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Read on for a detailed comparison of the best low-carb meal delivery kits including Trifecta Nutrition, Home Chef, Diet-to-Go, and Blue Apron. Find the one that fits your lifestyle based on menus, ingredients, pricing, and more.

Meal delivery services offer a quick and convenient way to enjoy more healthy meals at home regardless of your culinary skills.

While finding a meal delivery service that offers low carb options can be challenging, several companies cater to low carb diets.

Low carb diets involve limiting your intake of foods high in carbohydrates, including certain types of grains, desserts, sugar-sweetened beverages, fruits, or starchy vegetables.

Not every low carb diet looks the same. There are several variations of the low carb diet, each of which varies in terms of the number of carbs permitted each day.

Generally, a low carb diet makes up less than 26% of total daily calories from carbohydrates or fewer than 130 grams (g) of carbs per day. However, very low carb and ketogenic diets may limit carb consumption to just 20–50 g per day, or fewer than 10% of total daily calories (1).

Here are 11 of the best low carb meal delivery services.

Price per servingShippingTypes of mealsServingsMenusIngredient quality
Trifecta Nutrition$11.42–$15.85$9.99 ($49.99 for Alaska and Hawaii), available throughout the U.S.prepared meals1•Clean
•organic ingredients
•sustainably sourced, humanely raised meat, fish, and poultry
•grass-fed beef
available throughout most of the contiguous U.S.
meal kits and oven-ready meals1, 2, or 4•Carb-Conscious
•Chef’s Choice
•Fresh & Ready
•organic produce
•meat, fish, and poultry sourced from suppliers that adhere to animal welfare standards
Home Chef$8.99–$11.99$10.99–$13.99, available throughout the contiguous U.S.meal kits and oven-ready meals2, 4, or 6
mostly conventional ingredients
Factor$10.99–$13$10.99, available throughout the contiguous U.S.prepared meals1•Chef’s Choice
•Calorie Smart
•Vegan & Veggie
•Protein Plus
•mostly conventional ingredients
•meat, fish, and poultry sourced from suppliers that adhere to animal welfare standards
Green Chef$11.99–$13.49$9.99, available throughout the contiguous U.S.meal kits2, 4, or 6•Keto + Paleo
•Fast & Fit
•organic produce and eggs
•meat, fish, and poultry sourced from suppliers that adhere to animal welfare standards
The Good Kitchen$11.50–$15.00fees vary based on location, available throughout the contiguous U.S.prepared meals1•Whole30-Approved
•Low Fat
•Certified Diabetic
•some organic produce
•grass-fed and grass-finished beef
•pastured pork, lamb, and turkey
•sustainably sourced seafood
Diet-to-Go$9.71$19.98, available throughout the contiguous U.S.prepared meals1•Balance
•Balance Diabetes
•some organic produce
•meals are free of additives and preservatives
Blue Apron$7.99–$11.99$9.99, available throughout the contiguous U.S.meal kits and oven-ready meals2 or 4•Signature
•Signature for 4
•some organic produce
•pasture-raised eggs
HelloFresh$8.99–$12.49$9.99, available throughout the contiguous U.S.meal kits2 or 4•Meat & Veggies
•Family- Friendly
•Fit & Wholesome
•Quick and Easy
some organic produce
Snap Kitchen$11.34–$13.84free, available in many states throughout the contiguous U.S.prepared meals1•High Protein
•Low Carb
•antibiotic-free meat and poultry
•certified humane eggs
•sustainably sourced seafood
CookUnity$11.09+$9.99, available in most areas throughout the contiguous U.S.prepared meals1•Vegan
•Low Carbs
•Less Than 600 Calories
•Gluten Free
•Dairy Free
•Low Sodium
•Keto Diet
•some organic produce
•sustainably sourced meat, poultry, and seafood

Healthline evaluated meal delivery services based on the following criteria:

  • Low carb options: The company provides a wide selection of meals suitable for low carb or ketogenic diets.
  • Menu variety: Weekly menus offer a diverse assortment of dishes with a range of ingredients.
  • Ingredient quality: Meals include fresh, high quality ingredients that are unprocessed and often organic or sustainably sourced.
  • Availability: Delivery is available for most or all of the United States.
  • Price: Services provide great meals for a reasonable cost.
  • Vetting: The services included on our list have been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process.

Why you should trust us

Every meal delivery service on our list has been reviewed by registered dietitians and vetted to ensure that it aligns with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. Each service in this article:

  • is in compliance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety and manufacturing regulations
  • uses a trusted shipper to handle food products
  • lists all ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts on the website or product packaging
  • promotes a healthy approach to well-being
  • does not make unsupported health claims on its website or marketing materials
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Studies show that low carb diets could be beneficial for supporting blood sugar control and improving insulin sensitivity, especially in people with type 2 diabetes (2, 3, 4).

Though more long-term studies are needed, low carb diets may also promote short-term weight loss and be as effective as low fat diets for weight management (5, 6).

