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BistroMD is a weight loss program designed to make healthy eating easy.

It offers an extensive menu of fully prepared meals — which the company occasionally refers to as entrées, several plans tailored to specific needs, and individual support from registered dietitians.

This article takes a closer look at BistroMD and helps you decide whether you should give it a try.

BistroMD is a weight loss program that delivers fully prepared and flavorful meals to your door.

It was developed by board certified bariatric specialist Dr. Caroline Cederquist who wanted to make it easier and more convenient for people to enjoy healthy and delicious meals at home.

BistroMD offers several programs tailored to specific dietary needs, multiple subscription options, access to a members-only online community, and support from its team of registered dietitians.

BistroMD boasts a massive menu with over 150 entrées, allowing you to mix and match your favorite dishes to create a custom meal plan every week.

It also offers several programs tailored to specific needs, including:

  • standard
  • gluten-free
  • diabetes-friendly
  • menopause
  • heart healthy

You can easily approve, remove, or swap out meals from your weekly order based on your preferences.

BistroMD meals are delivered frozen. They’re made using fresh ingredients and free of monosodium glutamate (MSG), trans fats, and aspartame.

When building your weekly menu, you can view the ingredient list and nutritional information for each meal. However, unlike some other meal services, the company provides little information on how these ingredients are sourced and whether they’re organic.

Therefore, these meals may not be the best choice if you prefer eating mostly organic, locally produced, or sustainably sourced ingredients.

BistroMD provides a wide array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrées, making it easy to find meals that work for you.

The recipes are developed by a team of chefs and registered dietitians, ensuring that all meals are healthy, fresh, and delicious.

The meals are shipped to you frozen, so all you need to do is heat them in the microwave or oven and enjoy.

With over 150 different meals to choose from, you can easily customize your weekly menu to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions or preferences.

For example, BistroMD offers gluten-free, vegetarian, heart-healthy, and diabetes-friendly meal plans. You can also remove recipes that contain soy, lactose, or dairy.

Still, BistroMD may not be ideal for those following more restrictive eating patterns, including vegan, ketogenic, or paleo diets.

Lastly, because the meals are processed in a facility that handles many major allergens, it may not be a good choice for people with severe food allergies or intolerances.

BistroMD is a high protein, low calorie program. Most plans provide 1,200–1,400 calories per day, with approximately 40–45% of the total daily calories coming from lean proteins like meat, fish, and eggs.

Studies show that following a high protein diet may benefit both weight loss and appetite control (1, 2).

Reducing how many calories you consume can also be an effective strategy for weight loss.

For example, in one study, participants with obesity who followed a medically supervised, low calorie, high protein diet lost an average of 4.7% body fat over 12 months (3).

Another large 12-month study found that following a commercial weight loss program that provided 1,200–1,500 calories per day resulted in an average weight loss of 15 pounds (6.8 kg) (4).

However, cutting calories too much can also have negative health consequences.

Doing so can not only increase your risk of weight regain once you resume a normal diet but also slow your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight in the long run (5, 6).

For this reason, BistroMD encourages you to also enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks as part of the program to build healthy eating habits and ensure that you meet your calorie needs for long-term, sustainable weight loss.

You can select from several subscription options when signing up for BistroMD.

The full program includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for either 5 or 7 days per week, priced at $9.50–$10.50 per serving.

Alternatively, you can opt to receive only lunch and dinner for 5 or 7 days per week for around $11.50–$13 per meal.

You can also add snacks to your order for an additional fee.

Shipping is available throughout the contiguous United States and costs a flat fee of $19.95 per delivery.

If you’re curious to get started, new customers can receive free shipping and 25% off of their first order.

Several meal delivery services on the market are similar to BistroMD.

Jenny Craig, for example, is a program that provides prepared breakfasts, lunches, and dinners designed to promote weight loss. Like BistroMD, you receive personal coaching with certain plans, and you can select from a wide range of meals when building your menus.

However, Jenny Craig is slightly more budget-friendly, with most plans priced at around $6.50 per meal.

Nutrisystem is another popular commercial weight loss program with fully prepared frozen meals.

It offers plans ranging from $8.50–$12.50 per day, boasts an extensive menu, and provides personalized support from weight loss coaches and registered dietitians.

BistroMD may be a good option for those who prefer a structured weight loss program that leaves little room for error.

Because all dishes are delivered frozen and fully prepared, it may also be ideal for those seeking a convenient way to lose weight while saving time on meal prep and grocery shopping.

With its extensive collection of recipes to choose from, it can likewise be a great option for picky eaters and those with certain dietary preferences.

That said, it may not be ideal for people with severe food allergies or strict dietary restrictions, those on a tight budget, or people who prefer to learn how to prepare healthy meals themselves to sustain long-term weight loss.

BistroMD is a weight loss program that makes healthy eating easy and convenient.

With 150 meals to choose from, it may be a good choice for those seeking a structured program that can be customized to fit specific food preferences.

However, it’s pricier than many other programs and may not be a good fit for everyone, including people with specific dietary restrictions or those looking to learn how to prepare healthy meals at home.

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