Happy Holidays from our team here at the ‘Mine!

‘Mine Founder & Publisher Amy Tenderich is not actually wearing an “Ugly Pancreas Sweater” for Hanukkah (from Dia-Be-Tees on Etsy), but she and family are marking the holiday with their own traditions on the home front in California. (See also, How to Have a Healthy, Low-Carb Hanukkah, and Festival of Lights in a Box).

‘Mine Managing Editor Mike Hoskins notes that although his Christmas tree in Michigan isn’t fully decked out in diabetes gear this year, he did manage to create a couple homemade ornaments from used insulin pen caps, an Afrezza inhaler and cartridge, and a recycled Dexcom G6 inserter. All tied up nicely with a strand of extra pump tubing, given his recent return to insulin pumping after a 3.5-year break.

Happy Holidays to all in the Diabetes Community and beyond!

(Huge thanks to D-peep Kayla O’Connell in Canada for her T1D Memes.)

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