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The 15 Best Parkinson's Blogs of 2013

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    A Parkinson’s disease diagnosis isn’t easy for anyone touched by the condition, either firsthand or as a caregiver. Luckily, there’s a virtual network of people who know what you’re going through.

    The Best Parkinson’s Blogs of 2013 will make you laugh, support you when you cry, and give you the information and hope you need.

    This rich online community of Parkinson’s disease advocates can make a day in the life of PD a little less intimidating—and a lot more fun.

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll

    Blogger Kate Kelsall tells all on her candid Parkinson’s blog cleverly entitled Shake, Rattle and Roll. Having lived with this disease for 16 years, Kelsall knows a thing or two about managing symptoms, searching for treatments, and even playing the accordion.

    However, don’t let her disarming exterior fool you. Kelsall is one tough cookie, and Parkinson’s disease has met in her a formidable foe. Learn from her tireless enthusiasm for life, rejoice in her successes, and share in her challenges. 

    You’ll be glad she’s on your side when PD symptoms come a-calling.

  • About Parkinson's Disease

    It can be difficult to imagine trying natural treatments with all of the pharmaceutical options for treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Robert Rodgers, PhD, is eager to convince you that a natural approach is worth a try in his blog, About Parkinson’s Disease.

    Dr. Rodgers started exploring natural treatment alternatives after watching his mother suffer with Parkinson’s while taking ten medications. He makes it his business to learn about and share updates on holistic treatment options.

    Read about everything from supplements to crystals, and all the natural healing possibilities.

  • Parkinson’s Insights

    Parkinson's Insights is a wealth of expert insights on the disease, its treatments, and advocacy opportunities. This blog offers the perspectives of doctors from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. It also tracks the latest research and awareness events.

    The best resource for the latest news about PD, Parkinson’s Insights keeps you informed, educated, and involved. Learn about what you can do to help defeat Parkinson’s through research and fundraising. Or, ask the experts questions about new medication or treatment options.

  • Positively Parkinson’s

    Remarkable advocacy meets an interesting life tale in Positively Parkinson’s. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 53, Bob Kuhn launched his blog to share his story and experiences with others.

    Kuhn embraces his life with disease and refuses to sit still or feel sorry for himself. A powerful voice for Parkinson’s awareness, Kuhn is setting the standard incredibly high for the rest of the community. 

  • National Parkinson Foundation

    The National Parkinson Foundation is dedicated to continuing research and improving the quality of life for patients. This organization has crafted a unique and insightful blog to keep readers up-to-date on the latest in the medical world.

    Thorough and intelligent posts by the Foundation’s medical director, Dr. Michael S.Okun, offer an expert look at the latest therapies, co-occurring condition research, and quality of life improvement strategies.

    You can also donate to help the Foundation fight this disease, one dollar at a time.

  • Off & On: The Alaska Parkinson’s Rag

    Off & On: The Alaska Parkinson's Rag offers a high-energy, artistic look at life with Parkinson’s disease. Peter Dunlap-Shohl, a quirky and creative cartoonist, this site combines the latest information on PD with comics, commentary, and poignant personal accounts.

    If you’re seeking a soulful, upbeat journey of disease and discovery, look no further: Dunlap-Shohl delivers. You’ll find in this blogger the positive partner you need, whether you’re in Alaska or somewhere much, much warmer.

  • Walking My Path with Parkinson’s

    The journey after diagnosis is different for everyone. Thankfully, every newly diagnosed individual can count on at least one thing: blogger Marian. Marian opens her heart and her world to her readers Walking My Path With Parkinson’s, creating an instant connection with visitors to the site.

    Let Marian know how much you appreciate the companionship if you understand what it’s like to walk the path with Parkinson’s. This is one path no one should have to walk alone.

  • Studio Foxhoven

    Kindergarten teacher, crafter extraordinaire, blogger, and Parkinson’s patient, Terri Reinhart is all-around inspiring. Despite Parkinson’s and dystonia, she is determined to stay positive and active.

    Stop by Studio Foxhoven for a delightful mix of craft patterns and Parkinson’s info, dotted with personal stories and reflections on life. Reinhart will remind you that life with Parkinson’s is about more than disease—it’s about finding joy in the little things.

  • On Being a Christian with Parkinson’s Disease

    For those who will appreciate a take On Being a Christian With Parkinson’s Disease, Anna’s blog will feel like a warm and welcoming shelter. This thoughtful blogger uses her disease to grow closer to God and more fully understand her own emotions.

    Join Anna on her spiritual journey, and take comfort in the wisdom she shares. Moving reflections, prayerful meditations, inspirational stories, and updates on Parkinson’s treatments and staying healthy await you.

  • LIM Yoga Blog

    LIM Yoga Blog brings the benefits of yoga to patients with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Blogger Renee provides insightful commentary about the inner workings of human emotions when plagued by disease, and offers a unique perspective on yoga and disease.

    Renee opens a world of motion, healing, physical restoration, and stress relief with information about yoga and movement disorders. A thought-provoking blog for yoginis and wannabes alike, LIM Yoga is as therapeutic to read as it is to put into practice.

  • Sitting Comfortably

    Andy Daly is as determined to not talk about Parkinson’s as he is preoccupied with controlling it in his blog, Sitting Comfortably. The combination of rock band videos, movie references, and shocking experiences of his illness make for an artsy, touching, and often hilarious chronicle of his personal journey.

    A true writing talent, Daly crafts witty, light-hearted posts that will interest any reader—with or without Parkinson’s.

  • Parkinson’s Journey

    Parkinson’s Journey is sure to become your new go-to site for camaraderie and inspiration. Unwilling to let PD keep her down, author and blogger Sherri Woodbridge shares tales of life with Parkinson’s: both the good days and the bad.

    Creative and spunky, this site will remind you of the beauty in life. Join Woodbridge on her journey as you walk your own, and take comfort in her devotion to the written word.

  • FoxFeed Blog

    FoxFeed is the up-to-date news blog from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Stricken with young-onset PD in 1991, Michael J. Fox started the foundation to bring awareness to the disease and gather funding for research.

    The Foundation’s mission is to stay on the frontlines of the disease, and the blog is a great way to keep you informed. From events and fundraisers to the most current research on PD, this blog gives you something to read every day.

    Fox’s optimism and enthusiasm continue to be source of inspiration in the Parkinson’s community.

  • National Young Onset Center

    Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a blow for anyone. However, diagnosis can be devastating for those with the young-onset form of the disease. The National Young Onset Center of the American Parkinson Disease Association is devoted to educating and serving these young people.

    Dr. Paul Short is a Parkinson’s coach who helps patient plan treatment and coping strategies, and authors the blog for this site. Dr. Short’s posts are insightful and filled with useful tips for PD sufferers.

    Add this one to your list for practical, everyday advice from someone with experience.

  • The Journey

    Diagnosed with early-onset PD at the age of 42, Stephanie, has been coping with it for the last few years. A homeschooling Christian mother with a special needs child and her own medical issues, she shares many of her family’s experiences in her blog, The Journey.

    Stephanie gives her readers insights into what it’s like to live with a degenerative disease at such a young age with touching personal accounts.

    Get inspired by her spirituality and optimism, and share your own story with Stephanie and her caring readers.

  • Follow the Examples

    Don’t let Parkinson’s get the best of you. Take a tip from these stellar bloggers.

    With their collective knowledge, these bloggers stand as proof of the bright side of life with Parkinson’s disease. One of the blogs in this list just may have the answers you need, and will certainly provide the companionship you crave.

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