We're relaxing in honor of another of another Labor Day holiday today, enjoying some good ol' American outdoor grilling before we hit all the hectic of Fall. As we're taking a break from our usual work routines, let's take a moment to recognize all those who devote their lives to making a difference for the Diabetes Community -- everyone from researchers and medical professionals to all of us PWDs (people with diabetes) who work tirelessly just to live every moment of each day. And of course, we PWDs know there's never really a day off from diabetes.

An Ode To All Diabetes Workers

To those who make the "magic elixirs"

Mixing the fast-acting or long-acting mixtures

Storing these live-saving meds in bottles, pens or vials

To help us endure our daily blood sugar trials

We thank you for the work you do.


To the meter-makers and the pump assemblers

Whose work rarely a patient remembers

Building the systems and evaluating, testing

We raise our calloused fingertips in thanks — no resting!

We test our blood many times a day

On any meter brand, in many a way

Waiting for the countdown to see our #bgnow

Hoping for little effect of our chow

Hoping, believing, the meter never lies

We pay a lot, but we thank you for producing these supplies.

To the pump and CGM production people:

You give us sensors that require fewer jabs

('Cause no one enjoys those daily stabs)

Now we can better manage each number and dose

And so we thank you ... almost the very most!

Innovators all deserve our thanks

Every single one among your ranks

Because you've applied your imagination

To assist PWDs throughout the nation

And turned device dreams to reality

From 1921 insulin to 21st Century technology

We are lucky that you work for us!

Endos and educators, you're on our team

Keeping us healthy and sane (it seems)

So thank you for data review and routine tweaks

In the little time we have every few months (not weeks).

Lastly, to every Person with Diabetes (or PWD)

Who doesn't have one single day free

No matter if it's a holiday...

We salute you, for the "Manual Pancreas" you play

On this yearly Labor Day!


To all in our D-Community, we say: