Pharmacists are medication experts. They specialize in the distribution of prescription drugs and provide critical advice on dosing, drug interactions, and potential side effects. Pharmacist provide counseling about safe and appropriate use of medications to ensure patients get the best results from the medications they are taking. Healthline’s Medical Network is composed of a diverse group of Pharmacists that bring experience from a variety of specialty areas. The collective experience from our Network can be seen in the medical review of our articles, advisory insights provided on research initiatives, and via the proactive surveillance of the evidence landscape, which ensures that our medical content is at the forefront of healthcare.

  • Alyssa Peckham, PharmD, BCPP

    Dr. Alyssa Peckham is a board certified psychiatric clinical pharmacist specializing in various psychiatric and substance use disorders. Prior to her current role in the pharmaceutical industry, she practiced in the Bridge Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston which is a low threshold, harm reduction clinic for people with substance use disorders. She received her PharmD from the University of Rhode Island and completed two years of postgraduate residency training at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System.
  • Alan Carter, PharmD

    Dr. Alan Carter is a clinical pharmacist with interests in medical research, pharmacy practice and medication therapy management. He graduated from the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Pharmacy. He is currently a research pharmacist manager, clinical pharmacy specialist, and adjunct clinical assistant professor of pharmacy. Dr. Carter has published 15 journal articles, performs medical journal peer review, and serves on many professional committees and boards. He enjoys gardening, hiking, and other outdoor activities to provide a healthy work-life balance.
  • Alexandra Perez, PharmD, MBA, BCGP

    Dr. Alexandra Perez is a board certified geriatric pharmacist specializing in chronic disease state management. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration from the University of Florida. She has experience collaborating with healthcare providers in primary care clinics optimizing medication regimens.
  • Femi Aremu, PharmD

    Dr. Femi Aremu is a clinical pharmacist with experience in medication therapy management, custom compounded medications, and medicinal cannabis, with a special interest in blockchain technology. He obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University as well as degrees in chemistry and biology from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Dr. Aremu is a cannabis advocate with experience in cannabis extraction.
  • Jennie Olopaade, PharmD

    Dr. Jennie Olopaade is a clinical pharmacist with interest in critical care. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University. She has practiced as a hospital pharmacist for more than a decade.
  • Becky Barnhart, PharmD, BCPP

    Dr. Rebecca Barnhart is a board certified clinical pharmacist specializing in psychiatry and neurology. She currently practices as an outpatient clinical pharmacist. Dr. Barnhart received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland. She completed both her PGY1 pharmacy residency and her PGY2 psychiatric pharmacy residency at the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Barnhart is also completing coursework to become a wellness coach.
  • Alisha D. Vassar-Sellers, PharmD

    Dr. Alisha D. Vassar-Sellers is a managed care pharmacist. She is the pharmacy director for Aetna Better Health of Maryland Medicaid, where she manages the pharmacy benefit and implements clinical and corporate initiatives, targeting various disease states, to improve member outcomes. Dr. Sellers received her BS Pharmacy with Departmental Honors in Pharmacy Practice from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy as well. She completed a pharmacy practice residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, with an emphasis in trauma and intensive care.
  • Dena Westphalen, PharmD

    Dr. Dena Westphalen is a clinical pharmacist with interests in global health, travel health and vaccinations, nootropics, and custom compounded medications. In 2017, Dr. Westphalen graduated from Creighton University with her doctor of pharmacy degree, and is currently working as an ambulatory care pharmacist. She has volunteered in Honduras providing public health education, and has received the Natural Medicines Recognition Award. Dr. Westphalen was also a scholarship recipient for IACP Compounders on Capitol Hill. In her spare time, she enjoys playing ice hockey and the acoustic guitar.
  • Victor Nguyen, PharmD

    Dr. Victor Nguyen is a pharmaceutical consultant. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from Wayne State University. He also completed master’s degrees from the University of Florida and Stetson University. He works for Curta Consulting, where his projects span across various therapeutic areas including chronic and rare diseases. His expertise is in developing communication tools and economic modeling.
  • Vrinda Rio, PharmD

    Dr. Vrinda Rio is a clinical pharmacist. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Northeastern University and completed a pharmacy residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center. While most of her career has been in managed care and pharmacy benefit management, she’s currently a consultant in different areas of healthcare.
  • Amber Watson, PharmD

    Dr. Amber R. Watson is a pharmacist with specialized training in drug information, medical communication, and toxicology testing in the pain management setting. She currently practices as a medical writer and was previously responsible for developing and executing the scientific publication strategy for axialHealthcare. Dr. Watson received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy and completed a post-graduate fellowship in academia, drug information, and toxicology with Aegis Sciences Corporation and Belmont University College of Pharmacy in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Patricia Weiser, PharmD

    Dr. Patricia Weiser is a licensed pharmacist with interests in functional medicine and preventive healthcare. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Doctor of Pharmacy. Dr. Weiser is currently working as a community pharmacist and has experience in hospital and long-term care practice settings.
  • Melissa Badowski, PharmD, MPH, FCCP

    Dr. Melissa E. Badowski is a board-certified pharmacotherapy and infectious diseases specialist. She’s also credentialed as an HIV pharmacist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Dr. Badowski assists in the medication management of people living with HIV and other infectious diseases in Chicago, Illinois. She received her PharmD from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois, and her MPH from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She’s also a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Alex Brewer, PharmD, MBA

    Dr. Alex Brewer is a certified pharmacist specializing in chronic disease and health and wellness. Dr. Brewer received his PharmD and MBA from the University of Kentucky, where he also completed a PGY1 community pharmacy residency with a focus in geriatric care.
  • Dana Kim, PharmD

    Dr. Dana Kim is a clinical pharmacist. She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has practiced as a home infusion pharmacist and has been writing clinical communications for patients and professionals for more than a decade.
  • Neal Patel, PharmD

    Dr. Neal Patel is a licensed pharmacist who earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota. His expertise is in developing engaging medical communication for a range of audiences, including patients and healthcare professionals. He has experience in community pharmacy and managed care, as well as research and development of therapeutics in ophthalmology, diabetes, and oncology.