Zu san li is a pressure point on your lower leg. It’s known as “the point of longevity” and is one of the most frequently used points in acupressure and acupuncture.

Zu san li is also known as “the point of one hundred diseases.” It may potentially help many different ailments.

Zu san li is located below your kneecap, between the two bones of your lower leg. It’s about 2 to 3 inches below the knee on the outer side of your leg. You can find it by putting your hand on the outer side of the leg over your knee with your fingers facing down. The point is between the tips of your fourth and fifth fingers. Zu san li is the small dent beneath the kneecap and between the bones.

Activating this point by gently massaging it is said to cause a rejuvenating and healing effect. It’s said to balance your energy, relieve pain, and treat a number of health issues. It’s used in traditional acupressure to encourage healing and health.

It’s thought to work by stimulating various points that have an effect on other parts and functions of your body. Stimulating these points affects nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. This may help release tension to let blood flow better.

A systematic review published in 2012 looked at how effective acupressure is for managing symptoms. The researchers found that several studies show that acupressure has potential in treating various ailments, but they also found that more rigorous studies are needed.

Here’s what the research says about the benefits of zu san li for certain conditions:

Asthma: An animal study from 2012 showed positive results when acupuncture was performed at zu san li. It was found to help control asthma and asthma-related inflammation.

Gastrointestinal function: Performing acupuncture on zu san li can improve some gastrointestinal disorders, according to research. A small study from 2013 found that people who received zu san li acupressure after having abdominal surgery had improved gastrointestinal function. Stimulating zu san li can help people to feel more comfortable after surgery.

Depression, anxiety, and stress: Older adults who received acupuncture on zu san li and other points showed lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress in a study from 2010.

Brain function: A study from 2011 showed that acupuncture at zu san li had positive effects on brain function.

Sit comfortably and find the zu san li point. Press on the point and slowly massage in a clockwise direction. Massage deeply, using firm pressure. You can do one leg at a time.

Keep your breath and mind calm to help you to stay present and relaxed. You can massage this point as often as you like. You may feel a stimulating effect, so you may not want to massage this point right before you go to sleep.

Try to make it a daily practice and see if you notice any changes in your health.

If you choose to go to an acupuncturist, make sure that person is licensed in your state. Acupuncture has very few risk factors and side effects when it’s done by someone who is properly trained and who uses sterile needles.

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