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Ice cream is a tasty treat on hot summer days, but most regular ice creams are loaded with calories from fat and sugar — and some may be made with questionable ingredients and additives.

All the same, healthier options exist. You can even buy organic, vegan, keto, low calorie, and no sugar added ice cream.

Healthline evaluated the healthiest ice creams for various dietary needs using the following criteria:

  • its nutrient content
  • the quality of ingredients
  • the presence of additives, such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and natural or artificial flavors

It’s important to note that some of these products still pack calories from sugar and fat, even if they adhere to a certain dietary pattern.

Here are the 13 “healthiest” ice cream brands of 2020.

A note on price and online purchasing

Buying frozen items online

Some vendors offer ice cream for purchase online. This can be a convenient option as long as safe and timely delivery is guaranteed. Online ordering may not be available in all areas, so you may have to look for products locally.


General price ranges are indicated below with dollar signs ($ to $$$). One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher cost.

Generally, prices range from $0.09–$4.31 per ounce (30 mL), or $3.88–$60.34 per package, though this may vary depending on where you shop.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $0.25 per ounce (30 mL)
  • $$ = $0.25–$1.00 per ounce (30 mL)
  • $$$ = over $1.00 per ounce (30 mL)

Halo Top (Vanilla)

Price: $$

Halo Top earns the top spot on this list for its low calorie count, fairly simple ingredient list, and variety of classic ice cream flavors.

It also boasts a substantial amount of protein.

It’s sweetened with sugar and erythritol, a naturally sourced sugar alcohol.

Many of the products in this list contain sugar alcohols, which are safe zero-calorie sweeteners. Although, keep in mind that consuming large amounts of sugar alcohols may cause digestive upset in some people (1).

Also, note that Halo Top’s classic flavors aren’t organic or dairy-free.
A 2/3-cup (85-gram) serving of vanilla bean Halo Top ice cream provides (2):

Protein6 grams
Fat3 grams
Carbs19 grams
Fiber3 grams
Sugar8 grams
Sugar alcohols7 grams

Organic ice creams have been certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be made from ingredients that are free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Still, they may be higher in sugar, fat, and/or calories than other products on this list.

Talenti Organic Gelato

Price: $$

Gelato is ice cream’s lower-fat cousin, usually made with milk instead of cream. The result is a frozen dessert that’s still creamy but not quite as rich as traditional ice cream.

It’s important to note that many gelato products — including Talenti’s — pack more sugar than traditional ice cream.

Talenti’s Organic Gelato is made with 100% organic ingredients and free of highly processed additives. Its flavors include Oak-Aged Vanilla, Brown Butter Caramel, Chocolate Mousse, and Ginger Matcha.

Just 2/3 cup (129 grams) of Talenti Organic Oak-aged Vanilla Gelato contains (3):

Protein4 grams
Fat11 grams
Carbs31 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar30 grams
Sugar alcohol0 grams

365 Everyday Value Organic Ice Cream

Price: $$

365 Everyday Value is a brand sold at Whole Foods and on Amazon, and it offers numerous organic options.

Their ice creams, while not lower in sugar, fat, or calories than traditional ice cream, are made with high quality, 100% organic ingredients. They offer traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and mint chip.

A 2/3-cup (88-gram) serving of 365 Everyday Value Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream contains (4):

Protein4 grams
Fat11 grams
Carbs20 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar19 grams
Sugar alcohol0 grams

The ice creams in this section are completely free of dairy and other animal products, making them ideal for anyone following a vegetarian, vegan, or dairy-free diet.

Yet, as ice cream is legally defined as a product that contains at least 10% milk fat, these options aren’t technically called ice cream. Rather, they’re often labeled as a “frozen dessert.”


Price: $$

NadaMoo! is a popular line of dairy-free and vegan frozen desserts made with a coconut milk base.

Fans of the brand say that the coconut taste is very subtle, allowing the ice cream flavors to shine. As a bonus, many flavors are organic.

Just 2/3 cup (95 grams) of NadaMoo! Organic Vanilla Bean frozen dessert provides (5):

Protein1 gram
Fat9 grams
Carbs18 grams
Fiber6 grams
Sugar11 grams
Sugar alcohol0 grams


Price: $$

Cado frozen dessert is a unique option in the world of healthy ice creams. It’s made with avocado — with some flavors featuring avocado purée and others avocado oil.

Avocado adds a creamy fat source that’s often lacking in vegan ice creams. What’s more, their products are made with organic ingredients and are dairy-free, vegan, and soy-free.

A 2/3-cup (101-gram) serving of Cado Vanilla Bean Avocado frozen dessert contains (6):

Protein0 grams
Fat15 grams
Carbs24 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar16 grams
Sugar alcohol0 grams

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy

Price: $$

Ben & Jerry’s, known for their unique flavors that are loaded with cookie chunks, candy pieces, and flavor swirls, offers a line of vegan and dairy-free frozen desserts that are made with either sunflower butter or almond milk.

One thing to note is that these rich flavors are loaded with sugar and exceptionally high in calories compared with other ice creams.

Only 2/3 cup (140 grams) of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia frozen dessert provides (7):

Protein2 grams
Fat16 grams
Carbs43 grams
Fiber1 gram
Sugar31 grams
Sugar alcohols0 grams

Delectable desserts on the very low carb, high fat keto diet can be hard to come by.

