There’s nothing better than connecting with an LGBTQ blog that really gets you. They cover all your favorite topics from an LGBTQ lens and keep you up to date on everything. Whether you’re searching for a go-to resource on LGBTQ travel, parenting, news and current events, or pop culture, you can find something to love in our list of best LGBTQ parenting blogs.

Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms

Mombian is a go-to resource for parents and caregivers, particularly LGBTQ parents. It may also be useful for non-LGBTQ parents of LGBTQ children and teens. Dana Rudolph started the blog in 2005 when she realized how few resources there were for LGBTQ parents. She also hosts the annual #LGBTQFamiliesDay. The blog covers parenting, politics, LGBTQ family news, and more.

2 Travel Dads

This is a wonderful resource for LGBTQ parents or any parents who want to travel as a family. It’s the first blog LGBTQ family travel blog. Chris and Rob Taylor are two dads with two kids who write about taking their sons out into the world to have new experiences, learn, and broaden their worldview. They’ve covered how to minimize your impact while traveling, transitioning kids from homeschool to public school, and a guide for how other people can start blogging.

Meet the Wildes

This info-filled blog is a fantastic resource for families, especially people who have twins or who are LGBTQ parents. Amber and Kristy met and fell in love as teenagers. They’re now raising two sets of twins and a baby. Amber mainly writes the blog, discussing things like breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, what it’s like to have five children, choosing a baby’s name, and adventures with the family.

Gay NYC Dad

Gay NYC Dad is great for parents, especially parents of teenagers. It’s an excellent place to find engaging contests and giveaways and has a fun vibe and style. Mitch (aka Gay NYC Dad) and his partner live in New York City with their son, who’s in high school. Mitch blogs about parenting, adoption, product reviews, and giveaways. He’s recently written about having the marriage conversation with kids and Disney World travel hacks.

Gay Parenting Voices

Gay Parenting Voices is a trusted resource for LGBTQ parents and families, especially when making decisions about how to start a family. LGBTQ parents have so many options: surrogacy, adoption, foster care, and more. The blog tries to make those choices easier by serving as an LGBTQ family-building resource. Their medical team of experts and community voices know firsthand what LGBTQ parents-to-be are facing. The blog covers things like LGBTQ couples on birth certificates and how to explain surrogacy to your kids.

Proud Parenting

For LGBTQ parents and families who want to stay informed on a wide variety of issues, Proud Parenting is a go-to resource. It serves up the latest news in LGBTQ legislation, activism, equal rights, and current events. The blog offers outside resources for LGBTQ parents, such as documentaries and books. It also offers an LGBTQ parenting lens to both local and national news.

My Two Mums

This blog is valuable for LGBTQ parents and parents in general. My Two Mums is Clara and Kirsty’s digital journal, where they share their adventures as parents to their son, who they regularly take geocaching (and write about it). They write about LGBTQ parenting and news and current events. The blog has tackled labels, identity, and the importance of role models.

Designer Daddy

Designer Daddy is an engaging read for creative parents (or parents looking to become more creative). It also delves into occasional political content. Brent Almond is behind the blog and writes about what it’s like raising an adopted son. Brent is a graphic designer, illustrator, and superhero fan, so there’s a lot of pop culture, heroes, and crafts for kids on the blog. He’s written about introducing kids to black superheroes, movie reviews, and the importance of voting in elections.

Family Is About Love

This is an inspiring and informative resource for LGBTQ parents, especially those who are considering surrogacy or had a child through surrogacy. Frankie and BJ are the creators behind the blog. Ever since Milo joined their family, everything in their lives has been about love. That’s why they started their blog. They write about everything from paternity leave to the process of surrogacy and regularly feature other LGBTQ families.

Family Equality Council

This is an excellent go-to for LGBTQ families and parents and anyone working in LGBTQ diversity and inclusion (like in a nonprofit, school, or community setting). The Family Equality Council connects, supports, and represents the 3 million U.S. LGBTQ families through their blog and advocacy work. The blog features LGBTQ news and current events, LGBTQ history and important figures, and personal stories from LGBTQ people.

Human Rights Campaign

This site offers a wealth of solid, thought-provoking material for any LGBTQ person or anyone who’s an ally to the LGBTQ community. Human Rights Campaign is the largest national LGBTQ civil rights organization. On their blog, they feature in-depth information on parenting, media, marriage, adoption, immigration, schools, and more.

Daddy & Dad

“Two dads, two boys, one blog” is how this site introduces itself to readers. British gay dads Jamie and Tom share all aspects of their lives with sons Lyall and Richard. Their hope is to raise awareness for adoption as a wonderful option for prospective gay parents. The blog is filled with stories of their own adventures from the day they met their sons to the years since — along with lots and lots of videos to keep you entertained.

The Unlikely Dad

Tom is, in his own words, “An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad?” When he was nearing 30, Tom knew for sure he wanted to be a father. He invites readers along on the journey he and his husband, Daniel, took to adopt: “He was ten months old and we knew we were looking at our son. In that moment life changed forever.” The Unlikely Dad offers adoption resources as well as candid looks at the stages of raising a toddler.

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Alaina Leary is an editor, social media manager, and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She’s currently the assistant editor of Equally Wed Magazine and a social media editor for the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books.