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FreshlyFit is a line of healthy and delicious meals designed to support an active lifestyle. It’s a new offering from the popular meal delivery service Freshly.

The meals are preportioned and made with flavorful, whole food ingredients to help you meet your nutrient needs.

In addition to saving you time on cooking during the week, FreshlyFit claims that it can help boost athletic performance and keep you feeling your best.

This article takes an in-depth look at FreshlyFit, including how it works and its potential benefits and downsides.

FreshlyFit is a line of premade meals designed to enhance athletic performance and provide long-lasting fuel.

Like other meals from Freshly, all entrées in the FreshlyFit line are fully prepared so you can reheat and enjoy them in about 3 minutes.

Each meal also contains a balance of heart-healthy fats, lean proteins, and high fiber carbs to help round out your diet.

Plus, most items contain veggie-based alternatives to grains and starches, which help keep the carb content low.

The service provides detailed information on the nutritional content of each menu item, allowing you to tailor your weekly menu to your health and fitness goals.

FreshlyFit offers several subscription plans — you can choose to receive 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week.

You can select your favorite meals from the FreshlyFit menu or from the full Freshly menu, which includes the company’s Signature Collection, Crafted Classics, and Takeout Twists.

Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, so you can refrigerate and easily reheat them within minutes.

You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time directly on the company’s website.

FreshlyFit features a rotating weekly menu, with more than 10 items to choose from each week.

These meals are lower in carbs than standard Freshly meals and often include low carb alternatives to grains, such as cauliflower rice and veggie noodles.

They’re also high in protein, with most meals providing 20–40 grams of protein per serving.

A few examples of FreshlyFit meals include:

  • Miso-Glazed Beef Bowl with Carb Swap Cauli Rice
  • Protein-Packed Chicken Parm with Mozzarella & Garlicky Broccoli
  • Rutabaga Alla Vodka with Turkey-Mushroom Meatballs & Kale Salad
  • Carb Swap Cauli-Sausage Bake with Parmesan Cheese

FreshlyFit provides details on the nutrition facts and ingredients for each item on the menu, which can be useful if you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or specific food preferences.

However, keep in mind that FreshlyFit is not suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or pescatarians, as all meals on the menu include meat or poultry.

FreshlyFit has several plans to choose from, depending on how many meals you’d like to receive each week.

Each plan also varies in price, and plans that include more meals per week have a lower cost per serving.

Here are the prices for each plan:

  • 4 meals per week: $11.49 per meal
  • 6 meals per week: $9.49 per meal
  • 10 meals per week: $8.99 per meal
  • 12 meals per week: $8.49 per meal

You can get delivery anywhere in the continental United States. The FreshlyFit website calculates shipping fees upon checkout.

All FreshlyFit meals feature lean sources of protein, such as chicken breast, ground turkey, or diced beef.

Studies have shown that combining protein consumption and resistance training can promote muscle growth and may help increase strength and performance (1, 2).

Some research also suggests that consuming a good source of protein after working out could help support muscle recovery (3).

FreshlyFit meals also contain moderate amounts of carbs, with around 15–30 grams of carbs in each serving.

Depending on what the rest of your diet looks like, many of these meals could fit into a low carb or ketogenic diet.

According to one review, following a low carb diet could cause your body to burn fat for fuel and preserve glycogen, which is a type of carb that your body can use as a quick source of energy (4).

Other studies show that following a low carb, ketogenic diet could improve body composition, increase fat burning, and enhance certain measures of performance in endurance athletes (5, 6).

However, low carb diets are not suitable for all athletes and may not be ideal for other types of physical activity, such as high intensity exercise (2, 7).

FreshlyFit makes it easy and convenient to follow a low carb diet, which may be associated with several health benefits.

In particular, research suggests that low carb diets can increase weight loss, promote better blood sugar management, and reduce several heart disease risk factors (8).

Most FreshlyFit meals are also rich in protein and feature high protein ingredients like red meat and poultry.

Eating more protein may be beneficial for reducing food cravings, increasing appetite regulation, and increasing feelings of fullness (9).

The meals are also preportioned and fully prepared, which can help save you time and prevent you from overeating.

Plus, Freshly produces all FreshlyFit meals in gluten-free kitchens certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group’s Gluten-Free Food Service (GFFS). This makes it a great option for those with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten.

Although all meals are free of refined sugars and artificial ingredients, FreshlyFit uses mostly conventional ingredients, which may not be ideal for those who prefer to eat organic.

Unlike some other services, there’s also less emphasis on local or sustainably sourced ingredients, which is an important consideration for many eco-conscious consumers.

What’s more, no add-ons, such as breakfasts or snacks, are available, and the service doesn’t currently offer larger serving sizes or plans for families or larger households.

Finally, FreshlyFit offers very few options for other dietary patterns and is not suitable for those following a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian diet.

For those following a nutritious, low carb diet and looking to save time on meal prep, FreshlyFit may be a good option.

Each meal contains a good balance of heart-healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber-rich carbs, which can help provide your body the fuel it needs to take your workout to the next level.

However, FreshlyFit may not be ideal for those who prefer eating organic. It also may not suit people with certain dietary restrictions, including vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians.

Additionally, some athletes may require higher amounts of carbs to optimize their performance, especially for high intensity exercises.

If you’re one of these individuals and want to try FreshlyFit meals, you could try pairing them with other healthy high carb ingredients, such as fruits, starchy vegetables, dairy products, or whole grains, throughout the day.

FreshlyFit is a line of meals from Freshly that’s low in carbs and features lean sources of protein.

With a rotating menu of 10 items to choose from each week and several plans available, FreshlyFit can be a convenient alternative to preparing your own meals at home.

However, it may not provide enough carbs for some athletes, and it offers a limited selection for certain dietary restrictions. Thus, it may not be suitable for everyone.