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Baby wipes are essential when you’re caring for an infant, or even a toddler. They’re the perfect solution for cleaning dirty hands, faces, and of course, tiny bums during diaper changes.

Sure, baby wipes are a fairly basic item. But a quick walk down the diaper aisle in any grocery or big box store will tell you that the choices are endless.

It can be hard to decide which one is right for your baby and your budget — that’s why we’re highlighting some of the top picks to help you clean up after your messy little human.

During your child’s life, you’ll find yourself shopping for wipes regularly during their baby stage. Even if you decide to be proactive and put baby wipes on your baby registry, at some point you’re going to need to buy more.

So, keep the following aspects in mind so that you can be confident that you’re making a smart choice for you and your baby:

Scented vs. unscented

Who doesn’t love the smell of baby wipes? But as great as they smell, it’s often best to start with unscented wipes — at least until you can confirm that your baby doesn’t have any sensitivity issues to scents or fragrance.


No one wants to use a baby wipe if it feels like whatever you’re wiping is seeping through directly onto your hands — this is especially true if you get the pleasure of unwrapping a “blowout” diaper. Opt for wipes that are thicker so that you can thoroughly clean your baby without reservations.


Whether you’re concerned about harsh additives or you want a wipe with ingredients that nourish your baby’s skin, always pay attention to the ingredients.

Most wipes from reputable brands clearly state that they’re free of harsh additives, but don’t forget that the term “hypoallergenic” isn’t backed by the Food and Drug Administration. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to research the product and read reviews from other parents.

Wipe count

Diaper wipes are one product in particular where you can’t get stuck on the price. An “expensive” jumbo pack might actually be more economical once you do the math. Likewise, the cheapest option might be a single pack with a small number of wipes.

So, always do your homework. Considering how frequently you’ll be using baby wipes — especially during the first few months of a baby’s life — it’s a good idea to prioritize quantity over price.

Ecological impact

While this might not be a top-tier concern for everyone, most brands are working hard to — at a minimum — use recycled materials to create their packaging. Whether you opt for reusable cloth baby wipes or a brand that prioritizes recycled materials, keep this in mind as you shop.

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In addition to talking to our Healthline family, we looked for brands that were great for sensitive skin, offered fragrance-free options, were thicker to offer a more complete cleansing experience, and, of course, options that were either reusable or natural alternatives to reduce your impact on the planet.

A note on price

Due to differing wipe counts and package sizes, prices vary widely depending on the quantity you’re shopping for. Additionally, due to COVID-19, stock shortages and price fluctuations are common. Please click the link below each product for the most up-to-date pricing.

Babyganics Baby Wipes

Newborns have sensitive skin, so you want to make sure that the products you use on your baby’s face and bum don’t contain harsh ingredients. That’s why these fragrance-free wipes from Babyganics are a great option for those early days.

Parents liked that this product is formulated with plant-based ingredients like avocado oil and aloe, and has been tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. Plus, these wipes are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial dyes.

Pampers Sensitive Perfume-Free Wipes

Even after your baby outgrows the newborn stage, you still want to be mindful of what you put on their skin. These Pampers Sensitive wipes are a great sensitive-skin solution that’s also economical.

Pampers’ scent-free wipes (and diapers) are the type you’re most likely to find in a hospital’s maternity ward. They’re thicker than the typical Pampers wipes, and made with a water-based formula that’s free from parabens, perfumes, alcohol, and phenoxyethanol.

The Honest Company Plant-Based Wipes

While they’re one of the pricier options in our guide, Honest Company is a fan favorite because of their commitment to using natural ingredients and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Their wipes rely on a sustainably harvested plant-based formula that contains more than 99 percent water.

Plus you’ll like that these are thicker for extra softness. One reviewer says, “These are, without question, the best wipes. Super sturdy, so I don’t get ‘stuff’ on my hands when I’m changing my little girl’s diaper.”

Mum & You Biodegradable Baby Wipes

If you’re concerned about the source of your wipes (and the packaging) then these Mum & You wipes are a great solution. Not only does this brand feature a plant-based formula, but you’ll also like that zero plastic was used to create the packaging, which is 100 percent recyclable.

Each pack (containing 56 wipes) is fragrance-free, contains 99.4 percent water, and is dermatologist-confirmed safe for babies with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Best of all, they’re 100 percent biodegradable and begin to break down as soon as 15 days after use — making them ideal for home composters.

GroVia Reusable Cloth Wipes

You can’t deny that disposable wipes produce a lot of waste. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, this 12-pack set of reusable cloths from GroVia is a great alternative. Each wipe features a cotton terry texture made from a poly-cotton blend that’s super soft on your baby’s skin.

What makes them extremely useful is that they’ll also fit inside your diaper warmer in case you have a sensitive baby who hates the feel of cold cloth against their skin. Each wipe measures 8 by 8 inches and is machine washable.

Huggies Nourish & Care Wipes

If you’ve ever watched your baby suffer through diaper rash, you know that a healing moisturizer can do wonders towards eliminating nasty skin irritation. This set of Nourish & Care Baby Wipes from Huggies has shea and cocoa butter infused into each wipe for soothing hydration.

These wipes are also 20 percent thicker than the brand’s Natural Care collection for a very thorough clean. However, do keep in mind that these wipes are lightly scented to smell like cocoa butter. So, if you’re concerned about scents, this specific product may not be a fit for you.

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes

When you’re shopping on a budget, you might be tempted to go for the literal cheapest option you can find. But with baby wipes, depending on the number of wipes per package and the total packs per box, a technically more expensive option can still be economical when you do the unit price math.

For budget shoppers, these Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes are a typically a fantastic deal. More importantly, these wipes are approved by the National Eczema Association as safe for use on sensitive skin — the only wipes in our guide to have this distinction.

Whether you prefer disposable or reusable wipes, you’re going to need something to clean up after your little one. From scary diaper scenarios to quickly cleaning your child’s face when you’re out running errands, baby wipes are an essential item.