The Best Depression Health Blogs of the Year

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  • The Best on Depression

    The Best on Depression

    Depression is a serious mental illness, and one that requires long-term treatment and support. Many people suffer from depression, but sometimes it can make you feel as if you’re all alone in your struggle.

    Fortunately, many caring bloggers take to the internet to share their experience of coping with and treating depression. You can turn to these inspirational writers for support, encouragement, and understanding.

    Click through the slideshow to discover 11 blogs that may help ease your symptoms and face the day.

  • Lawyers With Depression

    Lawyers With Depression

    Although it targets a particular audience, everyone is welcome at Lawyers with Depression. Dan is a personal injury lawyer working in New York and coping day-to-day with depression. His goal is to reach others who need help by writing about his own experiences.

    Dan brings a unique perspective to the challenges of working in law while struggling with depression. He covers his journey from law school through his current profession as a practicing lawyer. Dan’s willingness to open up about personal struggles makes for compelling reading and creates a safe place for others to share and get support.

  • Pick The Brain

    Pick The Brain

    Positive thinking and taking action are at heart of the Pick the Brain blog collective. Editor-in-Chief Erin Falconer began working on this site in 2008 to share her passion for self-improvement and to reach out to anyone wanting to make positive life changes.

    Depression and other mental health topics are discussed openly here, along with personal tricks for coping. The blog features contributors from around the world who focus on productivity, motivation, lifelong learning, and psychology topics. Start reading Pick the Brain to get a kickstart for changing your life.

  • Dr. Deb

    Dr. Deb

    Dr. Deb is a psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in traumatic experiences and depression. She offers educational information, advice, and tools for coping with depression in her engaging blog Psychological Perspectives.

    If you struggle with depression or have been the victim of trauma, keep this blog at the top of your reading list. Getting Dr. Deb’s perspective is like having a trusted therapist in the room with you.

  • A Splintered Mind

    A Splintered Mind

    Living with both depression and ADHD, blogger Douglas Cootey has a unique perspective on both disorders. He aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and reach out to those going through similar experiences on his blog A Splintered Mind.

    Cootey’s wit and wry sarcasm have been enlightening and delighting readers since 2005. He’s even earned awards for his writing. Most importantly, he’s developed a strong online community that’s a source of information and inspiration for those struggling with depression and other mental health disorders.

  • Beyond Blue

    Beyond Blue

    Therese J. Borchard, author of the book Beyond Blue, pens a blog of the same name at the spiritual, inspirational, and faith-focused website Belief Net. She seamlessly blends spirituality with mental health and provides a faith-based perspective for her readers struggling with depression.

    If your faith and spirituality are important to you, Beyond Blue is the resource you need to learn more about mental health and how to heal. Borchard has plenty of useful and inspirational advice to offer her readers: from personal battles with depression and anxiety to expertise on faith and mental health.

  • Postpartum Progress

    Postpartum Progress

    Postpartum depression is a type of depression that many women struggle with after giving birth. Often called the “baby blues,” this is a serious mental health issue that should be taken seriously. Author Katherine Stone runs the blog Postpartum Progress to help other women who are suffering as she has.

    Postpartum Progress is a safe community where women can turn for information, support, and—most importantly—hope. The site has a huge following and addresses all areas of mental health that are important to pregnant women and new moms, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and many other issues.

  • My Postpartum Voice

    My Postpartum Voice

    Another great blog for pregnant women and new moms coping with mental health issues is My Postpartum Voice. Founder and blogger Lauren Hale battled her way through postpartum depression, OCD, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This mother of three now shares her experiences with other women.

    Hale understands the need for women with postpartum depression to hear from other mothers and know that they’re not alone in their struggles. Add this blog to your daily reading list for a warm and caring voice and a community of women who get it.

  • Depression Marathon

    Depression Marathon

    For several years, blogger Etta has been describing her personal battle with severe and chronic depression on the site Depression Marathon. Her deeply intimate posts describe her struggle with mental illness and the frustration that comes with going through relapses.

    Using running, sobriety, and support groups to heal, Etta’s life—and her posts—serve as inspiration to anyone going through a similar situation. Turn to her pages to see how you can learn to live with your depression and become a better person for it.

  • Time to Change

    Time to Change

    Time to Change is a British website devoted to making a dent in the stigma that surrounds mental health disorders and those who struggle with them. The depression page is full of personal stories about coping with depression as well as useful information and resources.

    Check out the stories at Time to Change to hear how depression has impacted people in different ways and how they’re coping with it.

  • Daisies and Bruises

    Daisies and Bruises

    After living for years with undiagnosed depression and unsuccessful treatment, Canadian blogger Erin at Daisies and Bruises finally got the help she needed at a residential treatment facility. Erin now manages to find the joy in life while still battling her disorder and her traumatic past every day.

    Erin shares her most painful and personal experiences with great sensitivity and wit, so that others who are suffering can feel a sense of hope. Her blog posts will have you laughing and crying in turn.

  • Coping with Depression

    Coping with Depression

    Coping with Depression, a blog hosted by Healthy Place is co-written by Erin of Daisies and Bruises. If you love her personal blog, add this one to your reading list too. Erin and fellow depression survivor Liana Scott provide information about depression symptoms, treatments, and diagnosis, among other relevant topics.

    These two talented writers understand what it feels like to be depressed. They share helpful information like important coping and treatment tips in a caring way.

  • Making Positive Changes

    Making Positive Changes

    Coping with depression isn’t easy. Doing anything positive may be the farthest thing from your mind when you’re faced with an episode of serious depression. But, taking action and making changes can really improve your condition. Take inspiration from these courageous bloggers and make positive changes in your life today.