Rowing machines are popular pieces of exercise equipment found in many home gyms.

They not only help you burn calories but also help strengthen and sculpt the muscles in your back, arms, and legs.

NordicTrack offers several top-of-the-line rowers, all of which boast a variety of impressive features that aren’t offered by most other brands on the market.

However, the rowers also come with a hefty price tag, which may be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the NordicTrack rower models to help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

NordicTrack is a popular brand of fitness equipment that manufactures a variety of products, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and strength training machines.

The company also offers a line of rowers, which are used to strengthen and tone your body by simulating the motion of rowing.

NordicTrack currently has three models of rowing machines available, including:

  • RW600
  • RW700
  • RW900

Each model features a touchscreen display, which you can use to stream a range of workout classes using an iFit membership.

They also include built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple levels of resistance, making it easy to mix up your workouts.

NordicTrack rowers stand out for their high tech features.

Most notably, each machine is equipped with a touchscreen display, which varies in size depending on the model.

The screen sizes are as follows:

  • RW600: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • RW700: 14 inches (35.5 cm)
  • RW900: 22 inches (56 cm)

The displays of the RW700 and RW900 also rotate, so you can take your workout from the rower to the floor.

Speaking of workouts, the touchscreens allow you to stream a variety of classes using iFit — a fitness app that includes a vast library of on-demand classes, including studio rowing sessions, yoga, strength training, high intensity interval training, meditation, and boot camp.

What’s more, each model includes 26 levels of resistance that can be adjusted automatically to match your instructor’s during classes.

For those interested in performance metrics, the touchscreens also display your time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

Other notable features include built-in speakers, ergonomic handles, and quick-adjust pedals with foot straps for extra security.

If you’re tight on space, you’ll also appreciate that the rowers are foldable and include transport wheels, making them easy to store away.

The rowers support users up to 250 pounds (113.5 kg) and have roughly the same space requirements:

  • RW600: 87 × 22 × 47 inches (221 × 56 × 120 cm)
  • RW700: 87 × 22 × 47 inches (221 × 56 × 120 cm)
  • RW900: 86.5 × 22 × 50.4 inches (220 × 56 × 128 cm)

One thing to note is that NordicTrack doesn’t specify a minimum or maximum user height.

The NordicTrack rowing machines range in price from $999–$1,599.

Here’s the cost for each model:

  • RW600: $999
  • RW700: $1,299
  • RW900: $1,599

In addition to the prices listed above, there’s also a delivery fee of $199.

NordicTrack offers several financing options for qualified customers, which you can apply for directly on the company’s website.

Each model also comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on parts, and 1-year warranty on labor.

Finally, all purchases include a 1-year iFit family membership, which is a $396 value. After the free trial expires, you can renew your membership for $39 per month.

NordicTrack rowing machines offer an effective, low impact workout from the comfort of your home.

While they can be somewhat pricey, the rowers offer several impressive features, including automatic resistance adjustment, rotating touchscreen displays, and integrated speakers.

They’re also designed to work with iFit and provide access to an extensive library of workout classes, making it easy to add variety to your exercise routine.

Plus, the rowers are foldable and can be stored between workout sessions, which is convenient if you’re short on space.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the NordicTrack rowing machines is their price.

In fact, the RW900 costs two or three times as much as other budget-friendly alternatives on the market.

Plus, there are other costs to consider, including shipping and an iFit membership.

Furthermore, the machines are only designed to accommodate users up to 250 pounds (113.5 kg).

Several high quality rowing machines are available, many of which offer a set of features similar to that of NordicTrack.

Here’s a closer look at how NordicTrack stacks up against its competitors.

NordicTrack Rowing MachinesSole Fitness SR500 RowerSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing MachineEchelon Row-S Connected Rower
DisplayTouchscreen LCD LCD Touchscreen
Training optionsStreaming classes from iFit

26 levels of resistance

Includes automatic resistance adjustment
12 standard workout programs

16 levels of resistance
8 levels of resistanceStreaming classes from Echelon United

32 levels of resistance
SizeRW600: 87 × 22 × 47 inches (221 × 56 × 120 cm)

RW700: 87 × 22 × 47 inches (221 × 56 × 120 cm)

RW900: 86.5 × 22 × 50.4 inches (220 × 56 × 128 cm)
97 × 18 × 38 inches (246 × 46 × 96.5 cm)78 × 19 × 23 inches (198 × 48 × 58.5 cm)85 × 24 × 18 inches (216 × 61 × 46cm)
PriceRW600: $999
RW700: $1,299
RW900: $1,599

iFit: $39/month after the first year

Shipping: $199

Shipping: free

Shipping: free

Echelon United: $39.99/month

Shipping: free
Maximum weight capacity250 pounds (113.5 kg)515 pounds (233.5 kg)250 pounds (113.5 kg)350 pounds (159 kg)

NordicTrack rowing machines provide a great value for the price.

With 26 resistance levels and a wide range of classes to choose from, the rowers include training options that cater to a variety of fitness levels.

They’re also among the few rowing machines on the market that are equipped with a touchscreen for streaming classes.

Although they’re not inexpensive, the models are available at varying price points, with financing options available for qualified customers.

Moreover, the RW600 and RW700 are cheaper than many competitors offering the same high tech features.

However, as NordicTrack rowers only support users up to 250 pounds (113.5 kg), the Echelon Row-S Connected Rower may be a better fit for some.

Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget or uninterested in streaming classes, there are plenty of more affordable rowing machines to consider, such as the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine.

NordicTrack is a popular fitness brand that manufactures many types of fitness equipment, including rowing machines.

Each NordicTrack rowing machine is equipped with several impressive features, including touchscreens and 26 levels of resistance.

While they aren’t cheap, NordicTrack rowers are worth the investment for fitness enthusiasts seeking a high tech and durable rowing machine.