Additionally, one small study in people with obesity found that following a low carb diet was beneficial for preventing metabolic syndrome, a set of risk factors associated with a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes (7).

However, carbs are an important component of a healthy, well-rounded diet and a low carb diet is not suitable for everyone.

In particular, very low carb and ketogenic diets should be avoided by children, pregnant people, and those with certain chronic health conditions, unless advised by a doctor (8).

For these individuals, limiting foods high in added sugar and opting for nutrient-dense carbohydrates instead — such as fruits, starchy vegetables, and whole grains — may be a better alternative.

Because few meal delivery services are geared exclusively toward low carb diets, consider several key points before subscribing.

First, check the menu for suitable meals, especially if you follow a more restrictive low carb diet like keto. If you have other dietary restrictions or prefer organic or gluten-free meals, it’s important to find a company that caters to these needs as well.

Be sure to evaluate the quality of ingredients and steer clear of meals that are highly processed or full of additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Additionally, some services offer fully prepared meals, while others provide meal kits that require varying cooking levels. Consider how much prep you want to do, if any, before you decide.

Finally, note that meal delivery services vary widely in price. Thus, it’s important to keep your budget in mind, as well as additional costs like shipping.

What is a low carb diet?

A low carb diet reduces the overall caloric intake of carbs in daily consumption (9).

It’s been used as a method to promote weight loss and stabilize sugar levels. While studies on low carb diets and their effect on health are available, there’s still no consensus on what constitutes this type of diet (9, 10).

In general, a low carb diet consists of proteins, nonstarchy vegetables, low carb fruits, high fat dairy products, and fats and oils (11).

What’s the difference between low carb and keto diets?

There are a few main differences between a keto diet and a low carb diet.

The amount of carbs consumed in a day are different for each diet. The keto diet involves keeping carbs to less than 50 g a day.

A low carb diet involves limiting carbs to 10%–30% of your daily caloric intake, which is between 50 and 150 g of carbs for a person consuming 2,000 calories a day.

Additionally, the keto diet recommends moderate protein consumption of up to 20% of daily calorie needs and very high fat intake to make up at least 70% of daily calorie needs. This can induce ketosis, which is when the body begins using fat instead of carb as the main source of energy.

On the other hand, a low carb diet does not have any restrictions on protein or fat intake.

Overall, the keto diet is more restrictive and can be more difficult to maintain than a low carb diet.

What is the best low carb food delivery?

Everyone has different needs and preferences when choosing a delivery service. Some folks might prefer fully prepared, microwavable meals, while others might want the ability to add flair in the kitchen with meal kits.

If you’re solving for convenience but still want to stick to a low carb plan, plans like Factor and Trifecta may work best for you.

Does HelloFresh have keto options?

HelloFresh offers Carb Smart dishes that help people follow a low carb diet. But it does not have a specific meal plan for keto options.

Though Carb Smart recipes can fit into a balanced, low carb diet, most meals from HelloFresh are likely too high in carbohydrates if you’re following a keto diet.

Does Blue Apron offer low carb?

Blue Apron offers several meals that are low in carbs. These items are labeled “carb conscious” on the menu and contain less than 42 g of net carbs per serving.

Does EveryPlate have low carb options?

EveryPlate does not have a low carb menu and many of its meals are relatively high in carbs. However, EveryPlate does provide information on the nutritional value of each recipe so you can find options that meet your needs.

Which meal services offer keto options?

Several meal delivery services offer keto-friendly dishes, including Trifecta, Factor, Green Chef, The Good Kitchen, and Diet-to-Go.

What is the best meal delivery for weight loss?

Multiple meal delivery services offer low calorie dishes that can fit into a weight loss diet. Sunbasket and Blue Apron are two of the top choices for weight loss, as both offer nutritious, low calorie meal kits and prepared meals to support weight management.

Is Blue Apron diabetic friendly?

In addition to being one of the cheapest low carb meal delivery services available, Blue Apron may also be a good option for people with diabetes. In fact, their Wellness menu offers a wide range of low sugar, low carb recipes, all of which are nutritionally balanced and designed to promote holistic health.

Is HelloFresh diabetes-friendly?

There’s not currently a HelloFresh low carb menu specifically designed for diabetes. HelloFresh does label all low carb recipes on their menu, along with options that are vegan, vegetarian, high in protein, or low in calories.

What are the healthiest delivered meals?

There are many different meal delivery services that can fit into a nutritious, well-rounded diet, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

For example, Sunbasket and Green Chef both offer organic meal kits featuring fresh, nutritious ingredients. Meanwhile, services like Trifecta or CookUnity provide a range of vegetarian meal options, which may be preferable for those following a nutritious, plant-based diet.

Meal delivery services offer a convenient and easy way to enjoy healthy, low carb meals at home.

When selecting a meal delivery service, consider the number of low carb options available, the menu’s variety and ingredient quality, the amount of preparation required, and the price.

To make your choice easy, the list above provides some of the best.