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Many factors can disrupt your ability to get a good night’s sleep, including your body temperature.

If you sleep on the warm side or experience hot flashes, you might find yourself waking up drenched in sweat from time to time, especially on hot summer nights.

It might go without saying, but a hot environment can make it harder to get quality sleep. Research from 2017 also points to a strong link between hot summer temperatures and sleep loss, particularly for older adults and people with lower incomes.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your bedroom between 60 and 67°F (15 and 19°C) for optimal sleep. Of course, this temperature might be tough to achieve if you don’t have air conditioning or you can’t leave it running through the night.

A comfortable sleep environment can help you drift off more easily, without a doubt. So, we’ve put together a list of products to help you stay cool. Below, you’ll find 14 of the best products for hot sleepers, from cooling mattresses to bedtime accessories like soothing facial sprays.

To narrow down our favorite products for hot sleepers, we considered the following:

  • Pricing: We made sure to include products at various price points to accommodate a range of budgets.
  • Different sleep needs: This list includes a variety of products to suit different needs, from cooling sheets to quiet fans you can leave on through the night.
  • Customer reviews: We relied on thousands of online reviews to help us find products that people actually found helpful.

The products on our list have been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $50–$100
  • $$$ = $101–$500
  • $$$$ = over $500
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Best cooling mattress

Purple Hybrid

  • Price: $$$$
  • Pros: supportive, breathable
  • Cons: poor motion isolation
  • Who it’s best for: back sleepers

If you’re searching for a cooling mattress, the Purple Hybrid is a great option to consider.

This mattress features a mix of Purple’s signature gel grid, responsive support coils, and cushioning transition foam. The pocketed coils allow for more air circulation to help you stay cool throughout the night. Plus, the temperature-neutral gel material, which doesn’t retain body heat, helps create the optimal body temperature for sleeping.

Most reviewers say the cooling effect is the reason they purchased the mattress, and the reason they sleep well on it. “I sleep super hot and this is so cooling I can sleep in sweats again,” wrote one reviewer.

While most reviewers find it comfortable, some say they expected more for the price.

Best cooling pillow

Casper Foam Pillow

  • Price: $$
  • Pros: breathable material, good balance of support and softness
  • Cons: not great for stomach sleepers
  • Who it’s best for: side and back sleepers

You may be familiar with Casper mattresses, but the company has also received high praise for their pillows. The Casper Foam Pillow, in particular, offers a good option for hot sleepers.

The pillow features three layers of breathable, perforated foam designed to help push heat away from the body. The combination of low and high density foams help provide a balance of firmness and softness. You can also add on the brand’s Snow Technology for an even cooler feel. This option includes a cool-to-the-touch cover and four bands in the pillow that help draw away heat.

Overall, reviewers praise this foam pillow for its cooling effect. However, some say the density of the pillow makes it heavy, while others say the firmness gave them neck pain.

Best cooling sheets

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set

  • Price: $–$$
  • Pros: soft to the touch, cool feel
  • Cons: wrinkle-prone
  • Who it’s best for: sweaty sleepers

Bamboo, a natural temperature regulator, helps make sheets and bedding more comfortable. As a natural fiber, bamboo also helps add breathability to fabric. You may also like its silky feel if you have sensitive skin.

One review said, “I like to be a little bit chilly when I’m sleeping and these sheets keep my body temperature evenly regulated throughout the night.” Still, they may be too cool for some. One reviewer wrote that while they wanted cooling sheets, this set was “a bit too cold,” adding that these may work best in summer.

These sheets have earned overall high ratings from online reviewers. They have a 4.5-star average on Amazon, with more than 41,000 total reviews.

Best cooling mattress topper

Linenspa 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Price: $–$$$
  • Pros: no noticeable off-gassing, expands quickly
  • Cons: durability concerns
  • Who it’s best for: people who want a plush sleep surface

If you’re not ready to invest in a new mattress, you can add this mattress topper as a cooling layer on top of your current mattress.

The mattress topper is made with memory foam, and it’s also infused with temperature-regulating gel beads designed to capture and dissipate heat.

This cooling mattress topper has more than 92,000 reviews on Amazon, with an average 4.5-star rating.

“I’m a hot sleeper and no sweat so far with this topper,” said one reviewer. Some reviewers say this topper was neither cool nor hot. But many people say its comfortable and makes a huge difference for back and arthritis pain.

Best bedroom tower fan

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

  • Price: $$
  • Pros: quiet operation, powerful fan
  • Cons: quiet settings aren’t as powerful
  • Who it’s best for: people who want improved air circulation

If you tend to sleep hot, you probably already know a fan is a bedtime essential. But unless white noise helps you sleep, the sound of the fan might add another disruption.

This fan offers a solution for both problems. It’s quiet but still powerful, with eight settings to control speed and sound. Plus, the oscillating motion helps keep the entire room at a cool, even temperature while you sleep.

“It oscillates perfectly [and] made it possible to sleep last night,” said one reviewer. While the quietest setting on this fan is meant for sleep, some reviewers suggest the quieter settings produce less airflow. In short, there may be some trade-offs when it comes to comfort and noise level.

