Some people don’t pay much attention to the moon. Others live their lives by its phases.

Many spiritual traditions throughout history have given special importance to the moon, believing its various cycles affect our moods and physical well-being.

Rituals for harnessing the moon’s energy have existed for centuries. One of these is collecting moon water.

Some believe this water is charged with lunar energy, which can then be used to cleanse negative emotions or aid in spiritual transformation.

Can moon water really enhance your life? Read on to get the details.

You won’t find it at the supermarket. Moon water is created at home during a chosen moon phase.

It’s typically collected during the full moon when the moon’s energy is said to be at its fullest. Then it’s sipped, applied topically, or sprayed in the home.

“Usually people charge their water under a full moon or new moon or another significant lunar event, but you can make moon water at any time of the month,” explains crystal therapist and spiritual wellness coach Emma Halley.

Halley believes that water can hold energy, although there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

“Water is a supremely programmable substance, which means it takes on the energetic properties of things around it quite easily,” she says. “Since we are 60 percent water, [moon water] can help us integrate, connect with, and manifest the intentions we have via the water.”

Though the science is lacking, there’s no harm in giving moon water a try.

While research on the benefits of moon water is lacking, there are plenty of studies on how the moon affects our physical and emotional well being.

A 2014 study concluded that the full moon was associated with lower sleep efficiency, or percentage of time spent asleep while in bed.

A small 2012 study with males found that the gravitational pull of the moon may affect the cardiovascular functions of the human body, making people more physically efficient during full and new moons.

A small 2017 study found that individuals with bipolar disorder were affected by lunar patterns, and a larger 2017 study found that 81 percent of mental health professionals offered anecdotal evidence of a relationship between full moons and human illness.

While the scientific evidence is spotty and inconclusive, the moon still figures prominently in many traditions and spiritual practices.

Some believe you can harness the moon’s power to promote cleansing, renewal, and intention-setting.

“Generally, moon water is used to supercharge intentions,” explains Halley. “For example, the new moon is a time to manifest and call in opportunities and ambitions… You can then use that water in a multitude of ways to enhance your manifestations.”

Moon water can be used in:

  • spiritual rituals
  • healing rituals
  • manifestation
  • your beauty routine


Lunar symbolism is present in nearly every religious tradition across the globe, and is especially prominent in astrology.

“Spiritually, the moon is a hugely influential entity that guides us enormously, energetically speaking,” says Halley. “Moon water is a way of really bringing that energy into ourselves and carrying it with us.”

Halley says that a moon water ritual can help you to feel in “flow” with the universe.

“It benefits spiritual practice in many ways by allowing us to energetically supercharge our life source, water, with an energy source, the moon, that’s so powerful it pushes and pulls the oceans,” she says.


Sipping on moon water has grown in popularity as a wellness elixir in recent years, thanks in part to Victoria Beckham, who shared it on her Instagram account in 2019.

Before that, the energy of the moon has been said to be particularly beneficial for mental and emotional healing.

In many traditions, the moon is believed to possess feminine or yin energy that enhances qualities like acceptance, surrender, and equanimity.

Still, there isn’t any scientific evidence to suggest that the moon has healing power.


Proponents also claim moon water can aid the manifestation process and help you make your desires a reality.

Some believe the moon amplifies the power of your intentions, allowing your desires to manifest with greater ease.

Halley says moon water is typically charged both with the energy of the moon and an intention, like:

  • “I release all that no longer serves me.”
  • “This water cleanses all that it touches.”
  • “May I be healed by the power of the moon.”

Others claim it can enhance visualization practices, remove negative energy, and boost positivity, though the evidence is anecdotal.


Some, including Halley, believe that moon water can give the skin an extra glow, clear impurities, and enhance youthfulness.

“Moon water can be used in a few ways as part of your beauty routine,” Halley says.

DIY moon water toner


  • glass spray bottle
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon carrier oil of your choice


  1. Fill the glass bottle with moon water, leaving 1/2 inch at the top.
  2. Mix carrier oil and lavender in a bowl.
  3. Add to the spray bottle.
  4. Shake and spray clean, dry skin.

