Healthline Stronger Scholarship: Supporting students creating a stronger, healthier world for all

The application for the 2022 Healthline Stronger Scholarship will open in February 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, follow us on social media today to be the first to know when the application is live.

Healthline launched the Healthline Stronger Scholarship in 2017 to support college students using their education to improve the health and wellness landscape. Each year, we partner with a mission-driven organization to pick a different health and wellness theme. Together, we recognize outstanding students going above and beyond to address this topic through their coursework, extracurriculars, career goals, and community outreach.

Over the last five years, the Healthline Stronger Scholarship has:

  • Awarded $100,000+ in scholarship funds
  • Recognized 17 outstanding students
  • Served 5 health and wellness areas, including health equity, food security, mental health, and chronic conditions

Congratulations to the 2021 Healthline Stronger Scholarship winners 

Healthline and the Prevention Institute thank them for their dedication to creating a stronger, healthier world by dismantling health equity barriers in their communities. Read more about our winners below.

Anne Jean Baptiste

Photography by Melody Timothee

“Although addressing racial health inequality will require large-scale changes to our healthcare system, I can still make an impact. I plan to reduce health inequalities in the Black community by using my privilege of being in spaces that we have historically been excluded from to advocate for the needs of my community.” READ MORE

Jay-Miguel Fonticella

Photography by Lauren Justice

“Focusing on health disparities within my Indigenous community is important because our community faces ongoing systematic oppression from federal and healthcare infrastructures. Native families experience social determinants of health daily, including contaminated water supplies, economic instability, and a lack of nutritional knowledge.”  READ MORE

Luis Tun

Photography by Tiffany Luong

“…[T]he high cost of housing and low wages in [Ventura] county leaves many Latinx people with little money to spend on healthcare, medication, and nutritious foods. Creating affordable housing for Latinx families would allow them to save money and invest it in their health.”  READ MORE

Healthline Stronger Scholarship Details

  • Who can apply? Current undergraduate and graduate students (as of Fall of the scholarship year) at accredited US institutions who demonstrate a commitment to addressing the chosen health and wellness subject. The 2022 Healthline Stronger Scholarship application will open in February 2022. Follow us on social media today to be the first to know when the application is live.
  • What will you need to provide? Tell us about the work you are doing by sharing your extracurriculars, experiences, and essays. No GPA or grades required.
  • Why apply? Healthline Stronger Scholars receive up to $7,500 scholarship towards their education; the option to be featured on Healthline’s website and social media; and an award to add to their resume, LinkedIn, or grad school applications.

Meet our previous Healthline Stronger Scholars

2020 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Nutrition and food security

2019 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Mental health

2018 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Chronic and rare diseases

  • Simran Handa
  • Matthew Pearl
  • Sanika Raine
  • Daniel Stanley

2017 Healthline Stronger Scholars: Type 2 diabetes

  • Jahmil Lacey
  • Steffi Liu

Previous Partners

Is your organization interested in helping us find exceptional students breaking down health and wellness barriers? Contact us.