Best cooling sleep socks

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks

  • Price: $
  • Pros: comfortable, easy to put on
  • Cons: cooling wears off quickly
  • Who it’s best for: people with hot feet

If you get sweaty feet between the sheets, these cold therapy socks can help your feet cooler while you sleep. You keep the reusable gel packs in the freezer until bedtime rolls around, then slip the cold packs into the sock inserts, one at the bottom of the foot and the other on top.

Most online reviewers praise these socks for their instant cooling relief. “I get hot feet at night (like hot sweats), and these are a lifesaver to cool them down so that I can get comfortable and sleep,” said one reviewer.

Some reviewers note that the socks don’t stay cool for long. However, if you’re wearing them at night, they should stay cool long enough for you to get to sleep.

Best bedroom air purifier fan

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifying Fan

  • Price: $$$$
  • Pros: purifies and circulates air, quiet
  • Cons: need to replace filters every so often
  • Who it’s best for: people wanting year-round air purification

This purifying fan removes nearly 100% of pollutants and allergens — 99.97%, to be exact. Plus, the steady stream of purified air produces very little noise, which is great for sleeping. You can also control the unit from your smartphone.

The tower design is convenient in size and can discreetly fit into the corner of your bedroom. The cool function works as a powerful fan, but without blades, so it’s safe for kids and pets. But you don’t have to put it away when the weather gets chilly, since this air purifier also doubles as a heater.

Reviewers say the fan works well, but some note that it’s a bit noisy on the highest settings.

Best cooling comforter

Buffy Breeze Comforter

  • Price: $$$
  • Pros: naturally cooling material, lightweight
  • Cons: not great for year-round use
  • Who it’s best for: people who want a fluffy comforter without the weight

If you prefer to sleep with a comforter but need one that won’t make you hot, Buffy’s temperature-regulating comforter may be a good option. Both the shell and the fill are made with 100% eucalyptus, a naturally cooling fiber.

Many reviewers say this comforter is light and breathable yet still provides the weight you’d expect from a comforter. We’ve tested it, and we can confirm it has a cool and airy feel. In fact, when you shake it out, you can almost feel the air flowing through it.

“The comforter is light and comfy, and paired with Buffy sheets, I have no more night sweats,” said one reviewer.

Buffy offers a 7-night free trial so you can try before you commit to this cooling comforter. Just keep in mind that it’s on the lighter side, so you’ll probably need another layer for colder weather.

Best cooling mattress protector

Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector

  • Price: $$–$$$
  • Pros: waterproof, hypoallergenic
  • Cons: limited cooling effect
  • Who it’s best for: people who want to protect their mattress without trapping heat

A cooling mattress protector offers another way to add a comfort layer while keeping your sleeping surface cool.

The Brooklyn Bedding cooling mattress protector is made with a conductive material designed to help draw heat away. Plus, it’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, and washable — a great combination for people who have night sweats and want to maintain a hygienic and comfortable sleep environment.

“Worth every penny to turn our comfortable memory foam mattress into a cool summer sleeper!” wrote one reviewer.

This mattress protector earns mostly positive reviews, but some people say the cooling effect doesn’t last long.

Best cooling pillowcases

SHEEX Original Performance Pillowcases

  • Price: $$
  • Pros: silky feel, breathable
  • Cons: slippery
  • Who it’s best for: people who don’t like the feel of cotton

A cooling pillowcase is another essential for people who sleep hot. This set of pillowcases from SHEEX is made of microfiber polyester for a silky soft feeling. The pillowcases are also designed to release moisture and transfer body heat more effectively than cotton pillowcases.

One reviewer said, “I love how breathable the fabric is, it doesn’t retain heat in the same way past pillowcases have.”

Just keep in mind that some reviewers say these pillowcases make the pillows slip and slide around the bed at times.

Best cooling pajamas

Latuza V-Neck Short Sleeve Pajama Set

  • Price: $
  • Pros: loose, comfortable fit
  • Cons: some colors are a little transparent
  • Who it’s best for: people who sleep hot

This soft, lightweight pajama set is made with 95% viscose, a naturally cooling material made from bamboo. These simple, loose-fitting pajamas may be a good option for people who run hot when they sleep.

The set has garnered more than 9,900 reviews, and most of those reviews praise the pajamas.

“First night in MONTHS I have not woken up drenched in sweat!” one person said. Another reviewer said they’re “convinced these are the answer to a cooler and better sleep, so I ordered more.”

One thing to keep in mind: The thin material makes the lighter color options a little transparent, according to some reviewers.

Best beside water carafe

Lily’s Home Bedside Water Carafe with Tumbler Glass

  • Price: $
  • Pros: sleek design, easy to clean
  • Cons: delicate
  • Who it’s best for: people who get thirsty at night

Anyone who has experienced hot flashes or night sweats in the middle of the night knows cool water can provide a quick reprieve. And with a bedside carafe, you’ll always have water within arm’s reach.

This basic carafe and tumbler glass set is a convenient way to stay hydrated throughout the night. The carafe can hold up to 16 ounces of water, while the cup doubles as a cap for the carafe.

