Living with diabetes requires vigilance. Monitoring your condition daily and taking medications prescribed by your doctor are both vital to your health. Even with proper management, medical situations or emergencies are still possible. Medical ID bracelets can come in handy during times of crisis, especially if you aren’t able to direct the person caring for you.

A medical ID bracelet often does double duty. Not only can they be fashionable pieces of jewelry, but they also contain information about your condition and your emergency contact information. In some instances, wearing this simple accessory can mean the difference between immediate care and prolonged trial and error during treatment.

According to a survey by American Medical ID, approximately 95 percent of responders look for a medical ID in an emergency situation. The survey also found that more than 75 percent of doctors look for an ID when assessing someone.

Although medical information can be included on a number of different accessory items, such as necklaces or key chains, the survey found that about 95 percent of people check the wrist first.

To ensure its efficiency, it’s important that you include all relevant medical information on your ID bracelet.

You should include:

  • the type of
    diabetes you have
  • whether you
    take insulin
  • any allergies
    you may have
  • an
    in-case-of-emergency phone number (also known as an ICE number)
  • any implants,
    such as a pacemaker or insulin pump, that shouldn’t go in an MRI scanner
  • any other pertinent
    medical information

There are many types of ID bracelets on the market today. Some have traditional features, such as a simple engraved plate with a chain. Waterproof and sweatproof bracelets are great options if you play sports or participate in a lot of outdoor activities. Other bracelets can make a fashion statement. Some even contain USB drives that can store a wealth of personal information. With so much variety, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes and needs.

Here are 10 of the best diabetic ID bracelets on the market today.

The Classic Bracelet is made from durable stainless steel. It features a curved plate emblazoned with a medical emblem. The emblem signifies that this is more than the average bracelet. Medical information can be engraved on the back. A chain connects the two sides of the plate, giving it a simple look. Reviews of the bracelet mention its comfort, quality, and casual style. From $29.99

The Lynx Onyx offers a twist on the classic silver bracelet. The black and stainless steel band offers an alternative look while still relaying important medical information. The bracelet has a white medical emblem on it, and there’s room to engrave three lines of information. $39.99

This bracelet is an excellent choice for those who are active. The interchangeable silicone bands are sweatproof and waterproof, making them good options for those who enjoy exercise or who need something versatile and durable. The bracelet also features a large ID tag to include important medical information.

You can purchase additional bands at a low cost or wear one that supports your favorite cause. The bands come in a variety of sizes. These bracelets are also easy to wear, as they have no clasp. The band is a single, continuous loop that slides over your hand and onto your wrist. From $24.99

If you’re someone who loves to build up a sweat, consider this nylon band with Velcro closure. It’s also a good option if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to metal. The nylon band protects the skin from coming into contact with the medical ID plate.

The adjustable band is available in two different lengths. You can also customize your bracelet by purchasing different band colors for just a few dollars each. The engraved ID plate can also be used on silicone bands, giving you plenty of options. From $24.99

For fashion-forward women, having a sophisticated and feminine medical ID bracelet may be important. Two delicate beaded strands act as the chain. Lauren’s Hope, the company that makes this and other fashion ID bracelets, offers a variety of attractive medical ID tags to add to the chain.

The stainless steel tag includes the medical emblem in the color of your choosing. Other designs and finishes include gold and rose gold. Up to five lines of information can be added to each ID tag. From $79.95

If you’re looking for something sparkly and delicate, this bracelet may be the one for you. Medical ID Fashions offers a beautiful cubic zirconia tennis bracelet to wear with your medical ID tag. This stainless steel bracelet features crossed silver branches with diamond-like cubic zirconias nested in them.

Several tag plates are available for this band, each marked with a medical emblem in the size and color of your choosing. Up to four lines of text can be added to your tag. $149

This unisex medical bracelet is perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement. Its modern look features a brown or black leather band and a stainless steel medical ID tag with a button stud clasp. The medical ID plate can be engraved with five lines. From $29.99

The silicone CARExcel Medical History Bracelet holds a two-gigabyte USB flash drive. This can give doctors instant access to your medical history.

The drive can store basic information as well as your medications, allergies, and past medical procedures. You can even store your emergency and medical contacts and upload important files, including your living will.

The bracelet is waterproof and durable, so you can wear it at all times. The band is flexible as well as expandable, and it can fit any wrist. $39.99

Another bracelet that incorporates a USB chip is the EMR Medi-Chip Velcro Sports Band. This band comes with award-winning, easy-to-use software. It’s completely waterproof, and the Velcro closure makes it easy for you to size.

The words “Key 2 Life ID Inside” adorn the band, as well as a medical symbol. The USB chip holds up to four gigabytes of data. You can use this to store basic medical information, as well as important files such as legal documents and insurance information. The bracelet comes with a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty. $39.95

This bracelet uses state-of-the-art technology to connect a doctor to your complete medical profile in just a few simple steps. You enter your medical information on the MyID website, and doctors can access this information by scanning your bracelet with a smartphone. They can also access your information by visiting the website or calling the phone number provided on the band.

Because your data is housed online, you can enter as much medical information as needed. You aren’t limited to a certain number of characters or lines, as with a traditional medical ID tag. The fully adjustable band comes in an array of attractive multicolored designs, making it stylish as well as practical. $29.95

When you have a medical condition such as diabetes, it’s important for medical responders to know the extent of your condition and any medications you’re taking. If you aren’t able to convey this information during a medical emergency, a medical ID bracelet can do this for you.

One of these 10 medical ID bracelets is sure to fit your style. Wearing an ID bracelet can help ensure that you’re treated correctly and on time during an emergency.

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