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Zatural is one CBD brand worth exploring, but not all products come with updated testing results. We recommend shopping with a close eye.

Healthline has sole editorial control over this article. Potential uses for the products listed here are not health claims made by the manufacturers. The information in this article is intended to be general in nature. It’s not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional. Healthline encourages you to make any treatment decisions with your healthcare professional.

Choosing between CBD products can be tough: It’s hard to know which brands are reputable and which to avoid. Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t guarantee the quality, safety, or effectiveness of CBD products, it’s extra important to research brands before you buy.

Zatural is one option. It’s an Idaho-based company started in 2018 by Maryann Stanger, a naturopathic doctor. We recommend a few of the brand’s products (but not all) based on indicators of safety, quality, and transparency. Our picks have all been vetted by our team for medical and business standards. Each product below:

  • is third-party tested by an ISO 17025-compliant lab
  • is made with hemp that has a disclosed source
  • contains no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to the certificate of analysis (COA)
  • passes tests for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, according to the COA

We are also currently in the process of testing a handful of the brand’s products and we will update our review with that feedback as soon as we’ve sufficiently tested.

While there are some products we stand behind, know that the brand does have some testing inconsistencies. Most products have COAs available, but some don’t and others are expired. Others include only potency testing for the final products. Always check for updated COAs as you shop the product line.


  • fair pricing
  • 30-day return policy
  • discounts for older adults, military, and first responders
  • positive reviews
  • large product line
  • free U.S. shipping on orders over $5
  • ships to more than 100 countries
  • some vegan-friendly products


  • not certified organic
  • some unclear product descriptions
  • some product pages display less testing information than others
  • unclear where its hemp is grown
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These are the Zatural products we currently stand behind:

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

  • Price: $44.99
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25 milligrams (mg) per softgel
  • Count: 30 per container
  • COA: available online

CBD softgels or capsules are one of the easiest ways to take CBD because they are already dosed for you. You can easily toss them into your bag when you’re on the go.

These Zatural softgels contain 25 mg of CBD each. They may seem too potent if you’re new to CBD, but if you’re already familiar with how CBD affects you, you may prefer the higher potency.

One drawback is that these softgels are made with gelatin, so they aren’t suitable for vegans.

Because they are made with full-spectrum CBD, they contain all useful compounds from the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The idea is that when they work together, all the combined compounds result in a stronger effect, which is called the entourage effect.

Keep in mind that full-spectrum CBD products do include some THC. Although it’s too little THC to make you feel intoxicated, it’s best to choose a THC-free product if you think you’ll undergo drug testing.

The brand does include a disclaimer that full-spectrum products can’t be shipped internationally or in the state of Idaho right now. Although Zatural also offers broad-spectrum CBD softgels, we don’t currently recommend them because the COA is undated. This means it’s unclear how current the results are.

CBD Salve

  • Price: $60.00
  • CBD type: broad-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 1,000 mg per 2-ounce (oz) tin
  • COA: available online

Salves and balms are typically used to heal dry, flaky, or damaged skin. The CBD variety may also be massaged into sore muscles and joints. Be sure to clean and dry your skin before applying it.

Zatural’s CBD salve, which is specially formulated for lips and body, contains broad-spectrum CBD as well as castor oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and other nourishing ingredients.

It comes in two potencies — 1,000 mg per 2-oz tin and 2,000 mg per 2-oz tin. An added benefit? It’s completely vegan.

CBD Isolate Oil Tincture

  • Price: $64.99
  • CBD type: isolate
  • CBD potency: 2,500 mg per 30-milliliter (mL) bottle
  • COA: available online

CBD isolate is a good choice for those who want only CBD and no other cannabinoids, especially THC. Hence the name isolate — it refers to CBD that has been isolated from all other plant compounds.

This oil, in particular, is a good option for those who want a basic oil without flavorings.

It contains only CBD isolate and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil.

The reviews on the website are mostly positive. One user describes themselves as pain-free, and others point to how well it works for sleep, anxiety, and aches.

Zatural stands out because of its wide variety of products. It offers the basics (like CBD oils) as well as more unique hemp and CBD products, like home detergents.

