its natural shape.

Please note, it’s recommended you give roll-packed beds at least 24 hours to fully inflate before sleeping on them. If you don’t feel like setting up the mattress yourself, you can always opt for white glove delivery for an additional fee. All this means is that a local logistics company will personally deliver the bed and set it up for you.

What’s also nice about the Avocado mattress is that doesn’t off-gas, or give off odors, like beds made with petroleum-based polyurethane or chemical adhesives.

The VOCs that these types of beds emit during the unboxing process are potentially detrimental to your health so it’s nice to know you’ll be safe with Avocado.

Once your new bed has been delivered, Avocado allows you test the mattress for a full year before officially deciding whether or not you want to keep it. If, during the first year, you determine Avocado is not right for your particular sleeping preferences, you can return it for free.

The return/refund process if fairly straightforward and painless. You’ll just have to contact the company and ask them to schedule a time for the bed to be removed from your home.

It may take up to 3 weeks for the bed to be picked-up, but once it’s removed, the company will issue you a full refund. Just for the record, most bed-in-a-box companies only offer a 100-night trial period so Avocado is in rare company with its 365-night sleep trial.

Lastly, the Avocado mattress is backed by a 25-year warranty. This is 15 years longer than the standard mattress-in-a-box warranty.

How did Mattress Finder acquire the Avocado Green mattress?

Avocado sent us this mattress for free so we could test it. Please note we did not receive any monetary compensation to publish this review, though. Mattress Finder is an independent reviews site and we take great pride in producing unbiased content so consumers can make educated purchase decisions.

What is the backstory with Avocado?

Avocado is part of the Avocado Green Brands family, which also owns Brentwood Home. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey. The company’s mission is to foster socially conscious lifestyles that share a deep responsibility for our planet.

How can consumers contact the company?

You can contact Avocado by several means, including email, phone or live chat. For email, visit the company’s contact page on their official website. You can use the same contact form to request a call back from an Avocado associate. Alternatively, you can always live chat with a customer service agent by clicking the “Chat” button on the company’s website.

Is the Avocado mattress available in retail stores?

Besides the two showrooms the company operates in Los Angeles, California, and Hoboken, New Jersey, the Avocado Green mattress is not available to purchase in any retail locations. Please keep in mind, the company offers a 365 night risk-free trial period so consumers can test the bed in the comfort of their own home.

Does Avocado offer other products?

In addition to their flagship mattress, Avocado also sells a variety of other bedding accessories, including toppers, pillows, sheets, bed frames, and mattress protectors.

The Mattress Finder team is comprised of certified professionals who are passionate about helping consumers improve their sleep. We thoroughly test each mattress we review through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments. We write every review expecting that our closest friends and family members rely on us for their mattress and sleep product decisions, so honesty and authenticity are core principles of our inspection process.