Here are four psoriasis recipes with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce inflammation in your body.

Welcome to Healthline’s psoriasis-friendly, anti-inflammatory recipes roundup! These recipes were designed with fresh and healthful ingredients to make at home for lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

This salad is protein-packed and full of ingredients that will keep you satiated for hours! You can cook the zucchini ahead of time, or just before adding to the salad. Enjoy the taste of healthy fats and greens along with a homemade dressing.

Enjoy this crusted trout with a colorful side salad that includes brussels sprouts. The trout is crusted with almond flour for a healthlier twist. Adding dill and lemon gives the trout a nice freshness.

Bored with your usual salads? This chopped rainbow salad will help mix it up while keeping anti-inflammatory ingredients along for the ride. It’s also keto-friendly, including avocado as a healthy fat. This salad is a great source of fiber too.

This spaghetti squash doubles as a vegetable and “noodles” in this indulgent (keto-friendly!) dish. It’s high-protein and includes shrimp, which can easily be switched out with another protein like chicken, if you choose. The lemon, basil, and oregano livens up the flavor.

These 4 recipes are easily made at home and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, which may help with psoriasis symptoms. Check out our What to Eat section of our Psoriasis guide for more information on what to eat, avoid, and more.