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The world of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming. Between letter vitamins, herbal supplements, and multivitamins, you may have trouble choosing which products are best for you and understanding how to select the highest quality product.

What’s more, some people find it challenging to remember to take vitamins and refill them when they run out.

That’s where vitamin subscription services come in. These services take the guesswork out of vitamin purchases by offering suggestions based on questionnaires or blood testing.

These companies also automatically ship monthly refills so that you never run out. Some even package your daily vitamins in individual envelopes, making it easy to grab the day’s vitamins without opening multiple bottles.

Keep reading for our list of the 8 best vitamin subscription services.

Healthline assembled this list of vitamin subscription services based on the following factors:

  • Quality: Are the supplements made from high quality ingredients and free of artificial additives, such as colors and preservatives? Are the products third-party tested, or do they undergo testing at multiple stages of manufacturing?
  • Selection: Does the service offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of most people?
  • Individualization: Does the company provide recommendations based on a health assessment or test and allow you to add or remove products as you see fit?
  • Helpfulness: Does the service provide evidence-based information about the supplements it recommends or access to health professionals, such as doctors or registered dietitians (RDs), for paying members?
  • Compliance with FDA guidelines: The brands on our list adhere to allowable health claims and labeling requirements, per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. They also manufacture products in facilities that adhere to the current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) established by the FDA.
  • Vetting: The brands on our list have been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process.

A note on price

Most of the services below require you to sign up for recurring monthly shipments, and each product typically contains 30 servings.

Therefore, the monthly cost of a service depends on the product(s) you select and the total number of products you choose to receive each month.

Best overall

HUM Nutrition

  • Price range: $10–$60 per product
  • Shipping: free for orders over $50, $5.95 for smaller orders
  • Personalization: online health quiz and access to RDs
  • Certifications: third-party tested, Clean Label Project Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Products: multivitamins, minerals, herbal blends, probiotics, superfood powders, dissolvable collagen tablets, protein powder, and other specialty supplement formulations

HUM Nutrition offers a variety of supplements that are third-party tested for label accuracy and formulated to address specific issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, and food cravings.

While HUM’s products are formulated based on scientific research, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee these supplements will produce the results you’re hoping for.

HUM Nutrition first asks you to take an online health assessment and then, based on your answers, provides you with a health report and supplement recommendations.

The service also assigns you an RD whom you can contact with questions or concerns about your supplement routine.

To help cut down on the cost, HUM Nutrition offers a discount if you order three or more products per month. If you commit to a 3-month VIP membership, you can save an additional 25% per month.

You can read more about HUM Nutrition in our comprehensive review.


  • personalized recommendations using an online health assessment
  • includes email access to RDs
  • products third-party tested for purity and potency
  • product free of gluten, GMOs, and artificial sweeteners and colors


  • offers some products that are not organic or vegan
  • uses a brief online quiz that doesn’t consider other health conditions or medications

Most variety


  • Price range: $5–$32 per product
  • Shipping: free for orders over $40, $8 for smaller orders
  • Personalization: online health quiz
  • Certifications: third-party tested, Certified C.L.E.A.N., Non-GMO
  • Products: multivitamins, letter vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, collagen powders, protein powders, electrolyte sticks, and other specialty supplement formulations

Like other supplement subscription services, Care/of bases its recommendations on a quick online health assessment.

The supplements are packaged in convenient daily envelopes, which are shipped in 30-day bundles. The service also stands out for its large variety of products.

Many items are vegan and/or gluten-free, and potential allergens in each product are clearly labeled on the company’s website.

What our tester says

“Overall, I found the daily packs convenient, especially for traveling. I also appreciated that the capsules were easy to swallow and didn’t leave a bad aftertaste.

“On a similar note, I enjoyed the vanilla-coconut flavor of the protein powder and was happily surprised that it didn’t leave an artificial aftertaste, which many protein powders seem to have. While the powder mixed well with water, I recommend combining it with oat milk for a creamier texture.”

— Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, Healthline Nutrition Editor II

You can read more about Care/of in our comprehensive review.


  • all products third-party tested
  • provides product recommendations to meet your needs based on an online quiz
  • supplements tested multiple times in-house during manufacturing


  • offers some items that are not vegan or gluten-free
  • doesn’t include access to healthcare professionals

Best high end


  • Price range: approximately $1.60–$71 per product
  • Shipping: free for orders over $50, $8 for smaller orders
  • Personalization: online health quiz and access to a healthcare professional
  • Certifications: none
  • Products: multivitamins, letter vitamins, prenatal vitamins, omega-3 supplements, herbs, probiotics, and other specialty supplement formulations

Persona offers several different supplement products, including a wide variety of letter vitamins, supplement blends, and herbal supplements delivered in daily packs.

