Daily Burn is a company providing app-based workouts and fitness programs for a wide range of fitness levels. The workout formats are varied and include thousands of videos and options organized by:

  • time
  • workout type
  • intensity level
  • overall fitness level

When you sign up for the Daily Burn program, you have access to a once-daily live workout that’s available for streaming for 24 hours after it airs. You can also access the brand’s extensive library of workout videos.

Though some people swear by Daily Burn, we cannot confidently recommend it since the brand does not provide information on the credentials of all of its trainers.

Keep reading to learn more about Daily Burn and to decide whether it’s the right option for you.

Daily Burn is a subscription-based fitness program that offers workouts streamed directly to your tablet, smartphone, or TV.

The brand’s primary app is the At Home Workouts app, which is available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Amazon. This app features the 365 Program, which includes a once-daily live-streamed workout suitable for all levels.

If you take part in the workout live, you can chat with other users during the class. If you cannot log in live to follow the workout, you can stream it on your own schedule for up to 24 hours after it airs, although the live chat feature is disabled.

There’s also an online community where you can share your progress and challenges, track your workouts, and set workout goals.

The user interface is streamlined and easy to use, providing detailed information on your workout history and stats directly on the app or website.


Daily Burn is a subscription-based online fitness program that provides numerous types of workouts. An online community connects you with other users, and you can track your progress via the app or website.

Dozens of workout programs are available on Daily Burn’s At Home Workouts app.

Programs typically last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and are categorized based on their difficulty level, duration, required equipment, type of workout, and fitness goals.

Programs include:

  • Beginner Jump Rope
  • Baby Bump & Beyond
  • Quick HIITS
  • Champion Training
  • Back to Basics
  • Everyday Meditations
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Booty Burn
  • La Blast
  • Total Cardio
  • Daily Burn Kettlebells

Regardless of which program you choose, you can select from multiple individual workouts to supplement your routine. You can filter these workouts by program, pace, style, difficulty level, duration, trainer, or equipment required. Available workout types include:

The app offers several audio workouts, which enable you to take your workout outside as you follow along with audio cues in your headphones. These include:

  • Form-Focused Abs
  • Endurance Training
  • Meditation

Additionally, the At Home Workouts app includes Daily Burn’s 365 Workout — the daily live-streamed workout during which you can connect with other Daily Burn users. The daily workouts are varied but geared toward all fitness levels.

You can access each day’s workout for up to 24 hours if you cannot join it live.

Other Daily Burn apps

In addition to At Home Workouts, the Apple App Store offers three activity-specific apps from Daily Burn:

  • Running by Daily Burn
  • Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn
  • HIIT Workouts by Daily Burn

These apps are slightly more personalized. After you enter your personal information, fitness level, goals, available equipment, and time available to dedicate to your workouts, the app develops a program for you to follow.

For instance, the running app has options for training for a race, getting fit, getting faster, and starting a running program. Once you’ve set your goal, each training run will provide you with instruction through audio cues in your headphones.

Likewise, the yoga and HIIT apps ask you to enter your fitness level, goals, and time available and then provide a more personalized program for you to follow, offering new workouts based on your schedule and goals.


Daily Burn offers numerous programs and workouts, which vary in difficulty level, duration, and fitness goals. The brand also offers apps specific to running, yoga, and HIIT workout routines.

Daily Burn boasts a massive library of workout videos and programs geared toward different fitness goals. Having a wide variety of workout options, programs, durations, and intensities can be helpful when starting and maintaining a workout program.

However, it is concerning that Daily Burn does not provide specific and clear information on its trainers’ required credentials or the process the company uses to hire trainers.

While some of the programs are led by well-known celebrity trainers whose credentials are established (Bob Harper, for example) and some programs list trainer bios, not all of the trainers’ bios specifically indicate any formal certification or training within the field.

It’s certainly possible for a workout to be enjoyable and potentially even effective when led by someone other than a certified trainer. However, the industry standard in fitness is that trainers should hold a nationally recognized certification from a National Commission for Certifying Agencies-accredited organization.

This is because people must follow certain parameters when building safe and effective workout programs. Workouts must include a warmup and cooldown, be progressive (within a workout and within a larger program), and be appropriately geared to a desired fitness/experience level.

Trainers must be well versed in specifics such as proper form and ways to modify movements for beginners, people who have injuries or pain, and pregnant people. They should also understand musculature, training principles of progressive overload, and how to balance exercises to avoid excess strain that could lead to injuries.

