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Little Spoon is a unique delivery service offering puréed baby food, toddler and kids’ meals, and baby- and kid-friendly supplements and natural remedies.

The company’s meals are made fresh with high quality, organic ingredients, but they’re significantly more expensive than most grocery store offerings.

This article reviews how Little Spoon works, what it costs, and how to know whether it would be a good fit for your household.


  • Unique meal delivery service for babies and kids
  • Also offers natural remedies and supplements
  • Meals are fresh, organic, and non-GMO
  • Shipping costs reduced by biweekly shipments, rather than weekly


  • Significantly more expensive than store-bought baby food or toddler meals
  • Doesn’t offer puréed meats in baby food line

Little Spoon is a meal delivery service for babies and kids, offering puréed baby foods and healthy, balanced, kid-friendly meals.

The company also offers a line of vitamins and natural remedies that are appropriate for infants and kids of all ages.

With Little Spoon, you simply fill out some information about your child or children, pick the plan or plans that are right for you, choose 2 weeks’ worth of meals from rotating menus, and wait for the shipment to arrive at your home.

This service is best for babies ages 4–6 months and older, who are beginning to eat solids.


Little Spoon offers fresh baby food, toddler meals, and kid-friendly supplements delivered directly to your home.

Little Spoon offers two meal plans:

  • Babyblends: puréed foods for infants, 1–3 meals per day
  • Plates: complete meals for toddlers and young kids, 4–12 meals per week

The Babyblends menu rotates regularly, offering foods made from more than 100 different ingredients along with seasonal baby food blends.

The Plates menu is a rotating menu offering a variety of balanced, kid-friendly meal options.


You can choose from Babyblends, which are puréed foods for infants, or Plates, which are balanced meals for toddlers and young kids.

All of Little Spoon’s baby foods are organic and non-genetically modified (non-GMO). Additionally, the Babyblends line is completely plant-based.

Unlike store-bought baby foods that are heat treated, these purées are cold pressure treated. While they have a much shorter shelf life and should be kept refrigerated, they’re much fresher.

The Babyblends selections include single-food purées, including mango, apple, and zucchini, in addition to blends like:

  • broccoli, pineapple, banana hemp
  • sweet potato, apple, blueberry, flax
  • kale, avocado, green apple, chia

The Plates menu for kids contains mostly organic and non-GMO ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Animal products are sourced from humanely raised livestock and free of antibiotics and hormones, according to the Little Spoon website.

The Plates menu for kids includes healthy takes on kid-friendly foods, such as:

  • mac and three cheese with invisible butternut squash and carrots
  • chicken super nuggets with sweet potato carrot poppers and broccoli
  • creamy cauli alfredo pasta with kale turkey meatballs

All Babyblends and Plates are made fresh and delivered refrigerated every 2 weeks. If you won’t be able to use all of the meals within 2 weeks, you can freeze them.

Additionally, all Babyblends are free of major allergens and produced in a facility with strict protocols to avoid cross contamination. Plus, the Plates that contain allergens are clearly marked so that you can avoid those selections if needed.


Most of Little Spoon’s ingredients are organic and non-GMO. Additionally, the Babyblends line is completely plant-based and free of allergens.

This pricing table shows the price per serving for common meal selections:

1 meal/day$3.49N/A
2 meals/day$3.21N/A
3 meals/day$2.74N/A
4 meals/weekN/A$6.49
6 meals/weekN/A$5.99
9 meals/weekN/A$5.49
12 meals/weekN/A$4.99

Shipping is $6.00 per box, but boxes are sent once every 2 weeks rather than once weekly, as is often the case with adult meal delivery services.

The infant and kid-friendly line of natural remedies and vitamins costs $5.99 for a package that contains 5 servings. These can be added to any Little Spoon order.


Babyblends cost $2.74–$3.49 per serving, and Plates cost $4.99–$6.49 per serving, depending on the size of your order. Shipping is $6.00 per box, but boxes are sent every 2 weeks rather than weekly.

The major downside of Little Spoon is the price of the service, which is significantly higher than most store-bought baby food. However, the freshness and quality of ingredients may make the service a worthwhile investment for your household, depending on your dietary preferences.

Additionally, the Babyblends line does not contain any animal protein, so if you want to include puréed meats or eggs in your infant’s diet, these would need to be purchased or prepared separately from the service.


Little Spoon is significantly more expensive than store-bought baby food or toddler meals, but the quality may make it worth the price for you. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase or prepare puréed meats separately if you want to give them to your baby.

While Little Spoon is significantly more expensive than store-bought baby foods, it’s one of the few services offering fresh, high quality, and organic baby and toddler meals.

If these things are important to you, Little Spoon would likely be a worthwhile investment for your household — and it would save you time compared with making homemade baby food.

Additionally, the Plates menu may be ideal for picky children who dislike fruits and vegetables, as it features many “hidden” fruits and veggies in classic kid-favorite meals. The prices are also comparable to those of a kids’ menu at a restaurant.


Little Spoon may be ideal if you’re looking for high quality ingredients and are willing to pay more to avoid having to make your own baby food. The Plates are ideal for picky eaters because they contain hidden veggies in kid-friendly meals.

Little Spoon offers fresh, organic baby food and toddler meals delivered every 2 weeks to your home.

While the service is more expensive than most grocery store options, the quality may be worth the price for you. Additionally, it may save you time if you were planning to make your own organic baby food.

Little Spoon is an excellent way to ensure that your kids have healthy meals on the table — or at the high chair — regularly.