In addition to personalized recommendations based on the results of an online quiz, the company provides access to a team of RDs, pharmacists, and other health experts who can answer your questions.

While the company claims that supplements are tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, Persona products are not third-party tested.

Just keep in mind that Persona can be more expensive than some others. Depending on the supplements recommended to you, a monthly supply may cost $100 or more, though you can customize your shipment to suit your budget.

You can read more about Persona Nutrition in our expert review.


  • wide selection of products
  • personalized recommendations based on an online health assessment
  • individual appointments available with members of the nutrition team


  • does not currently offer products certified by third-party labs
  • offers some supplements that are not non-GMO, vegan, organic, or gluten-free
  • may be somewhat expensive, depending on the supplements in your bundle

Best value

Nurish by Nature Made

  • Price range: $4–$16 per product
  • Shipping: free for orders over $30 within the continental United States, $8 otherwise
  • Personalization: online health quiz
  • Certifications: many products verified by U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Products: multivitamins, letter vitamins, minerals, omega-3 supplements, probiotics, herbal blends, prenatal vitamins, and other specialty supplement formulations

Nurish by Nature Made offers a customized menu of Nature Made vitamins and supplements based on your answers to the company’s 5-minute online health quiz.

Every 28-day supply arrives with each day’s supplements individually packaged in an envelope with your name on it, making it much more convenient than dealing with supplement bottles or remembering to refill a pillbox each week.

Most people can expect to pay about $30 per month for Nurish by Nature Made supplements, meaning that it’s one of the more affordable options.

What our tester says

“I tried Nurish by Nature Made for 1 month and found it to be an overall positive experience. The pills were easy to swallow, and I didn’t notice any negative side effects. I also appreciated the details provided on the Nurish website related to each supplement.

“With that said, there were some gaps in the quiz assessment, making the supplement recommendations potentially challenging to navigate for those who aren’t well versed in nutrition. If you decide to give Nurish a try, I recommend sharing your product recommendations with a trusted healthcare professional before subscribing.”

— Allison Knott, MS, RDN, Healthline contributor

Read more about our experience trying Nurish in this hands-on review.


  • product recommendations based on an online quiz
  • wide selection of products
  • budget-friendly
  • many products third-party tested by USP


  • doesn’t include access to healthcare professionals
  • offers some supplements that are not non-GMO, vegan, organic, or gluten-free

Best for families


  • Price range: $33–$54 per product
  • Shipping: free
  • Personalization: products formulated for specific ages, genders, and stages of life
  • Certifications: all products third-party tested and Non-GMO; some also certified by USP or Informed Sport
  • Products: multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, postnatal vitamins, kids’ gummy multivitamin, synbiotic, and protein powders

Ritual is a supplement subscription service that’s well known for offering high quality multivitamins to meet the needs of men, women, teens, and children, as well as people in the prenatal and postnatal stages.

Additionally, the company offers a Synbiotic+ to support gut health and a line of pea-based protein powders, with options for adults ages 18+ and 50+ and a Pregnancy & Postpartum Daily Shake.

To help make the service more affordable, Ritual offers a $15 discount if you purchase a bundle including multiple products per month.

What our tester says

“I found Ritual’s Essential for Women Prenatal to be a great prenatal vitamin option. I appreciated the convenience of the subscription model and found the ingredients to be of higher quality compared to many other more mainstream brands.

“Additionally, while it’s marketed as having a lemon essence, I found the taste and smell to be quite neutral and not overpowering.”

— Catherine Conelly, Healthline Editor II

Learn more about Ritual in our comprehensive review.


  • provides detailed information about the source of each ingredient
  • all products third-party tested
  • all supplements are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free
  • offers multivitamin blends formulated based on gender and stage of life


  • limited selection of supplements compared with other brands
  • no personalized recommendations or support from healthcare professionals

Best for athletes


  • Price range: $17–$45 per product
  • Shipping: free for orders over $60, $5.99 for smaller orders
  • Personalization: online quiz
  • Certifications: none
  • Products: protein powders, electrolyte sticks, pre-workout blends, collagen, fiber, creatine

While it doesn’t offer multivitamins or letter vitamins, Gainful has a variety of personalized workout supplements, including protein powders, hydration formulas, pre-workout blends, and performance boosters to help you meet your fitness goals.

