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Like other grocery delivery services, produce delivery services ship food straight to your door. But unlike some other services, they typically limit their offerings to fresh fruit and vegetables.

These services are a great way to save money on fresh food, try new and seasonal produce, and save time on grocery shopping.

While some services focus on fruits and vegetables that cannot be sold in grocery stores because of minor blemishes or size irregularities, others focus on sending out the highest quality produce possible.

Healthline assembled this list of the best produce delivery services based on the following criteria:

  • Variety of produce: The produce delivery services on this list offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Availability: Although there are several local and regional produce delivery services across the United States, this list includes only those that are available nationwide.
  • Sustainability: This list highlights services that use reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging.

A note on price

Price can vary significantly among these services, depending on what and how much you order. The pricing guide we share below is based only on the cost of food — it does not include shipping or other fees.

If there’s anything important to know about the pricing of a particular service, we’ll make sure to share it as well.

  • $ = $25 or less per order
  • $$ = $21–$50 per order
  • $$$ = more than $50 per order

Best overall

The FruitGuys

  • Price: $$+
  • Types of foods: fruits, vegetables, snack foods
  • Organic options: available

The FruitGuys is a delivery service offering fresh produce and healthy packaged snacks for individuals, families, and even schools and offices.

The service has locations across the country, and each box arrives at your door within 2 days to ensure quality and freshness.

When ordering, customers can choose between organic and conventionally grown produce boxes. The exact selection varies by region and time of year.

Produce boxes start at $42 each for 16 servings. Shipping is free to most areas but may cost up to $10 for certain locations or priority delivery.

The shipping boxes are recyclable. The company previously offered an in-house box return program but suspended it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s unclear whether the program will return.

Best budget option

Misfits Market

  • Price: $$+
  • Types of foods: fruits, vegetables, other groceries
  • Organic options: available

Misfits Market takes organic fruits and vegetables that cannot be sold in grocery stores because of their appearance and offers them at discount prices.

While stores may have turned the produce away because of physical blemishes, deformities, or size irregularities, it’s still perfectly safe and delicious to eat.

The company has also expanded into offering a wide selection of typical produce, as well as meats, dairy products, and pantry items. It offers a wide selection of gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, and other specialty groceries — although the selection changes from week to week.

Misfits Market requires a $35 minimum purchase. You can subscribe and receive a weekly shipment based on your preferences, which you can edit as desired. Or you can simply create a $35+ one-time order whenever you’d like, without subscribing. Shipping costs $7.99.

In terms of sustainability, all the packaging is eco-friendly or reusable — including the company’s biodegradable produce bags.

Best for “ugly” produce

Imperfect Foods

  • Price: $+
  • Types of foods: fruits, vegetables, other groceries
  • Organic options: available

Formerly called Imperfect Produce, Imperfect Foods is another produce delivery service providing fruits and vegetables that cannot be sold at grocery stores for superficial reasons.

The company recently expanded to offer other grocery items in addition to produce — hence the name change. You can now order any combination of produce and groceries.

Prices start at $11 for a box of 7–9 pounds (7.7–8.6 kg) of seasonal fresh produce. Shipping is free for orders over $60 and $6.99 for smaller orders.

You can add meats, plant-based meat alternatives, eggs, dairy products, pantry staples, snacks, and beauty products to your order for an additional cost.

Imperfect Foods requires you to have a weekly or biweekly subscription, but you can easily skip orders any time. The service is available in only certain areas — mostly in large metro areas and along the East and West Coasts.

In addition to reducing food waste, Imperfect Foods prioritizes sustainability by using minimal packaging materials that are recyclable or reusable.

Best organic

Farmbox Direct

  • Price: $$+
  • Types of foods: fruits, vegetables
  • Organic options: available

Farmbox Direct offers customizable boxes of organic or conventionally grown produce.

In addition to choosing between all conventional and all organic produce, customers can pick from three order sizes and three options for the type of produce — fruits only, vegetables only, or a combination.

The company also offers three juicing boxes each week for those with a juicer at home.

Prices range from $40.98 to $78.93 per box.

Deliveries typically arrive within 1–5 business days and can be shipped throughout the continental United States. While shipping is free, there’s a $5.98 handling fee on all orders.

Farmbox Direct’s packaging is environmentally friendly — both the boxes and the packaging materials are fully recyclable.

Best for unique finds

Tropical Fruit Box

  • Price: $$+
  • Types of foods: fruits, vegetables
  • Organic options: not disclosed

While it is more expensive than other produce delivery services, Tropical Fruit Box offers specialty produce that you cannot get from other companies, such as mangosteen, rambutan, and red bananas.

Don’t let the name fool you — in addition to a wide selection of fruit, Tropical Fruit Box offers hard-to-find root vegetables such as yuca, taro, and bitter melon. However, none of the produce is specifically labeled organic.

To order, you can simply choose one of the company’s single-type or assorted produce boxes, or you can get creative and select a custom mix.

Prices range from $39 to $149 depending on what and how much you order. Shipping is free, but you can choose to pay extra for faster shipping.

Produce is shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes and packaged using other recyclable and biodegradable packing materials.

Highest quality

Farmer Jones Farm

  • Price: $$$
  • Types of foods: vegetables, grocery items
  • Organic options: not available

Farmer Jones Farm is part of a larger company called The Chef’s Garden, which has supplied produce for fine dining restaurants for more than 30 years.

While it’s not certified organic, the farm prides itself on offering high quality fresh vegetables grown in a regenerative agriculture style, meaning that the farm rotates crops to maximize the health and mineral content of the soil.

Farmer Jones Farm also stands out for the quality of its vegetables, with reviewers noting that the produce is consistently fresh and delicious.

