Sleep Number’s Climate360 Smart Bed makes some pretty high-tech promises of comfort for various sleeping temperature preferences – but does it deliver? Here’s what we thought.

Do you sleep cold but your partner sleeps hot? Are your feet chilly in bed, even with socks on and lots of blankets?

Sleep Number’s newest smart bed, the Climate360, actively cools, warms, and responds to your body temperature… and I tried it out at a Sleep Number event!

Based on my experience, the starting price of $9,999 seems well worth it. Read on for my three initial takeaways, and a full review of the bed by a Healthline colleague.

Author's self-taken photo of the Climate360 bed

The Sleep Number Climate360 bed is the newest in the brand’s collection of smart beds. According to Sleep Number, this is the first bed that can cool, heat, and adjust to each sleeper’s needs.

A sensor in the Climate360 bed connects to an app. The sensor uses both artificial intelligence and data collected from your sleep history to provide the app insights. Temperature can affect your sleep quality, sleep onset, and time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, or deep sleep.

Climate360 Smart Bed Facts

  • Mattress type: foam
  • Firmness: medium
  • Trial length: up to 100 nights
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Sizes: Queen, King, California King, split-top King, split-top California King
  • Temperature settings: Low, medium and high (for both warm and cool), off
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1. Hello, warm feet

I’m often cold when I get into bed and find myself hunkering down with an extra blanket. With the Climate360, users can set a warming schedule for bedtime that heats either the full bed or just the foot of the bed. I like the thought of having my feet warmed up as soon as I hop into bed! You can also keep your feet warm while the rest of your body is cooled, so it’s not all or nothing.

The seasonality of this bed is neat, especially when considering the difference in how I sleep during the coldest winter nights versus the hottest summer ones.

According to Sleep Number, an evaporative cooling process actively pulls heat out of the bed through a breathable sleep surface. To heat the bed, warm air is pushed through the bed up to the surface.

2. Built-in tech may help you hack your sleep health

This smart bed’s technology is rad. The built-in sensor can detect your movements, sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, restful vs. restless sleep, and more. No more wearables or phones in the bed!

Users of the Climate360 bed could share the data from the app with their primary care doctor to see what correlation may exist between their sleep and health.

3. Avoid a sleep divorce

You can adjust the head and foot height of the bed via the app (so you can sneakily lift your partner’s head to stop their snoring). You and your partner can also have different temperature routines set up for each side of the bed, creating an ideal sleeping environment for both of you.

Studies have found that your partner’s sleep habits — whether it’s frequent movement, insomnia, sleep apnea, or something else — may impact your relationship. Shortened sleep may contribute to relationship hostility, suggests a 2017 study.

But sharing a bed can have benefits, too: a 2020 study found that couples who sleep together have more improved REM sleep, on average.

“I tested the SleepNumber Climate360 smart bed for a few months at the end of 2022 and am still using the bed as of 2023. My typical sleep setup is a soft but medium-firm mattress, with lots of blankets. This mattress makes it super easy to have my way when it comes to firmness, while my partner has hers.

“I am a hot sleeper and the medium level for cooling on this bed is perfect for me. On cold winter days, it is also awesome to have to warm yourself up in the mornings with the heater.

“This mattress is great for people who sleep with another person. No matter the position you sleep in, you can adjust the bed to fit you. I’d also recommend it for those with sleep apnea. I am an avid snorer and my partner let me know that I’ve almost completely stopped snoring at night.”

The set-up

“From the delivery of the bed to the follow-ups post-delivery, the process was very pleasant. After the bed was delivered and set up by professional techs, the techs helped me set up the app and taught me how it all worked.

“The bed initially had a slight “new mattress smell,” but that only lasted about a week or so.”

How it’s worked for me

“The heating/cooling feature is my favorite part of the bed. I am a hot sleeper so having the ability to cool my side only and not my partner’s side is amazing.

“I also am a heavy snorer, so having the ability to tilt my head to help alleviate my snoring is super helpful. My partner has been telling me recently that I have not been snoring as much and some nights not at all.

“There are other settings that I can use on the bed such as the footwarmers and the ability to move the base that I also really love.”

Other thoughts

“I was also introduced to the sleep tracking side of app, which I personally don’t use very much but could see as very helpful to the average user.

“One con of the bed is during the night it seems to deflate, similar to that of an air mattress. The bed does not deflate every night but there are many nights my partner or I sink into the other because one side has deflated. This can be uncomfortable to wake up to.

“I would definitely recommend this bed for both if you sleep alone or with another person. It works well for hot or cold sleepers, snorers and non-snorers, and those with sleep apnea — it’s fantastic.”

— Former Healthline Analyst Daryl Hurley

You can visit a local brick-and-mortar Sleep Number store to try out the Climate360. Find the one closest to you by using their store locator.

Prefer to buy online? Shop directly on Sleep Number’s website. Sleep Number has an introductory offer of $2,000 off each and every Climate360 sized-bed (includes the adjustable base) as of this writing.

The price tag could be a drawback, but Sleep Number’s Climate360 seems to deliver on temperature control and comfort. I love the idea of having my own sleep microclimate — and that my partner can have his own individualized microclimate to optimize his best sleep, too.