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Healthline dietitians analyzed Ritual’s full line of supplements while editors tested them. Here’s what we thought.

Ritual is a subscription-based supplement company that offers a variety of multivitamins, protein powders, and other dietary supplements made from simple, high quality ingredients.

Founded in 2016, Ritual has become one of the most popular brands for nutritional supplements, thanks to its transparency and traceable ingredients.

However, Ritual products are more expensive than many similar supplements. This may lead you to wonder whether they’re really worth the hype.

To help you decide whether Ritual is right for you, we tried a variety of the brand’s products, including multivitamins, protein powders, and Synbiotic+.

This article also takes a closer look at how Ritual works, what it offers, and how it compares with similar services.

Ritual is a supplement company that offers a selection of multivitamins, protein powders, and other dietary supplements for all ages and stages of life, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Some of the key ways that Ritual stands out against competitors include:

  • Transparency: Ritual provides detailed information on how and where every ingredient in its products is sourced, along with the science behind each formulation.
  • Quality testing: According to the company, all Ritual products are tested for heavy metals, contaminants, and label accuracy by an independent lab, and several are certified by third-party organizations, including United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Informed Sport.
  • Delayed-release capsules: The company’s multivitamins are made using delayed-release capsules, which are designed to dissolve in your small intestine rather than your stomach. According to Ritual, this is gentler on your stomach, meaning you don’t have to pair your multivitamin with meals.
  • Beadlet-in-oil design: Each capsule combines both oily and dry ingredients, which are usually separate in other supplements. This makes it easy to get a variety of nutrients your body needs in a single dose.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the pros and cons of Ritual:


  • detailed information on suppliers and ingredient sourcing
  • most products are third-party tested for purity and potency
  • some products are third-party certified by USP or Informed Sport
  • delayed-release capsules and beadlet-in-oil design
  • free shipping and money-back guarantee
  • vegan-friendly and free of gluten, sugar, and major allergens


  • expensive
  • monthly subscription required
  • mixed reviews on the taste of the multivitamins and protein powders
  • limited customization options
  • multivitamins with fewer vitamins and minerals than others on the market
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Ritual provides information on the sourcing of each ingredient and details on the company’s specific suppliers.

All products are vegan and free of:

  • gluten
  • sugar
  • GMOs
  • major allergens (except for the HyaCera skin supplement, which contains wheat)
  • artificial sweeteners
  • synthetic flavors, fillers, and colors

Ritual supplements are tested by independent labs, including Eurofins and IEH Laboratories, to verify that each batch meets high standards for purity and potency.

To ensure safety, the products are also tested for heavy metals, impurities, major allergens, and microbes.

Several of Ritual’s supplements are also certified by third-party organizations.

For instance, all of the brand’s protein powders are certified by Informed Sport, which means they have been tested to ensure that they are free of substances banned by athletics organizations.

Additionally, the Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+ is verified by USP, an organization that evaluates the strength and purity of supplements.

Ritual offers a variety of products, including multivitamins for every stage of life, including:

Note: Click on the links below to read more about the products found in each category.

Here’s a closer look at the supplements the company offers.

Multivitamins for adults

Prenatal and postnatal vitamins

Multivitamins for kids and teens

Protein powders

Gut and skin health supplements

Here are a few additional factors to consider before trying Ritual.


Ritual’s multivitamins and postnatal vitamins contain a mint tab, which adds a fresh flavor to each dose, and the prenatal multivitamin is available with a lemon-flavored tab for a citrusy zing.

Still, although the vitamins contain microalgae rather than fish, many reviewers note that the capsules have a distinct fish-like flavor due to their content of omega-3 fatty acids. Some people may have a hard time getting past this.

Additionally, the company’s protein powders are available only in a vanilla flavor and are free of sugar, stevia, and sugar alcohols.

Though many online reviewers report that the powders blend well, others note that they find the taste and texture unpalatable, especially when consuming the powder on its own.

Blending the protein powder with other nutrient-dense ingredients, like fresh fruit or nut butter, may help improve the flavor if you’re not a fan.


Ritual multivitamins are formulated to prevent nausea and stomach irritation thanks to the design of the capsules, which are formulated to dissolve in the small intestine rather than the stomach.

According to Ritual, this can help prevent digestive side effects such as nausea, which are commonly associated with multivitamins.

The brand’s prenatal vitamins are also available with a citrus-flavored tab, which is believed to be beneficial for reducing morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy.


Ritual is a subscription-based service, meaning you must set up a monthly subscription to purchase products.

You can also choose from discounted bundles or create your own monthly bundle by mixing and matching your favorite products.

Monthly subscriptions include free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can easily change your delivery date or cancel your subscription at any time directly on the company’s website.


All Ritual products — both the multivitamins and the protein powders — are intended to be taken once per day.

The dosage for most of the multivitamins is two capsules per day, which can be taken without meals. However, the dosage for the multivitamin for kids is three gummies per day, and the dosage for the Synbiotic+ and HyaCera supplements is one capsule per day.

Ritual’s protein powders should be combined with 8–12 ounces (237–355 milliliters) of any liquid and enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Ritual is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While the company currently has a 1.81-star rating from 16 customer reviews on the BBB, Ritual currently holds an A+ rating, which is based on factors like the company’s complaint history and business practices.

