Healthline Stronger Scholarship: Supporting students creating a stronger, healthier world for all

Healthline launched the Healthline Stronger Scholarship in 2017 to support college students using their education to improve the health and wellness landscape. Each year, we partner with a mission-driven organization to pick a different health and wellness theme. Together, we recognize outstanding students going above and beyond to address this topic through their coursework, extracurriculars, career goals, and community outreach.

Over the last six years, the Healthline Stronger Scholarship has:

  • Awarded $100,000+ in scholarship funds
  • Recognized 21 outstanding students
  • Served 6 health and wellness areas, including health equity, food security, mental health, chronic conditions, and climate change

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Congratulations to the 2022 Healthline Stronger Scholarship winners

Healthline and The Nature Conservancy thank them for their dedication to creating a stronger, healthier world by addressing the substantial, long-term impacts climate change is likely to have on humans’ physical health, mental health, and wellness. Read more about our winners below.

Immanuel Bissell

Immanuel Bissell
Photography by Jessica Pons

“Reenvisioning healthcare means breaking down barriers between disciplines, such as medicine, earth science, or politics. We need to take an interdisciplinary approach and expand our view of what it means to care for a person.” READ MORE

Rodrigo Bravo

Rodrigo Bravo
Photography by Jill Frank

“To inspire the next era of medicine, we’ll need to educate people on what it means to include planetary, transpersonal, and emotional well-being in healthcare. We’ll also need to influence policy decisions and incorporate these ideas into modern healthcare.” READ MORE

Peter Pham

Photography by Cayce Clifford

“The connection between climate change and health is important to me because it hits close to home. Not only are they fascinating topics, these two issues are part of humanity’s most pressing existential challenges: the pandemic and the climate crisis. I’ve seen my home state of California experience increasingly violent fires every year.” READ MORE

Daniel Samano

Photography by Alfonso Duran

“No matter how many titles or degrees someone can get, the best rewards in life come from being able to save lives and make a positive impact on the community. My ultimate goal is to continue building the bridge between clinical medicine, climate and health, and public health.” READ MORE

Meet our previous Healthline Stronger Scholars

2021 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Health equity

2020 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Nutrition and food security

2019 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Mental health

2018 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Chronic and rare diseases

  • Simran Handa
  • Matthew Pearl
  • Sanika Raine
  • Daniel Stanley

2017 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Type 2 diabetes

  • Jahmil Lacey
  • Steffi Liu

Previous Partners

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