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We’ve reached the end of a year like no other, and this final month of 2020 brings us a chance to once again reflect on all that’s been posted across the diabetes social media sphere.

The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) has remained ever lively while weathering the global health crisis hitting us all on so many levels.

Here’s what DiabetesMine has on our radar from December 2020. If anything stands out to you, please feel to share that with us via email or on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

A new grassroots effort and budding diabetes organization called Mutual Aid Diabetes (MAD) is up and running. Organized by a group of volunteers involved in the #insulin4all movement, it aims to help people in need find affordable diabetes supplies and medications.

Speaking of insulin affordability and access, a Minnesota judge heard an important case in December about the hugely significant Alec Smith Emergency Access Law. Pharma is suing over this statute that was passed by state lawmakers in honor of the 26-year-old who died after rationing insulin due to its high prices.

Diabetes burnout is real. Our brilliant friend, Heather Gabel Walker, shared a post about it at The Chronic Scholar. She writes about her recent experiences making sense of burnout with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

The DOC has changed so much over the years. Our societal divides and pandemic stresses have played a part in how we interact online with others across the globe. D-peep Renza Scibilia in Australia is mulling all of this, and her Enough for Now post reflects on the diabetes community, the current state of affairs, and how that may affect her decisions on moving forward with blogging.

It’s always fun seeing the many memes and comics shared within the DOC this time of year, including those by DeeHeroSquad on Instagram, and this holiday decoration-themed cartoon created by artist Jerry King years ago for DiabetesMine, posted below. Thanks to Project Blue November for sharing it!

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Jerry King/DiabetesMine

Diabetes often builds resilience, and Australian type 1 blogger Frank Sita had a lot to say about his own experiences of building resilience this year.

We’re excited to see that Chris Sparling, the talented husband of well-known diabetes writer and advocate Kerri Sparling, released his latest movie, “Greenland,” in mid-December. It’s about people dealing with apocalyptic meteor crashes — and even cooler is that one of the main characters lives with T1D! This great video interview of Children with Diabetes brings us more detail, with Chris being interviewed by his beloved wife, Kerri.

Digging up archeological sites and finding fossils may bring to mind images of Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park, but we have our own fossil-finding member of the Diabetes Community: “Juicebox Podcast” shares Skylar’s story in this most recent episode, and it’s worth the listen.

Ever see a bunch of letters and wonder what all those diabetes acronyms mean? Look no further than this great list at TuDiabetes on the Beyond Type 1 platform, and the continuing comment stream that keeps the list growing longer.

Snarky comments can be a common part of life with diabetes. This “Diabetes Daily Grind” episode points out how those comments — when coming from the right place — can sometimes help lessen the T1D burden.

Diversity, inclusivity, and representation have been big issues in 2020, within and beyond the diabetes community. We appreciate how global advocacy org T1International has continued to hit on that issue throughout the year and this past month.

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