You can also add the carrier oil and lavender essential oil blend to your bath. Halley believes the effects of the essential oils used will be amplified by the moon.

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Despite moon water’s historical and spiritual uses, there isn’t any science to back it up for beauty or healing. Still, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Collecting moon water is a fairly simple process.

  1. First, find a glass bottle or jar.
  2. Fill it with water, preferably spring or distilled.
  3. Set your intentions.
  4. Set the bottle out overnight during your chosen moon phase.
  5. Seal the bottle and sip, spritz, or use in a ritual.

“Set your intentions for the water by either writing them down and placing them under the jar, or whispering them to the water,” says Halley.

When you choose to collect moon water depends on the intentions you’re setting. Each phase is believed to have subtle energetic differences.

Practitioners believe that different times of the lunar cycle can produce different energetic effects.

Full moon

Best for: releasing what no longer serves you and removing negative energy

“The full moon Is considered the most powerful since the moon is at its fullest and strongest,” says Halley.

It’s a time to:

  • reap rewards
  • offer gratitude
  • harvest intentions
  • release old baggage
  • clear energy

New moon

Best for: intention-setting, reflection, and personal growth

“The new moon is the dark moon. It invites us to go inward and set our intentions, to start new chapters, and release cycles,” says Halley.

It’s a time to:

  • focus on intentions and manifestation
  • aid inner work and shadow work
  • enhance personal growth and development
  • begin new ventures, relationships, or projects

Other moon phases

  • Waxing moon: best for creative work, inspiration, and intention-setting
  • Waning moon: best for forgiveness, letting go, giving thanks, releasing, and grounding
  • Blue moon: best for goals, ambitions, aspirations, and celebrations

There are many ways to use moon water. One way is to create a moon water ritual. Halley shares one option below.


  • jar or bottle
  • crystals and other sacred items
  • pen and paper
  • incense or smudge stick
  • singing bowl or bell (optional)


  1. Gather supplies, like your jar, crystals, sacred items, and pen and paper.
  2. Cleanse the space with incense, sage, singing bowls, or a bell.
  3. Fill your jar with water, preferably distilled or spring.
  4. Place your jar in a safe location where it will get direct moonlight.
  5. Arrange crystals and sacred items around your jar.
  6. Speak your intention for your water out loud.
  7. Write down your intention for your water and place it under the jar.
  8. Cover the jar and leave overnight.

Cleansing the space before you begin will clear unwanted energies from your surroundings and prevent your water from absorbing them, says Halley.

Placing crystals and sacred objects can help you tune into spiritual energies.

“If you aren’t intending on drinking the water, you can place the crystals in the jug,” says Halley.

Some crystals are highly toxic when immersed in water. Never drink crystal-infused water without doing your research first to ensure the crystals you’re using are safe to drink.

Then, set your intention.

“It can be as simple as “This water cleanses and purifies all it touches” or it can be as complicated as you wish, but it’s important to set an intention here for the water you are creating,” Halley explains.

After speaking and writing down your intention, place the paper under the jar. Cover it with a cloth and leave it for the night.

In the morning, your moon water is ready to use.

Halley suggests using it straight from the jar or pouring it into smaller bottles for later use. You can use spray bottles, roller bottles, or small jars.

Always be safe when making moon water. Make sure your jars are clean and you’re using potable water if you intend to drink it.

“Label and date your bottles and keep them in the fridge,” says Halley, “Use it up within 1 month. Water can grow bacteria and stagnate, and you don’t want that.”

And if you’re putting crystals in your water, make sure they’re safe to ingest.

People have long believed in the moon’s power to influence us at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Some say we can harness that power by sipping, spritzing, or bathing in moon water.

While there isn’t research that supports the benefits or moon water, it’s still used for healing and spirituality today.

If you want to give moon water a try, use clean water and containers, and don’t immerse crystals in your water unless you know they’re safe to drink.

Victoria Stokes is a writer from the United Kingdom. When she’s not writing about her favorite topics, personal development, and well-being, she usually has her nose stuck in a good book. Victoria lists coffee, cocktails, and the color pink among some of her favorite things. Find her on Instagram.