On Trustpilot, Ritual has an average rating of 1.9 out of 5 stars, which is based on 27 customer reviews.

Online reviewers generally appreciate the simple list of ingredients in Ritual products, as well as the transparency regarding sourcing and suppliers.

Many like that each capsule contains an array of important nutrients, eliminating the need to take several supplements each day or purchase multiple products.

However, because the capsules contain omega-3 fatty acids, many reviewers note that the taste is unpleasant and report experiencing side effects like “fishy burps” after taking the multivitamin.

Some dislike the flavor of the protein powders, saying that the powders should be blended with other ingredients to mask the taste.

A few reviewers also report experiencing issues with deliveries, recurring monthly subscriptions, and the responsiveness of customer service.

While Ritual has many positive aspects, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

  • Price: Ritual products can be more expensive than some similar supplements, which may not make them a great choice for cost-conscious consumers or people on a tight budget.
  • Subscription: Ritual supplements require a monthly subscription, which might not be suitable for people who prefer having more flexibility to purchase products only as needed.
  • Personalization: Though Ritual offers products for men and women in a wide age range, the company doesn’t offer personalized bundles or supplements.
  • Nutritional needs: Some Ritual supplements don’t contain certain nutrients that some people might want or need, such as iron, calcium, or vitamin C. Additionally, Ritual’s prenatal vitamin is low in choline, so pregnant people should make sure they’re consuming enough choline-rich foods.

If a healthcare professional has recommended that you take a multivitamin or supplement with specific nutrients, you should discuss with them whether a Ritual product contains the right ingredients and amounts for you before purchasing.

If you’re looking for a subscription-based vitamin company, there are a few others to consider: Care/of, Persona Nutrition, and HUM Nutrition.

Here’s a closer look at how these companies compare.

RitualCare/ofPersona NutritionHUM Nutrition
Monthly cost (per product)$33–$54$5–$32$3–$39$10–$60
Products• multivitamins
• prenatal
• postnatal
• protein powders
• synbiotic
• skin supplements
• multivitamins
• single nutrients
• prenatal
• herbs
• probiotics
• collagen
• protein powders
• multivitamins
• single nutrients
• prenatal
• herbs
• probiotics
• collagen
• protein powders
• skin supplements
• multivitamins
• single nutrients
• probiotics
• collagen
• skin supplements
Personalization optionsproducts based on age and genderonline quiz with product recommendations• online quiz to create custom daily supplement packs
• free access to a virtual nutritionist
• online quiz with product recommendations
• free access to a registered dietitian
Third-party testing• all products tested by an independent lab
• some certified by USP or Informed Sport
all products tested by an independent labnoneall products tested by an independent lab

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Ritual vitamins may be worth purchasing if you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to fill any gaps in your diet.

The company provides detailed information on the sourcing of each ingredient, and all products undergo thorough testing by an independent lab, which might be an important consideration for some people.

Because they’re made using delayed-release capsules, Ritual products may be a good option if you often experience digestive issues with other multivitamins.

However, if you have specific nutrient needs or preferences, you may want to choose a service that offers more options for customization, more add-ons, or more comprehensive multivitamins.

If cost is a concern, several more budget-friendly options are available that can provide the same set of nutrients at a lower price.

Unlike foods and medications, supplements are not regulated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, all Ritual supplements are produced in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) established by the FDA — a set of guidelines that help ensure the safety of products.

Ritual vitamins can be a great way to increase your intake of several key vitamins and minerals, especially if you need help rounding out your diet.

They’re free of sugar, gluten, and other common allergens and third-party tested to ensure strength, safety, and purity.

Just keep in mind that Ritual products don’t contain as many types of vitamins and minerals as other products on the market. Therefore, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional to find out whether Ritual vitamins are a good fit for your needs.

If you decide Ritual isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel your monthly subscription.

After logging in and navigating to your “Account” page on the company’s website, select “Edit or Cancel Subscription” and click “Continue to Cancel.”

The beadlets in Ritual vitamins are used to combine dry and oily ingredients into a single capsule. Because these ingredients are usually separated in other supplements, this can help reduce the number of capsules you take in each dose.

Ritual also uses delayed-release capsules, which are designed to dissolve in the small intestine. In addition to enhancing nutrient absorption, this might also help prevent certain side effects, including fishy burps.

According to Catherine Conelly, a Healthline editor who tried Ritual’s prenatal supplement, the capsules didn’t taste fishy. However, she notes that they did cause very occasional fishy burps a handful of times over the months she took them.

Ritual prenatals are formulated with a citrus tab to reduce any fishy flavor. They also feature delayed-release capsules, which ensure that they dissolve in the small intestine rather than the stomach to help prevent fishy burps. While this doesn’t guarantee you won’t experience side effects like fishy burps, it may make it less likely.

Ritual offers a variety of multivitamins and protein powders that help make it easy to meet your nutritional needs.

The monthly subscription plan may be a good fit for you if you value convenience, transparency, and third-party testing or have difficulty tolerating other multivitamins.

On the other hand, it might not be ideal if you are on a tight budget, prefer having more options for personalization, or need a more comprehensive multivitamin.

To determine whether Ritual is right for you, consider the factors above and talk with a trusted healthcare professional.