The Best Anxiety Blogs of the Year

Written by Anna Schaefer on March 31, 2017
Best Anxiety Blogs

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. If you would like to tell us about a blog, nominate them by emailing us at!

More than 40 million adults in the United States live with an anxiety disorder. That’s 18 percent of the population. There are many types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and specific phobias.

While experiencing occasional or temporary anxiety is normal, people who live with anxiety disorders have symptoms that don’t go away. These symptoms impact daily life, and they can affect a person’s ability to do their work, interact socially, or even leave the house.

Managing an anxiety disorder requires daily effort, which is something that an online community can help with. These fantastic blogs go out of their way to connect, support, and offer information and inspiration to people with anxiety.

Positively Positive

positively positive

A big part of the battle against anxiety involves learning to stay in the moment, and not worrying too much about what comes next. And a big part of staying in the moment involves learning to stay positive. Keeping you focused on these things is Positively Positive’s goal. The website has numerous bloggers who contribute to their extensive library of feel-good content. Need help killing that negative voice in your head, believing in miracles, or building confidence? You’ll find posts to help you with all of those things here.

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Anxiety Slayer

anxiety slayer

Sometimes hearing the right thing can snap you out of an anxious day. The podcasts produced by the folks at Anxiety Slayer could very likely deliver that right thing. On their website, you’ll find posts introducing each one of their podcasts. You can learn about supplements, better sleep, and breathing techniques, among other things. Best of all, you can get the advice and information you need while on the go.

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Social Anxiety Disorder Advice from Verywell


Verywell’s special section carved out just for anxiety is headed by mental health expert Arlin Cuncic. Here, you’ll find not just treatment and diagnosis basics, but a whole library of posts covering anxiety from almost every angle imaginable. There are several articles here on learning to be more outgoing and many more that explain social anxiety disorder and the people who struggle with it. Learn about myths related to the disorder and how people with it act in a few of the most recent posts.

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Center for Stress and Anxiety Management

center for stress and anxiety management

The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management is a psychology practice in the San Diego area. The practice is home to several mental health practitioners, each of whom specialize in anxiety disorders. Even if you’re not in San Diego, you can take advantage of their expertise through their regularly updated blog. There are helpful posts on non-medication ways to help you sleep better, how to navigate the stress of the current political climate, and introductory information on various therapeutic approaches.

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The Anxiety Network

the anxiety network

The Anxiety Network, the web portal of the Anxiety and Stress Clinic belonging to psychologist Thomas A. Richards, was created in 1995 to reach people who were outside of his practice area in Arizona. The website and blog focus on panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Each type of anxiety disorder has its own catalog of articles on the site, offering a plethora of actionable tips and self-help guides to help you manage your anxiety.

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Time to Change: Anxiety Disorders

time to change

Time to Change is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness, and a big part of that is telling the story of anxiety. This section of the website focuses solely on anxiety disorders, sharing the stories of folks who have anxiety as well as offering helpful information and advice for those in the throes of anxiety themselves. We think this blog is useful and worthwhile not only for those with anxiety, but also for loved ones, who may need help understanding what living with anxiety is like.

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Anxiety-Schmanxiety by HealthyPlace

healthy place

Anxiety-Schmanxiety is Healthy Place’s portal designed specifically for people with anxiety. The blog is maintained by Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, a counselor who struggles with anxiety herself, and her posts come from both a professional and personal place. In a recent entry, she aptly describes anxiety as a bully inside your head, one whose talk is “loud-mouthed, one-sided, boorish, and toxic,” while in another, she offers some actionable advice on how to defeat that bully.

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Anxiety Coach

anxiety coach

Dave Carbonell is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and phobias. On his blog and website, he shares his expertise to help people with various forms of anxiety, including fear of flying, public speaking phobias, agoraphobia, and stage fright. He also offers free chapters of his book, “Panic Attacks Workbook,” to assist you in getting started.

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The Worry Games

the worry games

AnnaLisa Scott has been living with an anxiety disorder for almost 20 years. On her blog, she says she hopes that sharing her own experiences with anxiety, and later OCD, and what has helped her, will in turn help someone else. Some of her posts go into the nitty gritty of her own personal experiences, while others offer actionable tips, like one on how to make your home a safe space. This is a great portal, full of insight and honesty.

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Relief from Anxiety

relief from anxiety

Though she is only 21, Amy has a wealth of experience that she’s willing to share. On Relief from Anxiety, she writes about her own struggles with anxiety (some of her posts include journal entries from her darkest days) and how she uses a mindful lifestyle to manage the disorder. We especially appreciate her candor and willingness to engage in conversations with her readers.

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ACN Latitudes: Anxiety

acn latitudes

The Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy, or ACN, is an organization that focuses on natural treatment for a variety of disorders, including anxiety. In the anxiety archives of their blog, you’ll find posts from a variety of authors, including experts in the field of neurotherapy. If you have anxiety and prefer natural treatment approaches, you may find what you’re looking for here. Posts focus on everything from coffee to gut health to supplements.  

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The Anxiety Guy


On his regular podcast, certified NACBT life coach Dennis Simsek serves up information on the causes of anxiety, as well as advice for how to get treatment, naturally, using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Living with chronic anxiety himself, Dennis’s podcasts cover everything from how to deal with social anxiety, what role diet might play in your anxiety, and how to deal with stress triggered by politics and world events.

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