Day 1

Make one healthy change today that fits in with your life. Is there something about your daily diet that you’d like to change? We’ve been there, and it’s hard to make those changes, so let’s start small. Whether it’s passing on a pastry and going for a crunchy apple with peanut butter instead, skipping the sugar in your morning coffee, or sidestepping soda and sipping green tea, go for it! Make the change and see how you feel.

Day 2

Eat whole foods, and pass on the packaged ones. Packaged processed foods can be pretty on the outside (we’re looking at you, cereal aisle), but they're not always loaded with the healthiest ingredients. Today, see which whole foods you have in your kitchen — we’re talking fruits, veggies, nuts, and eggs — and go for those at snack time instead of the bag of chips. This list of 50 super healthy foods might spark some snack inspiration for you.

Day 3

Make your grocery list, and stick to it. We know it’s easy to get distracted at the grocery store with certain foods practically yelling, “Take me! Take me!” However, making a grocery list beforehand and promising to stick to it can help you resist temptations. Shopping while hungry is a recipe for buying everything the checkout aisle has to offer, so why not enjoy a healthy snack on the way?

Day 4

Go look in your pantry! We bet it’s full of hidden gems. You’ll be amazed by what you can do with what you thought were just boring pantry staples. Hidden treasures like canned beans, nuts, frozen fruit, and grains are great for creating quick, nutritious meals. A little culinary creativity goes a long way, and you likely have everything you need right in your kitchen for these easy, healthy meals.

Day 6

Walk for the win! Exercise doesn’t have to mean finding time for the gym. Get back to your roots and go for a walk — nature’s original workout. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, and your time on the pavement (or track, grass, or beach!) will help clear your head and give your muscles and joints a low impact workout. If you’re feeling good, try a longer walk with a friend, and consider making it a weekly commitment that you’ll look forward to.

Day 7

Find your fitness. We’re all built differently, so naturally, some activities will appeal more to you than others. Whether it’s regular walks, morning yoga, or daily deadlifts, finding a fitness routine that works for you is the key to sticking to it. Check out our new Feel Good Fitness resources for every body, including tips on how to work out at home. No equipment is required, and it will take only 20 minutes, we promise!

Day 8

Snack like a champ. It’s so easy to let our snacking habits get out of hand. We swear we’ll stick to just one handful of chips, but that’s much easier said than done. We’re going to let you in on a little secret — when it comes to snacking, protein is your pal. It slows your digestion, fills you up so you’re satisfied, and can even help balance your blood sugar. Here are 30 high protein snacks you can take anywhere.

Day 10

Make healthy bedtimes a habit. Make better sleep your goal this weekend. Take time to enjoy the fresh air and plenty of daylight before winding down for bedtime. Create a calming space free of bright lights and phone distractions. Sip on tea, take a warm bath, and do your best to detach from any stressors in your daily life. Say it with us: “This weekend, I’m going to sleep wonderfully.” Here’s how.

Day 12

Let’s can soda. Who doesn’t like a can of soda or two, maybe three times a day? Your body, that’s who. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but sugary drinks are some of the least healthy things you can consume. Fortunately, there are many healthy alternatives. Break your soda habit today with a little unsweetened tea, your favorite milk, or ice-cold sparkling water instead.

Day 14

Stop wasting food. Food waste accounts for about 6% of global greenhouse gas production and wastes billions of dollars every year. It’s actually pretty easy to help reduce this statistic: Don’t be lured by special offers and multipacks, check the dates on perishable foods, and learn to love cooking creatively with leftovers. Sometimes food just tastes better the next day anyway.

Day 20

This weekend, acknowledge your body’s power to change. Over the past 20 days, this challenge aimed to help you change just one thing every day. These tiny steps all add up, and making healthy choices every day will carry you a long way toward living your healthiest life. Today’s challenge is to affirm your power to define how you see yourself and reframe who you want to be. Use these simple affirmations to build a better relationship with your body and reinforce healthy habits in the weeks and months to come.