One drawback is that Zatural isn’t always on top of its testing practices: While it does have third-party testing, some COAs are undated or outdated. Before purchasing CBD products, it’s a good idea to read the COA carefully and make sure that it’s not outdated.

Additionally, while Zatural claims its products are organically grown, its products are not officially certified as organic.

CBD typeDiscount
Zaturalisolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum productsdiscounts for older adults, first responders, veterans, and active military personnel
Joy Organicsisolate, broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and THC productsdiscounts for veterans, teachers, students, first responders, medical workers, and those who need financial assistance
Lazarus Naturalsisolate, broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBG productsa 60% discount to veterans, people on long-term disability, and low-income households
Charlotte’s Webisolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum productsdiscounts for veterans, first responders, students, teachers, and nurses
CBDistilleryisolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum productsdiscounts for veterans, active military personnel, and first responders
FAB CBDbroad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBG productsno assistance programs, but there is a loyalty program

Zatural hasn’t been involved in any lawsuits related to its products or business practices, and it hasn’t received any FDA warning letters about product claims. This is a good sign.

Zatural has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an average of 4.52 out of 5 stars based on more than 20 customer reviews.

The only negative review is from someone who says they’re not sure whether the product is helping their anxiety or not. The company responded, encouraging the reviewer to reach out to its customer service team for help.

Zatural isn’t currently a BBB-accredited business.

This might be important to some consumers who value BBB accreditation, but a lack of accreditation doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the brand. It may just mean the company doesn’t want or have the means to pay the sometimes hefty annual fee to become an accredited business.

When it comes to Zatural’s quality and transparency, there are some inconsistencies. We break down what’s positive and what could be improved.

Processing and manufacturing

Some product pages include details about the company’s manufacturing process, while others don’t.

On some product pages, Zatural specifies that the product was made using a carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method, which is a fairly common way of extracting CBD from hemp. Since CO2 extraction doesn’t use any solvents or other chemicals, it may result in a “cleaner” product.

Zatural also says its hemp is 100% organically grown and without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. A quick search on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website shows that Zatural doesn’t appear to be certified organic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not following organic farming practices.

While Zatural says it’s compliant with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), it doesn’t appear to have third-party certification in this area.

Third-party testing

COAs are available for most Zatural products but not all. The ones that do exist come from an ISO 17025-compliant third-party lab. ISO 17025 certification means the lab has demonstrated that it produces valid results.

Still, there appear to be some inconsistencies in how the products are tested.

For example, the CBD Hot Cream, are only tested for potency. Even though the CBD oil that’s used to make the cream is tested for contaminants, there’s still a possibility that microbial contamination could happen during the manufacturing process. It’s best to opt for products that are fully tested in their final form.

Potency discrepancies

The COAs for some Zatural products show that they contain significantly more CBD than they say they do. It’s always best to review the COA before purchasing so you can determine if the potency will work for you.

Zatural sells CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD products. Its products include:

  • oils
  • softgels
  • edibles (gummies, chocolates, honey, and more)
  • creams and salves
  • essential oils
  • bath bombs
  • patches
  • serums
  • pet products
  • hand sanitizer

These products come in a range of potencies, and prices are largely based on the size and potency of each product — from about $12–$200. They’re reasonably priced compared with many CBD brands.

The company also offers discounts for the military and first responders and for older adults to help make their products more accessible to these populations.

Zatural ships to more than 100 countries. Learn more about the brand’s international order policies here.

All U.S. orders over $5 receive free shipping, which is around 2–6 business days.

Zatural has a clear return policy in which customers can return products within 30 days of purchase. There aren’t many customer reviews that mention the return policy, so it’s unclear if returning items is easy.

Customer reviews are generally very positive both on Zatural’s site and on third-party review sites like BBB and Trustpilot, though reviews on these sites are few. For example, there are only two reviews on Trustpilot at time of publish.

If you scroll through any reviews on Zatural’s site, you might notice an asterisk with a note that says: “Edited to meet FDA requirements.”

