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We’re all in this together, building a healthier world.

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From DTC Perspectives: Prescriptive Analytics – Golden Goose or Empty Promise for Pharma Marketers?

September 09, 2019
It’s been five years since Gartner called Prescriptive Analytics “the final frontier for Big Data, where companies can finally turn […]
from Healthline

News Release: Healthline Media’s Medical News Today Becomes #3 Health Media Site

September 09, 2019
Popular Site for Medical Information Overtakes Mayo Clinic SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 9, 2019 – Healthline Media’s popular health website […]
from Healthline

Healthline Media Announces Live Event For Those With Chronic Conditions

September 05, 2019
from MediaPost

Press Release: Healthline Announces Chronicon, a Live Event to Support People Living with Chronic Conditions

September 04, 2019
Healthline Media partners with wellness advocate Nitika Chopra to create Chronicon, bringing together hundreds of influencers to first daylong event […]
from Healthline

3 Ways for Pharma to Get Closer to User-Generated Content

August 16, 2019
Online patient communities are thriving and have become instrumental in guiding people’s health decisions. But, with a few exceptions, pharma […]
from Healthline

Change Your Narrative: The Value of Publisher Newsletters

August 16, 2019
Email marketing is more critical than ever. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 251 million active […]
from Healthline

Press Release: Healthline Hires Vice Presidents of Communications and Consumer Insights

August 14, 2019
Industry veterans from Netflix and EA join fastest growing health information brand SAN FRANCISCO — August 14, 2019 — Healthline […]
from Healthline

Press Release: Healthline surges to the #1 health media property in the U.S., passing WebMD for the first time

July 22, 2019
The Healthline property has risen to #1 in the online health information category and overarching health segment according to Comscore’s […]
from Healthline

7 Health Trends Shaping Your Consumers’ Feeds This Summer

July 22, 2019
This summer is chock full of trends, and it’s no sweat when it comes to health and wellness. While it […]
from Healthline

How the Programmatic Scales Are Tipping Towards 1st Party Data

July 19, 2019
You’ve probably heard that Apple and its Safari browser have taken a strong stand on user privacy protection by blocking […]
from Healthline

Press Release: Red Ventures Acquires Healthline Media

July 16, 2019
Fast-growing Consumer Health Platform To Join Red Ventures’ Growing Portfolio CHARLOTTE, NC — Red Ventures, a portfolio of digital companies […]
from Healthline

From AW360: The Conscious Publisher

June 24, 2019
To be conscious is to be aware of one’s surroundings — to be awake. For a publisher, it means coming […]
from AW360

Why Data Needs a Heaping Dose of Humanity

June 20, 2019
Healthline Insider Q&A: A series of conversations with experts from the digital, health, and marketing industries. Why? Because different perspectives […]
from Healthline

Is Your Media Plan Guided by ‘Audience Mindset’?

June 19, 2019
It’s often a binary choice: Pharma brands either look for awareness or targeting when funding their media plans. Awareness brands […]
from Healthline

From PM360: What is the Right Multichannel Mix?

June 13, 2019
Today, marketers are faced with understanding what is the right multichannel mix for their brand and campaign. We’ve been taught […]
from PM360

From MM&M: How Companies are Supporting the Mental Health of their Employees

June 03, 2019
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There is no health without mental health, and at Healthline we stand with everyone […]
from MM&M

Hello, Logo.

May 20, 2019
Today we unveil our new Healthline logo.
from Healthline

Words Matter: Speak the Language of Your Audience

May 16, 2019
Health is complex, just as the words are that explain one’s condition, stage, treatment, and state of mind. So in […]
from Healthline

Survey: People Living with Depression Experience Treatment Complexities

May 10, 2019
Living with depression is complex and its challenges are often misunderstood. The condition can be a burden on personal relationships […]
from Healthline

6 Reasons Why Ephemeral Content is a Great Marketing Tool

April 18, 2019
Here today, gone tomorrow… that’s ephemeral content. It’s easy to discount ephemeral content as a marketing tool: Cynics argue that […]
from Healthline

