Even though estimates show that over 30 percent of U.S. adults have an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, it’s very easy to feel alone with you live with anxiety. You aren’t — and these bloggers are here to empower you, help break down the shame and stigma of mental illness, and give you tips and resources for managing anxiety in your everyday life.

Anxiety Slayer

Anxiety Slayer is run by award-winning podcasters, authors, and anxiety coaches Shann and Ananga. On the blog, they share useful resources to help you find peace and tranquility in your life with a variety of anxiety-releasing exercises and supportive tools. They also offer guided meditations and private coaching sessions.

Anxiety Network

Thomas A. Richards, PhD, started the Anxiety and Stress Clinic in 1995 and Anxiety Network is its online counterpart. The blog focuses on panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and social anxiety disorder. The website and blog feature a great mix of general information, self-help tips, forums, quizzes, and more, covering topics from coping statements you can use for anxiety to online therapy for social anxiety.

Anxiety-Schmanxiety by Healthy Place

Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC — a counselor living with anxiety — writes this blog geared towards others going through similar experiences. Her writing expertly mixes the personal and professional, with topics ranging from causes and stigmas to checklists for controlling anxiety and panic attacks. The guest posts offer another perspective on anxiety disorders, making this a blog with a lot of insight. Tanya has covered a variety of topics including insomnia and anxiety, stress eating, and anxious memories.

Relief from Anxiety

After receiving anxiety and depression diagnoses, Amy launched her mental health blog, Relief from Anxiety. It’s since become an informative forum for advice, inspiration, and support, where Amy shares her own struggles and writes about how she uses mindfulness as a way to effectively manage her disorder. She covers issues like driving anxiety and grieving, and shares her creative writing on mental health.

The Anxiety Guy

A certified cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming coach, Dennis Simsek is the mind behind The Anxiety Guy. On the blog, he shares his knowledge about the causes of anxiety and his personal experiences with it. He’s covered topics like dealing with stress, how to speak to a partner with anxiety, health anxiety habits, and the trouble with emotional reframing.

Jodi Aman

A psychotherapist since 1994 and the author of four books, Jodi Aman has helped people learn to manage multiple mental illnesses — including anxiety — by showing them how to break down guilt and fear, and embrace the good. On her blog, Jodi shares videos and posts to do the same. She’s written about topics like how to view fear as a motivator, the health benefits of singing, dealing with difficulty, and meditations for sleep anxiety.

Beautiful Voyager

Beautiful Voyager is dedicated to the overthinkers, and it’s filled with thoughtful articles addressing anxiety. Some highlights include how to deal with an anxious boss, taking control of chronic migraines, morning anxiety, and even a poem about how anxiety affects the body.

Anxiety Gone

Anxiety Gone is a project started by anxiety advocate, Chantal McCulligh, in hopes of ending the stigma attached to mental health. Chantal’s goal is to help those facing challenges and to show them that they can live a successful and powerful life. You can read about everything from how to deal with overwhelming thoughts to the best types of yoga for anxiety to activities for seasonal affective disorder.

Anxiety United

With actionable information on things like how to stop a panic attack or practice guided meditation, Anxiety United is focused on specific steps and treatments that can help you manage generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and more. Multimedia content on this blog comes in the form of written articles, videos, and audio files, all geared towards those living with anxiety, their partners, and their caretakers.

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Alaina Leary is an editor, social media manager, and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She's currently the assistant editor of Equally Wed Magazine and a social media editor for the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books.