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    Bone Infection (Osteomyelitis)

    Written by Brindles Lee Macon and Matthew Solan | Published on August 15, 2012
    Medically Reviewed by George Krucik, MD

    >p>p;<> Many organisms—most commonly >staphylococcus>—tra—travel through the bloodstream and can cn cause a bone infection. An infection may begin in one area of the bodyody but spread to the bones via the blood stream.>p;<> Orrganisms that invade a severe injury, dejury, deep cut, or wound can also caucause infections in nearby bones. Bacteria can enter your system at a surgical site, such as for a hip replacement or bone fracture ure repair. When a bone is broken in an accident, bacteria can invade the bone leading to osteomyelitis.
    3" class="content_head">ame="RiskFactors">What are the Risks Of Osteomyelitis? > v id="T="TOC_TITLE_3" class="content_body"> ere are a few conditions and circumstances that can incrncrease your chances of osteomyelitis. Such as i>diabetic disorders that affect blood supply to the bones.>i> ntravenous use of drugs. use of hemodialysis, a treatment used for kidney conditions.> trauma to the tissue surrounding the bone. prosthesis or artificial limbs that introduce bacteria.i> d=="TOC_TITLE_HDR_4" class="content_head">me="Symptoms">hat are the Symptoms? id="TOC_TITLE_4" class="content_body"> ly, the first symptom to appear is pain in the location of the infection. Others common signs are:> stiffness or loss of use of an affecten affected limb v> d="TOC_TITLE_HD_HDR_5" class="content_head">me="Diagnosis">w is Osteomyelitis Diagnosed? d="TOC_TITLE_5" class="content_body">_body"> you have any symptoms of a bone infection your physician may use several methods to diagnose your condition. A physical exam is required to check for swelling, pasician. Clean and dry amputation sites before placing your prosthesis. Also, use the proroper footwear and proective equipment to avoid injurieses when jumping, r running or participating in sports.

    What is the Long-Term Outlook?

    Most cases of osteomyelitis are easily treatable. Chronic infections of the bone, however, may take longer to treat and heal, especially if they require surgery. The prognosis for this condition is good when the infection is found and treated early.

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