From AdExchanger: How a Focus on Quality and Discipline Revived Healthline Media

April 17, 2019
Healthline CEO, David Kopp, sat down with AdExchanger’s Sarah Sluis to talk about Healthline’s journey over the last eight years […]
from AdExchanger

The Do’s and Don’ts of Data

April 16, 2019
Digital marketers are focusing on first- party data and making third- party vendors prove their values. For pharma, that means […]
from Healthline

From PharmaVOICE: The Evolving Role of Patient Advocates

April 08, 2019
Based on a 2018 Healthline study, 76% of people living with conditions who follow health influencers indicate that health influencers […]
from PharmaVOICE

[White Paper] 2019 Social Influencer Trend Report

Social influencers who advocate within their condition communities are making a tremendous impact on health and wellness decision-making. Should they be a part of your pharma brand’s marketing plan?
from Healthline

Delight, Not Dread: Changing the Way Doctors Feel About Online Health Information

March 21, 2019
Here’s a meme making the social rounds among healthcare professionals: “Please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree.” […]
from Healthline

The Healthline and NAMI Stronger Scholarship

March 21, 2019
We are excited to announce our annual scholarship call for entries. Our 2019 focus is mental health...
from Healthline

Press Release: Healthline Invigorates its Board by Adding Proven Brand Builder with Deep Product, Marketing and Media Expertise

March 19, 2019
Kira Wampler sets sights on helping fast growing consumer health information site expand its market leadership  New York, NY (March […]
from Healthline

New Study Finds High Incidence of Depression and Anxiety Among People with Migraine

March 12, 2019
A recent Healthline survey conducted across 483 people in the U.S. living with migraine found that almost half of all […]
from Healthline

Social Media and Healthcare: The Benefits of Comment Analysis

February 25, 2019
While health marketers agree fairly unanimously about the power of social media to reach health audiences and drive actions, they […]
from Healthline

How to Create Powerful Narratives in Health

February 25, 2019
Healthline Insider Q&A: A series of conversations with experts from the digital, health and marketing industries. Why? Because different perspectives […]
from Healthline

Why ‘Search Intent’ Should Fuel Your Digital Strategy

February 25, 2019
In the past, understanding where and how people were looking for health information was enough to formulate strategic digital marketing […]
from Healthline

Key Questions About Social Media in 2019

January 17, 2019
Social media content often only lasts 24 hours before disappearing or getting lost in the never-ending scroll. Yet, in the […]
from PM360

Healthline Named Top 5 in Ad Age’s 2019 Best Places to Work

January 07, 2019
Healthline is honored to be named one of Ad Age’s Top 5 Best Places to Work for 2019 for companies […]
from Healthline

Webinar: Moving Brands from Health Literacy to Health Authenticity

January 03, 2019
Healthline’s Brendan McHenry, VP, Sales & DTC Strategy, and Greg Reilly, Chief Client Officer, Publicis Health Media, teamed up for […]
from Healthline

Health-Condition Influencers Reveal Social Media Strategies

December 07, 2018
from MediaPost

Q&A: Are People with Type 2 Diabetes Receiving the Best Medicine and Tools for Their Care?

November 29, 2018
Healthline recently conducted a broad survey on the State of Type 2 Diabetes to explore how well millions of Americans […]
from Healthline

TeleMed Texts: Healthline Launches App as Safe Place for Breast Cancer Patients

November 19, 2018
from PM360

The Importance of Acknowledging the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Journey

November 19, 2018
More times than not, the focus is on the Alzheimer’s patient journey. Understanding their needs, their progression from symptoms to […]
from Healthline

Beyond Awareness: Understanding the Needs of the Breast Cancer Community

October 29, 2018
October has become synonymous with a sea of pink. Pink ribbons. Endless campaigns. An entire month dedicated to Breast Cancer […]
from Healthline