Trainers with nationally recognized certifications — including those from ACE, ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ISSA, NESTA, NETA, NFPT, and NCCPT — have been trained and tested to a minimum industry standard across all these training principles.

You can feel confident that trainers with these certifications have at least a solid baseline knowledge of developing safe and effective programs.

Without knowing that all of Daily Burn’s trainers are properly credentialed, it’s impossible to say for sure that all of the company’s programs are safe and effective.


Daily Burn workouts may help you burn calories, build muscle, lose weight, gain flexibility, and increase endurance.

But without clearly defined requirements for trainer credentials — and with trainer bios not always indicating certifications — it’s impossible to know whether all the brand’s programs are safe or designed effectively.

Before investing in Daily Burn, you may want to keep a few drawbacks in mind.

No trainer or coach certifications listed

Daily Burn does not clearly disclose its requirements for trainers, such as certifications, ongoing continuing education, degrees in the field, and years of experience.

Because the company does not disclose this information prominently on the site before members pay for a subscription, it’s impossible to feel confident that all the trainers are properly credentialed.

It is possible to find information on individual trainers once you access a program or workout.

However, some trainers’ bios do not include any information about whether they hold current or previous certifications. This makes it difficult to have full confidence that Daily Burn programs are safe or effective.

No personal coaching or training

Although Daily Burn features an online community, it does not offer personal coaching or one-on-one training.

For this reason, it may not be a good fit for people who need additional support or motivation to meet their goals.

It is also not ideal for beginners who want personalized feedback on posture or technique to maximize their workouts’ effectiveness and prevent injuries.

Additionally, although some nutrition resources and recipes are available on the company’s blog, Daily Burn is mostly focused on fitness. Therefore, those who want a program that also includes dietary advice may need to look elsewhere.

Online only

Daily Burn requires an internet connection to stream workouts. Currently, there’s no option to save or download workouts for use offline. And if you cancel your subscription, you lose access to the entire online library of workouts.

If you have any issues while using the app, customer support is available only via email. This may be somewhat inconvenient, especially if you experience a problem that requires immediate attention.


Daily Burn does not currently offer personal coaching and provides only limited resources on nutrition. A reliable internet connection is required, and customer support is available only through email.

Daily Burn is a subscription-based service that starts at $19.95 per month at the time of this writing.

Daily Burn also offers activity-specific apps for HIIT, yoga, and running. These range in price from $5 to $10 per month.

The total price point is comparable to those of competitor programs — for example, Obé costs $24.99 per month, Peloton costs $12.99 per month, and iFit costs $15 per month.

Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial, so you can determine whether it’s the right fit before you fully commit.

Although the program does not have any hidden costs or fees, you may want to consider investing in some basic exercise equipment. Many workouts do not use any equipment, but some require basics such as dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, and medicine balls.


Daily Burn starts at $19.95 per month. Individual HIIT, yoga, and running apps are also available for $5–$10 per month. Exercise equipment is not required, but you may need it for certain workouts.

First developed in 2007, Daily Burn has a long-standing reputation as a well-known online fitness company. But user reviews offer a wide range of positive and negative feedback on the brand, largely depending on where you look.

Reviews on the Apple App Store are largely positive. The At Home Workouts app maintains an impressive 4.8-star rating, and the Running, Yoga, and HIIT apps have ratings of 4.5, 4.4, and 4.3 stars, respectively. Users mention the wide range of workouts, the online community, and the daily live workouts as positive features.

Reviews on the Google Play store and on Amazon are a little less positive, with ratings of 3.7 and 3.6 stars, respectively. While most users say they enjoy the workouts and programs, the app appears to be glitchy, with many users complaining of login and subscription issues.

Finally, reviews on Trustpilot are poor, at best, with Daily Burn ranking 1.8 stars. The complaints are fairly similar across the board: Users are not sure how the company got their payment information, and they say the company makes it difficult to cancel a subscription or receive a refund.

Users say customer service practices are poor when it comes to subscription changes.

Several similar services offer online streaming workouts as well. Some of the most popular alternatives to Daily Burn are:

Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness offers a library of more than 10,000 workouts of varying styles, lengths, levels, and intensities. It also provides 20 live workouts per day, an online community you can interact with, and curated programs you can follow to work toward your goals.

Additionally, the brand makes it easy to find information on all of its trainers.


You can download and use the Peloton app from Google Play, Amazon, Roku, or the Apple App Store without owning one of Peloton’s bikes, treadmills, or rowers.

