Welcome to the Sustainable Table!

Like any good dinner table, it’s a place to gather ’round, share stories, and pile your plate high — though, in this case, the main dish is sustainability, the sides are changes you want to see in the world, and the ingredients are actions you can take in your daily life.

The articles we’ve cooked up all relate in some way to food, nutrition, and the environment. Whether you’re interested in having a zero-waste kitchen, growing fruits or veggies indoors, learning about palm oil’s ecological impacts, eating meat sustainably, foraging for wild edibles, or transitioning your kids to a plant-based diet, you’ll find the answers in this hearty spread.

The global environmental crisis won’t be fixed by starting a compost pile. Yet, in composting, your relationship with the food you eat, the land you stand on, and your community may begin to shift. 

This shift is essential for healing the rift between humanity and the planet we inhabit.

After all, sustainability isn’t a fad to pick up one day and toss out the next. It’s a mindset and lifestyle. It’s a political demand. It’s a partner of environmental justice. And it’s a rubric for ensuring a wholesome, livable future.

As such, the articles in the Sustainable Table neither sugarcoat environmental issues nor cave to despair. Each of them offers actionable tips to change how you consume (no more plastic-wrapped produce!), build new habits (ever thought of growing arugula in a window box?), demand reform (down with toxic pesticides!), or foster human connections around food (volunteer at a community garden).

If these ideas intrigue you, keep an eye on this space — we’ll continually update it with new articles and eco-friendly tips.

Let’s get cooking!