Living with Type 2 Diabetes: How Gender Influences Emotions

October 01, 2018
This is the second blog post in a series on the findings from Healthline’s “State of Type 2 Diabetes” research […]
from Healthline

Healthline Launches Breast Cancer Support App

September 26, 2018
Breast Cancer Healthline launched shortly before Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. This new app provides 1:1 support for patients, survivors, and caregivers through an online community that offers shared experiences, advice and encouragement, as well as the latest news, research, and information, all in real-time.
from DTC Perspectives

Press Release: Healthline Media Debuts as a comScore Top 50 Digital Media Property

Healthline and MedicalNewsToday Posted More than Two Times Growth Year-over-Year NEW YORK, September 17, 2018 – Healthline Media, Inc. announced […]
from Healthline

Generational Differences in People Living with Type 2 Diabetes Vis-à-Vis Their Relationship with the Internet

September 10, 2018
This is the first blog post in a series that discusses the findings from our “State of Type 2 Diabetes” […]
from Healthline

Press Release: Millennials with Type 2 Diabetes More Likely to Face Difficulties with Social Interactions, Personal Relationships, and Career Advancement

August 21, 2018
New Healthline Report Investigates Emotional Challenges of T2D and Reveals Generational Disparities Between Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers
from Healthline

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Determined to Lower their own Risk of Cognitive Decline, May Not be Doing Enough

May 30, 2018
New Healthline Report Reveals Attitudes towards Disease Prevention Differ between each Generation of Caregivers Findings show Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers […]
from Healthline

Is Facebook’s Data Breach Concerning to Health Consumers? Patients Weigh In

April 18, 2018
Who you share your private information with is a personal matter, one that you — and you alone — should […]
from Healthline

MM&M: Healthline’s Approach to Building Brand Loyalty

April 10, 2018
For Dante Gaudio, SVP of health publisher Healthline, it's about moving beyond the...
from MM&M

Consumer Insights to Engage Patients and Build Loyalty

April 02, 2018
The 2018 ePharma conference (March 21–23, New York) focused on strategies to create meaningful patient experiences through digital marketing. Healthline’s […]
from Healthline

Healthline Revamps HIV Content Based on Social Listening Reveal

December 22, 2017
Recently, the HIV community noted a disconnect between Healthline’s HIV content and the actual experiences of those living with HIV. […]
from Healthline

Healthline Convenes Expert Panel and Unveils New State of Cancer Report

December 18, 2017
Healthline recently unveiled data from its State of Cancer report at a media-attended event in the company’s new New York […]
from Healthline

Can a Brand Become an Ally in Sickness?

December 08, 2017
from MediaPost

Healthline Educates and Enlightens Consumers with Two Social Media Campaigns

October 18, 2017
Healthline partners with the U.S. Pain Foundation and the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) for new social media campaigns. To further […]
from Healthline

#MakeItVisible movement raises awareness, funding for invisible illness

October 06, 2017
from U.S. Pain Foundation

New Data Shows Healthline as the Only Growing Website among Top-5 Leading Health Information Sites

October 04, 2017
from PRWeb

Healthline Connects with Patient Advocates at the HealtheVoices 2017 Conference

August 16, 2017
HealtheVoices, an annual conference that brings together online advocates with various health conditions, was held in Chicago, Illinois, from April […]
from Healthline

Healthline Extends Its Patient Advocacy to the 2017 Race to Erase MS

August 15, 2017
Since 1993, the Race to Erase MS has raised funds to research and help find the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis […]
from Healthline

The State of Fertility 2017 Report

July 26, 2017
The majority of millennial women consider themselves well-versed in reproductive health...
from Healthline

Healthline Finds the Way to Reach Millenials

April 16, 2017
Healthline CEO David Kopp quoted in MM&M
from MM&M

Healthline Elected to National Council of Patient Information and Education

April 16, 2017
from Cision PR Newswire

Sugar is Bad, but People Can’t Stop Eating It

February 02, 2017
from American Heart Association

It’s Time to #BreakUpWithSugar

Healthline reports on the knowledge gap of sugar.
from Healthline