The app provides a wide range of workouts and programs, including strength, boxing, running, cycling, yoga, and meditation. You can filter classes by length, intensity, style, and even music genre to help match your preferences and goals.

Information on Peloton’s instructors is easily accessible on the Peloton website and app.


iFit is NordicTrack’s fitness app. It’s available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

While many programs are compatible with NordicTrack cardio equipment, the app includes thousands of workouts for strength training, yoga, cycling, rowing, and cross-training.

Trainer information and certifications are readily available on the iFit website.

Monthly costClass typesProsCons
Obé Fitness$24.99/month• yoga
• meditation
• barre
• Pilates
• strength
• boxing
• cardio
• dance
• prenatal
• postnatal
• kids
• cycling
• mini-trampoline
• library of 10,000+ classes
• 20 live classes per day
• trainer information readily available and accessible
• compatible with Apple, Google Play, Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, and Chromecast
• most expensive option on this list
• no running workouts
Peloton$12.99/month• strength
• boxing
• running
• cycling
• rowing
• yoga
• meditation
• Pilates
• barre
• boot camps
• wide range of class types
• audio options to listen to trainer cues when exercising outside
• trainer information readily available and accessible
• compatible with Apple, Google Play, Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, AirPlay, LG, and Chromecast
• not as many cardio options as some other apps
• no options specific to prenatal/postnatal period
iFit$15/month• running
• walking
• hiking
• cycling
• rowing
• strength
• yoga
• cardio-based workouts designed to be used in conjunction with NordicTrack cardio equipment (but NordicTrack equipment is not required to use the app)
• trainer information readily available and accessible
• available on Google Play and Apple App Store
• not as many class options as other apps
• no options specific to prenatal/postnatal period
Daily Burn$19.95• barre
• yoga
• Pilates
• kickboxing
• stretching
• full-body training
• strength training
• pregnancy/postnatal programming
• streams to multiple devices
• audio options to listen to trainer cues when exercising outside
• option to chat with other users
• positive user reviews
• available on Google Play and Apple App Store
• no information on instructor credentials
• daily workouts available for only 24 hours

Daily Burn is one of many workout apps available online.

Because it offers so many fitness classes and programs, it may be worth considering if you want to experiment to find the right workout for you.

However, you should heavily vet each workout to verify that the trainer is properly credentialed. The fact that the company does not make this information easily accessible on its website remains a top detractor for the brand.

The daily live workout is a benefit that makes it somewhat different from other apps, although Obé Fitness also offers live workouts daily.

Daily Burn does not offer individual classes or personal coaching, so it is not ideal for those seeking extra support or motivation.

Additionally, although it’s competitively priced, many fitness classes are available to stream for free online, and these may be a better option if you’re on a tight budget.

It’s best to talk with a healthcare professional before starting a new workout program, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.


Daily Burn is best suited for people seeking weight loss and strength-building exercises, as well as those who are open to experimenting with different workouts. However, it’s not likely to be a great fit if you’re on a tight budget or need extra support.

Is Daily Burn legit?

Daily Burn is a legitimate company and website offering fitness workouts, classes, and programs through various fitness apps. However, it’s not clear whether all the brand’s trainers are legitimately credentialed and certified. This is a concern about the brand.

Is Daily Burn good for beginners?

Daily Burn provides a wide range of workouts with different durations and intensities that are geared toward beginners. However, without knowing whether the brand’s trainers are properly credentialed, it’s impossible to say whether the workouts are actually safe and effective for beginners.

You would need to vet each individual trainer to ensure that the beginner workouts are, in fact, designed by a trainer who is credentialed in the field. This information is not readily available on the Daily Burn website without a subscription.

Does Daily Burn really work?

Anecdotal information indicates that some people have success when following Daily Burn programs.

Really, any fitness program that you follow consistently can “work” to help you meet your goals. The key is to follow a program that has been developed by a trained professional to be safe, progressive, and modifiable for individual needs.

However, it’s unclear whether all of Daily Burn’s programs have been developed by trained professionals.

Daily Burn offers a wide variety of online workout classes.

It’s competitively priced and has a user-friendly interface that can help you track your progress.

However, the brand has chosen not to make information about its trainers readily available and accessible to users. This calls into question its validity as a quality fitness company.

Because plenty of other services are available, offering similar classes and more information on their hiring process and requirements, Daily Burn may not be the best option out there for online workout classes.