Still, the ice creams below are rich in fat and low in net carbs — that is, the total carbs minus the fiber and sugar alcohols.

Rebel Keto Ice Cream (Vanilla)

Price: $$

Rebel ice cream is extra creamy, as it’s made with real cream as opposed to milk. It’s sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol to keep the carb count low.

Although it contains no sugar, its calorie count is comparable to those of most other ice creams due to its high fat content.

Rebel offers over 10 classic ice cream flavors.

A 2/3-cup (90-gram) serving of Rebel Natural Vanilla Ice Cream offers (8):

Protein3 grams
Fat17 grams
Carbs13 grams
Fiber3 grams
Sugar0 grams
Sugar alcohol9 grams

Halo Top Keto Series

Price: $

Along with their standard fare, Halo Top offers a line of keto-friendly ice creams. They’re made with a base of skim milk and cream, then sweetened with erythritol and stevia.

This line offers some unexpected flavors, including Banana Cream Pie, Caramel Butter Pecan, and Jelly Donut.

However, these products contain fillers, such as sunflower lecithin and cellulose, and natural flavors, which are highly processed despite their name.

Just 2/3 cup (87 grams) of Halo Top Keto Series Caramel Butter Pecan ice cream offers (9):

Protein6 grams
Fat12 grams
Carbs15 grams
Fiber5 grams
Sugar1 gram
Sugar alcohol9 grams

These single-serving ice pops are the perfect way to regulate your portion size. They contain just a fraction of the calories of the other products on this list.

reBLEND Frozen Smoothie Shots

Price: $$$

These frozen, sorbet-like smoothie shots are made with high quality, whole food ingredients that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They’re also free of added sugars.

Flavors include Tropical Bliss (pineapple, peach, and mango), Frosé All Day (strawberry, raspberry, and rosewater), and Very Berry Glow (strawberry, cherry, and blueberry).

One reBLEND Frosé All Day Frozen Smoothie Shot (46 grams) contains (10):

Protein1 gram
Fat0 grams
Carbs7 grams
Fiber1 gram
Sugar4 grams
Sugar alcohol0 grams

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Price: $$$

Yasso bars are made from frozen Greek yogurt, which is higher in protein and lower in fat than traditional ice cream — but still creamy and cool.

These small bars come in flavors like Black Raspberry Chip, Orange Cream, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

One Yasso Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt bar (65 grams) provides (11):

Protein5 grams
Fat1 gram
Carbs14 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar12 grams
Sugar alcohols0 grams

While these ice creams still contain some sugar, they’re lower in calories than traditional ice creams.

Enlightened (Vanilla)

Price: $$

Enlightened makes low calorie, high protein, low fat, and low sugar ice cream with a skim milk base.

Although their products contain fillers, they’re free of artificial sweeteners and flavored with real ingredients and/or natural flavors.

A 2/3-cup (86-gram) serving of Enlightened Vanilla Bean Ice Cream contains (12):

Protein7 grams
Fat3 grams
Carbs19 grams
Fiber5 grams
Sugar4 grams
Sugar alcohol8 grams

Breyers No Sugar Added

Price: $

The popular brand ice cream brand Breyers features a line of no sugar added frozen desserts.

They’re sweetened with the sugar alcohol maltitol and Splenda. Keep in mind that maltitol may cause digestive issues if eaten in large amounts (1).

This line of products also harbors several fillers, along with artificial sweeteners. If you try to avoid these ingredients, it’s best to choose another item from this list.

Only 2/3 cup (74 grams) of Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla frozen dessert provides (13):

Protein2 grams
Fat4 grams
Carbs17 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar5 grams
Sugar alcohol8 grams

Edy’s Slow Churned No Sugar Added

Price: $

Edy’s ice cream boasts a lower fat content and fewer calories than traditional ice creams.

Like Breyers, they offer a no sugar added line — though they use fillers, artificial sweeteners, and flavors.

However, Edy’s is available in rural areas in which some of the other products on this list may not be available.

A 2/3-cup (83-gram) serving of Edy’s Slow Churned No Sugar Added Vanilla contains (14):

Protein4 grams
Fat4 grams
Carbs19 grams
Fiber0 grams
Sugar5 grams
Sugar alcohol5 grams

Choosing a healthier ice cream depends, first and foremost, on your dietary needs. Don’t forget that options are available if you’re following a vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, or keto diet.

You’ll also want to choose a product that’s low in sugar and free of artificial sweeteners and unnecessary additives, as these ingredients may contribute to digestive issues and weight gain (2, 3).

However, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally eating traditional full fat, full sugar ice cream. You should enjoy it as a treat and be sure to limit yourself to the recommended serving size of 1/2–2/3 cup (approximately 50–100 grams).

Although ice cream is usually rich in sugar, fat, and calories, there are some great alternatives with more favorable nutrient profiles.

However, just because a dessert is organic, keto, or dairy-free doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s lower in calories than traditional ice cream.

Furthermore, note that “healthy” ice cream is not meant to replace a balanced diet. Be mindful of how much ice cream you consume and follow its serving sizes. Prioritize eating balanced meals for complete nutrition.

Your best bet is to choose a flavor and brand that you truly enjoy — regardless of its calorie content — and stick to a single serving.