The company collects information about your activity level, health and fitness goals, and typical eating pattern using an online quiz. It then uses your responses to provide a curated supplement regimen to fit your needs.

Gainful provides detailed information about the ingredients and nutritional content of each product and allows you to add or remove any of the recommended supplements to build your own subscription.

Gainful manufactures its products in facilities that adhere to the CGMPs established by the FDA. However, the supplements are not third-party tested.

What our tester says

“Gainful’s personalized sports nutrition supplements are high quality, and I found them very easy to use. My custom protein powder blended well, and I appreciated the versatility of an unflavored powder. The Flavor Packs also added a really nice, mild flavor.

“I also enjoyed the Hydration packets. They had a good taste and were convenient for traveling. Overall, I think it’s nice that these products were totally customized to support my diet and activity levels.”

— SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD, Healthline contributor

Learn more about Gainful in our comprehensive review.


  • personalized recommendations based on quiz results
  • access to an RD included with your subscription
  • options for several diet patterns
  • gluten-free and plant-based options available
  • all ingredients are free of soy and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners


  • products not third-party tested
  • more expensive than competitors
  • limited selection of products

Best prenatal


  • Price range: $22.50–$58.50 per product
  • Shipping: free for subscriptions over $35 and one-time purchases over $60, otherwise $7
  • Personalization: products formulated for various stages of pregnancy and conception
  • Certifications: third-party tested
  • Products: prenatal vitamins, multivitamins, probiotics, iron, and other specialty supplement formulations

Perelel aims to provide nutritional support for all stages of womanhood and was founded by an obstetrician-gynecologist alongside a team of experts in women’s health.

Perelel offers daily packs of prenatal blends formulated for each trimester, along with an assortment of multivitamins for men, women, and people who are trying to conceive.

In addition to its signature daily packs, Perelel offers several stand-alone supplements, including probiotics, iron, and an herbal blend to support libido.

Perelel offers a 3-second survey on its website to help you find the right product for you.

What our tester says

“Because I struggle with remembering to take all of my vitamins when pregnant, I was excited to try Perelel’s daily packs. While I’ve only been taking them for a few months, so far I’ve been very impressed. Not only are the daily packs convenient, but I also like that I don’t have to remember to reorder my supplements each month.

“As an added bonus, I’ve found all of the pills to be easy to swallow and haven’t experienced any negative side effects like fishy burps. The only downside is the omega-3 supplement doesn’t taste great if you let it sit on your tongue for a second too long, so I recommend swallowing it quickly.”

Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, Healthline Nutrition Editor II


  • supplements formulated for various stages of pregnancy and conception
  • all products third-party tested and free of gluten, soy, GMOs, colors, and synthetic fillers
  • free shipping for subscriptions over $35


  • limited personalization options
  • relatively pricey
  • doesn’t include access to healthcare professionals
  • not vegan-friendly

Most convenient

Vous Vitamin

  • Price range: $30–$45 per product
  • Shipping: free with subscription
  • Personalization: online health quiz
  • Certifications: none
  • Products: customized multivitamin blend, omega-3, nutrient blends

If you dislike taking multiple supplements or you prefer the smaller footprint of a single bottle versus a box of daily packs, Vous Vitamin may be a good fit for you.

Vous Vitamin is a unique service that offers a completely personalized multivitamin tablet containing a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients based on your answers to an online health quiz.

You can also purchase an omega-3 supplement or Situational Supplements, which are formulated to address specific needs, such as Mountain Rescue for altitude sickness, Recovery Act for hangovers, and Power Up for energy.

While Vous Vitamin supplements are not third-party tested, all the products are CGMP-certified by NSF. The company also states that its supplements are extensively tested in-house for quality.

What our tester says

“Vous Vitamin, unlike some other vitamin services, delivered a personalized vitamin tablet, and all I had to do was take the daily dose of 2 tablets per day.

“I liked the supplement overall and found that it saved a lot of space on my counter compared to vitamin packs or multiple supplement bottles.”

— SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD, Healthline contributor


  • customized multivitamin formulation
  • all products gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and meat-free
  • multivitamins packaged in recyclable bottles


  • not third-party tested
  • does not include access to healthcare professionals
  • unclear whether products are vegan-friendly

Here’s a quick look at how our top picks compare:

(best for)
Price range per productShippingPersonalization based onAccess to a healthcare professionalThird-party testing
$5–$32• free for orders over $40

• $8 for smaller orders
HUM Nutrition
$10–$60• free for orders over $50

• $5.95 for smaller orders
quizyes, RDsyes
Nurish by
Nature Made

$4–$16• free for orders over $30

• $8 for smaller orders
quiznoyes, some
(high end)
$1.60–$71• free for orders over $50

• $8 for smaller orders
quizyes, RDs, pharmacists, nurses, and nutritionistsno
$33–$54free• stage of life
• gender
$17–$45• free for orders over $60

• $5.99 for smaller orders
quizyes, RDsno
$22.50–$58.50• free for subscriptions over $35 or one-time orders over $60

• $7 for smaller orders
• quiz

• stage of pregnancy or conception
Vous Vitamin

When choosing a vitamin subscription service there are several factors to consider, such as the type of personalization offered, access to health professionals, cost, and brand reputation.

What type of personalization are you looking for?

If you’d rather pick and choose the supplements you want, a service like Ritual may work best.

However, if you want recommendations based on your health needs, choose a service that offers either an online health assessment or blood testing.

Do you want access to health professionals?

Several companies, such as HUM Nutrition, also offer access to health professionals such as dietitians for questions and supplement guidance.

What’s your budget?

Vitamin subscription services can cost $25–$100 or more per month. If you’re looking for affordability, Nurish by Nature Made is a good option.

Is the brand known for making high quality products?

Finally, ensure that the vitamin subscription service you choose is reputable and transparent, meaning that the company’s products are manufactured in facilities that adhere to the CGMPs.

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements the same way that it does pharmaceuticals, it’s also a good idea to choose supplements that are third-party tested to verify that the contents of the bottle match what is listed on the label.

Whether a personalized vitamin service is worth it depends on the service and whether you value the convenience it offers.

In particular, these services can be beneficial for people who are unsure of which supplements they should be taking and people who regularly forget to reorder their supplements.

Some services offer additional features, such as access to a dietitian, that may make them worth a slightly higher cost.

Still, keep in mind that these services are typically more expensive than buying supplements from a local or online pharmacy.

Additionally, the health quizzes used by many personalized vitamin companies are not a substitute for a thorough medical review by a healthcare professional. And the quizzes may recommend more supplements than are necessary for you.

It’s best to share your supplement recommendations with a trusted healthcare professional, such as a doctor or dietitian, before clicking the subscribe button.

A note on personalized vitamins

A few of the subscription services above offer personalized vitamins, which are customized supplements made for you based on the results of a health screening or questionnaire.

However, companies may not disclose the exact ingredients or amounts in these products. As such, you should be especially careful to choose reputable companies if you decide to buy personalized vitamins.

The brands above are all very transparent about their supplements and ingredients. While they may offer personalized recommendations and vitamin packs, their individual supplements disclose ingredients and vital information.

Do you need to take vitamins?

Most people are able to meet their nutritional needs by following a healthy diet.

However, vitamins can be beneficial in some cases, especially for people with certain health conditions or those following restrictive diets.

Your doctor or dietitian can help determine whether you may benefit from adding vitamins or other supplements to your routine.

How much do vitamin subscription services cost?

The cost for vitamin subscription services can range quite a bit and may depend on a variety of factors, including the specific company and number of supplements you order.

However, most of the services covered in this article cost $20–$100 per month.

How do vitamin subscription services determine what supplements I should take?

Vitamin subscription services have varying ways of determining which supplements to recommend for you. Some use an online questionnaire, while others may base their recommendations on your age, stage of life, or gender or the results of a blood test or DNA test.

Certain subscription services also offer access to a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or an RD, who can provide individualized guidance and nutrition advice.

Are personalized vitamins FDA-approved?

Although the FDA is responsible for overseeing the safety of dietary supplements, supplements are not required to be individually approved by the FDA before being sold.

For this reason, it’s important to look for other measures of quality, such as third-party testing.

Learn more about how to choose supplements by reading these articles

Vitamin subscription services are a convenient solution to choosing and purchasing vitamins and supplements. Many offer helpful recommendations based on individual health assessments.

It’s also easier to remember to take your vitamins when they arrive at your door each month — and some of them even come in daily, dated packs.

The most important factor to consider is the trustworthiness of the company and the quality of its products.

The vitamin subscription services featured here are a great starting point in your search, offering monthly vitamins and supplements for several unique needs and price points.