The company offers a variety of mixed vegetable boxes to choose from, starting at $69 per order with free shipping.

You can also purchase select single vegetables as well as honeycomb, teas, and marmalades — all of which are grown or made on the company’s farm.

Farmer Jones Farm uses mostly recyclable or reusable materials, including cardboard boxes, paper bags, clamshell containers, box liners, and ice packs.

Best for produce and other groceries

Amazon Fresh

  • Price: $+
  • Types of foods: vegetables, fruits, other groceries
  • Organic options: available

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service available to Amazon Prime members. It features a full selection of fresh produce and groceries, so unlike the other services on this list, it can completely replace your typical grocery shopping. Because Amazon owns Whole Foods, you can buy Whole Foods items through Amazon Fresh as well.

To use Fresh, you must be an Amazon Prime member. If you meet the minimum order threshold — typically $35–$50, depending on your location — there are no other fees. For smaller orders, delivery fees may apply. It’s also a good idea to tip your delivery driver.

Amazon Fresh has several sustainability initiatives. It uses recyclable materials, offers several climate-friendly products, and has a growing fleet of e-bikes for deliveries.

Best regional service

Hungry Harvest

  • Price: $+
  • Types of foods: vegetables, fruits, grocery items
  • Organic options: available

Hungry Harvest operates much like similar reclaimed produce services, offering a changing selection of produce and other grocery items. In some areas, it offers organic vegetables.

With Hungry Harvest, you select how much produce you want. You can choose to receive Mini ($15 minimum), Full ($25 minimum), or Super ($33 minimum) Harvests. You must meet the minimum order total with produce items before you can add extra grocery items.

Shipping is free for orders over $29.99 and costs $4.99 for smaller orders.

The selection of produce and other grocery items can vary significantly from week to week. Hungry Harvest is currently available only on the East Coast. On the website, you can check whether it’s available in your area or add yourself to the waiting list.

Hungry Harvest tries to minimize the amount of plastic it uses and includes plastic only if it’s necessary to protect a food item (like cherry tomatoes) or if it was already on an item when it arrived at the distribution center.


When choosing a produce delivery service, the first thing to consider is the delivery area. While the companies on this list provide nationwide shipping, many other produce delivery services are available only in certain regions.

One benefit of a regional delivery service is that it’s more likely to ship to your home more quickly and to offer locally grown produce. However, the larger nationwide companies may be the only options in certain areas.


You may also want to choose a produce delivery service that aligns with your values.

For example, if organic produce is important to you, several companies — such as Farmbox Direct and Misfits Market — offer exclusively organic shipments. And if sustainability is a high priority, you can choose a service that uses recyclable, reusable, or minimal packaging, such as Imperfect Foods.

Alternatively, if you prioritize buying local over home delivery, you may want to consider purchasing a community-supported agriculture (CSA) box from a local farm. Many farms may not deliver directly to your home but may offer pickup at various locations.

CSA boxes are a great way to enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables that are as fresh and seasonal as possible. Plus, you’ll be supporting farmers in your community.

Pricing models

Some grocery delivery services are subscription-based, while others allow you to place orders only when you need them.

It’s helpful to consider your budget and weigh whether a certain pricing model will be cost-effective over time in comparison to in-store shopping. When you add it all up, it may or may not be worth the time savings — for some busy folks, time is an invaluable currency!

PriceTypes of foodsOrganic optionsDelivery fee
The Fruit Guys$$+• fruits
• vegetables
• snacks
availablefree in most areas
Misfits Market$$+• fruits
• vegetables
• other groceries
Imperfect Foods$+• fruits
• vegetables
• other groceries
available• free for orders over $60
• $6.99 for smaller orders
FarmBox Direct$$+• fruits
• vegetables
Tropical Fruit Box$$+• fruits
• vegetables
not disclosedfree
Farmer Jones Farm$$$• vegetables
• other groceries
not availablefree
Amazon Fresh$+• fruits
• vegetables
• other groceries
available• free for orders over $35–$50 (depending on location)
• varies for smaller orders
Hungry Harvest$+• fruits
• vegetables
• other groceries
available• free for orders over $29.99
• $4.99 for smaller orders

What is the best produce delivery box?

Which produce box is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including your budget, whether you prefer organic or conventional produce, how much produce you need each week, and whether you want the option to add other groceries to your order.

For straightforward produce boxes, The Fruit Guys and FarmBox Direct are good choices. Imperfect Foods, Hungry Harvest, and Misfits Market allow you to add other groceries. Amazon Fresh offers a huge selection that can replace shopping at other grocery stores.

What is the best way to ship produce?

The best shipping method for produce really depends on the type.

Firm vegetables like potatoes can be shipped loose in a box, while more delicate fruits and vegetables like grapes, green onions, or tomatoes may require more protective packaging like wraps, bags, or clamshell packaging.

How expensive is Imperfect Produce?

Imperfect Foods, formerly known as Imperfect Produce, prices items individually. There is no minimum order size, so you can create orders to fit your budget.

Is Misfits Market worth it?

I (the author!) have tried Misfits Market personally, and I use it fairly regularly. It often has really good deals on organic produce and some grocery items, but some of the prices are comparable to those of the grocery store.

If you have time to compare prices from Misfits Market to where you normally shop, you may be able to save some money by purchasing certain things from Misfits Market.

Produce delivery services ship fresh fruits and vegetables directly to your door, sometimes for a lower price than you would pay at the grocery store.

Some specialize in “ugly” produce — fruits and vegetables that stores have passed over for cosmetic reasons — while others provide hard-to-find or sustainably grown options. Many ship nationwide and offer boxes at a variety of price points.

The list above can help you find the service that best fits your budget and preferences.