Some CBD companies — like Charlotte’s Web, for example — have received FDA warning letters in the past because reviews posted to its site mentioned specific diseases that reviewers claimed the products helped relieve. For this reason, many CBD companies take extra caution and remove mentions of specific diseases from their reviews.

With that said, many Zatural product pages have reviews where customers claim its products helped with specific illnesses and symptoms.

It’s important to talk with a doctor before trying CBD, especially if you’re taking any medications. Certain medications, including those with a grapefruit warning, may interact with CBD.

Though CBD is generally considered to be safe, research from 2017 found that some people may experience side effects, such as:

  • tiredness
  • diarrhea
  • changes in appetite
  • changes in weight

A 2020 study on 397 people found that about 9.9% of participants reported negative side effects, including vivid dreams.

A 2020 study found that consuming high fat meals while taking CBD products by mouth can increase CBD blood concentrations. That means your risk of side effects may increase.

Don’t take CBD if you’re pregnant or nursing.

When it comes to CBD, we always recommend choosing a product that:

  • Comes with a comprehensive, up-to-date COA: A COA is a report from an independent lab. It should verify the contents of the product. The COA should be for the current batch of product or no more than 1 year old. In addition to potency, it should contain contaminant testing results.
  • Contains about as much CBD and THC as it says it does: The COA should offer proof that the potency of these key cannabinoids is within a reasonable margin of error compared to what’s listed on the label. We did find that Zatural’s broad-spectrum CBD gummies exceed the margin of error, so we did not include them on our list. Here’s a list of the CBD gummies we recommend instead. Additionally, many others have undated or expired COAs, so we have omitted them from our picks.
  • Doesn’t contain any added vitamins, minerals, or supplements: It’s unclear how CBD interacts with these other ingredients. Until we know more, we recommend playing it safe and sticking to products that include only CBD and other cannabinoids.

The company has pros and cons. Zatural has positive reviews, a wide variety of products, and a strong return policy. Although the brand says its products are organic, this is hard to confirm since the company doesn’t appear to be certified organic at this time.

Some products lack COAs, while others vary in the information they provide. We do, however, recommend a few of its products, namely its Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, CBD Salve, and CBD Isolate Oil Tincture. These products have up-to-date COAs and positive reviews.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is generally thought to be safe. It’s best to talk with a doctor before trying CBD, though, because it does interact with some medications.

To date, Zatural hasn’t been involved in any lawsuits or controversies surrounding the safety of its products. Overall, Zatural gets positive reviews.

Its products are third-party tested to verify the ingredients and ensure there are no harmful contaminants, but some of its COAs are outdated. If you want to try a Zatural product, opt for one that comes with a recent COA so you can make sure it’s been tested for potency and contaminants.

Research on the benefits of CBD is still in its infancy, but there are a few promising studies that suggest it has a range of benefits. CBD has been shown to help with seizure conditions. To date, the only CBD-based medication approved by the FDA is Epidiolex, a prescription medication for treating certain seizure conditions.

A 2018 review of studies looked at CBD’s effectiveness in easing chronic pain. Researchers concluded that a fair amount of research suggests it can help with pain, particularly cancer-related pain, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia.

CBD’s ability to help with anxiety and depression is another main research area. A 2020 study concluded that it may help with anxiety-related mental health symptoms. CBD may also help with sleeplessness, although the research on CBD and insomnia is limited.

Zatural offers a wide range of affordable products that reviewers seem to really love. Overall, the company has a positive reputation and receives glowing reviews.

Though Zatural says it uses organic hemp to make its products, it doesn’t currently seem to be certified organic. It also has some inconsistencies in its testing. While most products have COAs available, some don’t. Others include only potency testing for the final products.

Make sure to talk with a doctor or other trusted healthcare professional about CBD before trying Zatural products.

Is CBD legal? The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the legal definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. This made some hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC legal at the federal level. However, CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC still fall under the legal definition of marijuana, making them illegal at the federal level. Some states have legalized CBD, so be sure to check state laws, especially when traveling. Also, keep in mind that the FDA has not approved nonprescription CBD products, and some products may be inaccurately labeled.