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Olly, Thorne, and FullWell are among the best vitamins for hair growth and thickness. See what other products our nutritionists recommend.

While factors such as age, genetics, hormones, and medication may affect your hair, nutrition is key for hair health throughout life. In particular, vitamins B, C, and D, plus iron and zinc, appear to play important roles in hair growth and thickness.

Some supplements are formulated with these nutrients to support hair growth, strength, and thickness. But sometimes, a multivitamin or a nutrient-specific supplement will do.

Here are seven high quality supplements that supply the nutrients your hair needs.

A note on price

Prices for vitamins that support hair growth may range from $0.04—$2.93 per serving, or $12.59—$88 per container.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $0.25 per serving
  • $$ = $0.25–$1.00 per serving
  • $$$ = $1.01–$1.50 per serving
  • $$$$ = over $1.50 per serving
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3This product has been third-party tested by an accredited lab to ensure purity and potency.

Product and
Best for
Nutrafol Women
women with hair thinning
OLLY Heavenly Hair3
people who prefer gummies
Garden of Life mykind Organics Women’s Once Daily3v
women who want a multivitamin to support hair health
Ritual Essentials for Men Multivitamin 18+3v
men who want a multivitamin to support hair health
FullWell Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin3
pregnant or nursing women
Ritual Essentials for Women Postnatal Multivitamin3v
postpartum women
Thorne Collagen Plus
people who prefer a powder supplement

3= This product has been third-party tested by an accredited lab to ensure purity and potency. v= vegan

  • Brand reputation and quality testing: All the products on our list are manufactured by reputable brands and tested for quality. In the absence of third-party testing, we look for products from reputable companies that manufacture in facilities that comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Effective ingredients: We chose products containing nutrients that have been shown to be important for hair growth. We also prioritized supplements that contain more easily absorbed forms of nutrients.
  • Type of supplement: This list features supplements to suit a variety of needs and preferences.
  • Your individual needs: Getting enough vitamins and minerals is important for supporting healthy hair, but consuming too much of some, such as vitamins A and E, could lead to hair loss and even vitamin toxicity. It’s wise to consult a healthcare professional to see which supplements are worth adding to your wellness routine.
  • A doctor’s recommendations: A doctor can determine the cause of your hair loss and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Third-party testing: It’s always a good idea to choose supplements that have been third-party tested to help ensure that they are safe and that their labels are accurate.

The nutrients most often associated with supporting healthy hair growth include vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and iron.

Olly hair vitamins are a good gummy option for individuals who prefer not to, or cannot swallow pills. They contain zinc, as well as amla extract, which may support hair density and growth.

The best supplements for hair loss in women will likely contain nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin D that support hair growth.

For example, Nutrafol Women is our top pick for best subscription supplement for hair health. The company also makes a product specifically formulated to help with postpartum hair loss.

Vitamins and supplements may support hair growth by providing essential nutrients that might be missing from your diet. While individual results vary, products rich in vitamins B, C, D, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to healthier hair.

It’s important to choose products based on scientific research and to have realistic expectations about their effectiveness.

Identifying the number 1 hair growth product is challenging due to the variety of hair types and causes of hair loss. However, