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Nordic Naturals, Thorne, and MegaFood offer quality supplements if you need more B. See what else our dietitians recommend.

There are eight B vitamins that support metabolism, nerve function, and energy production, among other bodily processes. As these vitamins are abundant in food sources like animal products, legumes, leafy greens, and fortified foods, many people get all the “B” they need from their diet.

But if you eat vegetarian or vegan, have increased nutrient needs, or have a medical condition that affects your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, you may benefit from taking a B complex supplement. Here are the products our dietitians recommend most.

A note on price

Prices for vitamin B complex supplements generally range from $0.35 to $1.33 per serving or $13 to $42 per container. Liquid formulations tend to cost more. Serving sizes vary by product.

  • $ = under $0.50 per serving
  • $$ = $0.50–$1 per serving
  • $$$ = over $1 per serving
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Price Form B vitaminsAdditional nutrientsDietary considerations
Nordic Naturals Vitamin B Complex3$$capsuleall 8none• vegan
• gluten-free
Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus 3$capsuleall 8none• vegan
• certified gluten-free
Care/of B-Complex Vitamin3$capsuleall 8• choline
• inositol
• vegan
• gluten-free
Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Liquid3$$$liquid6 (no folate or biotin)none• gluten-free
• vegetarian
MegaFood Balanced B Complex$$capsuleall 8organic food blend• vegan
• gluten-free
Thorne B-Complex #123$capsuleall 8cholinegluten-free
Seeking Health B-Minus$capsule6 (no B12 or folate)none• vegan
• gluten-free

3 This product has been third-party tested by an accredited lab to ensure purity and potency.

  • Vitamin formulations: We prioritized supplements that contain highly absorbable forms of B vitamins, including methylcobalamin and 5-MTHF.
  • Additional ingredients: We looked for products that contain minimal amounts of additives, such as fillers, artificial sweeteners, and colors.
  • Dietary needs: We included products to suit a variety of dietary needs and preferences, including gluten-free, major allergen-free, and vegan-friendly.
  • Price: We included supplements to suit a range of budgets.
  • Vetting: The supplements on our list have been vetted to ensure they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being.
  • Your needs: Do you need a supplement that contains all eight B vitamins? Or would you prefer a supplement that contains select B vitamins, such as B12 and folate?
  • Type of folate: Many vitamin B complexes contain folic acid, the synthetic form of folate found in food. However, research suggests that folic acid isn’t as readily absorbed as the active form of folate, 5-MTHF. When possible, look for products that contain 5-MTHF.
  • Dosage: B vitamins are water soluble, and your body excretes whatever it doesn’t need via urine — but B vitamin toxicity can still happen. Therefore, it’s best to discuss optimal doses of B vitamins with a healthcare professional and use supplements as directed.
  • Cost: Some products cost less than others, but it doesn’t mean they’re low quality. Plenty of affordable, well-formulated vitamin B complex supplements are available.

The best vitamin B to take depends on individual health needs. A B complex supplement like Nordic Naturals Vitamin B Complex may be beneficial because it’s third-party tested and provides all eight essential B vitamins in absorbable forms.

Whether to take a B complex or just B12 hinges on your specific health requirements. For example, if you have a B12 deficiency, a singular B12 supplement might be suitable. However, if your diet is lacking in all of the B vitamins, included B12, a B complex would be more appropriate. Your doctor can help you determine which, if any, supplement is right for you.

Yes, it’s generally safe to take a B complex daily, especially since B vitamins are water-soluble and excess amounts are excreted in urine. However, it’s still possible to overdo it, so it’s important to adhere to the recommended dosages and consult with your doctor first.

Each of the eight different B vitamins plays a role in gut health. For example, vitamin B3 helps produce gastric juices to digest fats, B5 supports gut movement, and B7 helps break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, the association of B vitamins and gut health is an area still being explored.

When it comes to B vitamins, the best supplement for you depends on your individual health needs and dietary intake. It’s important to work with your healthcare professional to determine whether you’d benefit from a B supplement, and if so, whether you need a full B complex or a single B vitamin supplement.