Many reviewers praise the set’s convenient size, which fits nicely on a nightstand. One reviewer wrote, “It’s easy to clean, very slim, and doesn’t take up a lot of space.”

Though this carafe set has received mostly positive reviews, some reviewers say the glass is thin and potentially fragile.

Best bedtime facial spray

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

  • Price: $
  • Pros: refreshing, tones skin
  • Cons: strong scent
  • Who it’s best for: people who want a quick facial refresh pre-bedtime

Made with aloe, cucumber, and green tea, this facial spray provides a hydrating, cooling effect. Just a couple of sprays before bed can help your face feel cool and refreshed before your head hits the pillow. This facial spray may also help hydrate and tone dull skin.

Reviewers love the convenient size of the bottle, which you can easily stash away in your nightstand. One reviewer said this facial spray is “great for hot flashes,” while another wrote that it “cools your face for a couple minutes.”

Some reviewers say the scent was strong, which is something to consider if you use it right before bed.

PriceProsConsBest for
Purple Hybrid$$$$supportive, breathablepoor motion isolationback sleepers
Casper Foam Pillow$$breathable material, good balance of support and softnessnot great for stomach sleepersside and back sleepers
Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set$–$$soft to the touch, cool feelwrinkle-pronesweaty sleepers
Linenspa 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper$–$$$minimal off-gassing, expands quicklydurability concernspeople who want a plusher sleep surface
Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan$$quiet operation, powerful fanquiet settings aren’t as powerfulimproving air circulation at night
NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks$comfortable, easy to put oncooling wears off quicklypeople with hot feet
Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifying Fan$$$$purifies and circulates air, quietneed to replace filters every so oftenyear-round air purification
Buffy Breeze Comforter$$$natural cooling material, lightweightnot great for year-round usepeople who want a fluffy comforter without the weight
Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector$$–$$$waterproof, hypoallergeniccooling effect is limitedpeople who want to protect a mattress without trapping heat
SHEEX Original Performance Pillowcases$$silky feel, breathableslipperypeople who don’t like the feel of cotton
Latuza V-Neck Short Sleeve Pajama Set$loose, comfortable fitsome colors are a bit transparentpeople who sleep hot
Lily’s Home Bedside Water Carafe with Tumbler Glass$sleek design, easy to cleandelicatepeople who get thirsty at night
Mario Badescu Facial Spray$refreshing, tones skinstrong scentpeople who want refreshing pre-bedtime skin care

So you sleep hot? Try these tips to find the best products to cool you down at night:

  • Evaluate your sleep environment: Consider where you might need the most help when it comes to cooling down your bedroom. Does your pillow make your face feel hot? Do you find your sheets lack breathability? It may help to swap those items out for cooling alternatives.
  • Consider your budget: Maybe your mattress traps heat and leaves you feeling miserable, but an upgrade isn’t in your budget right now. You could also consider making cheaper upgrades first, like changing the sheets, using cooling socks, adding a cooling topper, or even investing in a more powerful fan.
  • Think about your sleep partner: If you share a bed with someone else, it helps to consider their sleep needs, too. They might find the breeze from a fan annoying or dislike the feel of cooler bedding options, like linen. Try options together to find solutions that work for you both.
  • Try a combination approach: If you lose a lot of sleep due to the heat, simply swapping out your sheets may not be enough to make a difference. It may help to try few different products. For instance, you might try a cooling mask, switch to a cooling pillow and pillowcase, and add a fan to improve bedroom airflow.

What is the best duvet material for hot sleepers?

Lightweight natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus tend to make the best duvets. Avoid polyester, if you can, since synthetic fabrics are less breathable.

The weight of the duvet matters, too. Many companies that sell duvets offer multiple options, including lightweight summertime models. If you sleep hot, a lighter duvet may work well for you year-round.

What is the best cooling blanket for hot flashes?

We like the Buffy and Luna blankets because they help promote cooler sleep. But if those still feel too warm or heavy, you might try a thin blanket made of bamboo, linen, or cooling material. When in doubt, opt for a blanket with a loose weave.

What is the best fan for under the sheets?

Some companies sell devices that blow cool air under your sheets, like the Chilipad Cube 3.0. These products tend to come with a high price tag, though, and they can produce a fair bit of noise.

If you want a fan strong enough so you can feel the breeze under your sheets, opt for a larger, powerful model, like a box fan, and set it to the highest setting.

Regulating your body temperature while sleeping is an important step to getting a comfortable night’s sleep, but keeping cool isn’t always easy. And when you feel hot and sweaty, a good night’s rest might seem like a dream unlikely to come true.

But plenty of products can help you stay cool enough to get the rest you need — whether you naturally run hot, have hot flashes, or are simply trying to make it through a long, hot summer.

Sam Lauron is a freelance lifestyle writer based in Austin, TX. When she’s not writing about wellness, creativity, or personal development, she spends her time reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and soaking up the sunny Austin weather with her partner and their dog. Connect with her on Instagram or Twitter, or by visiting her website.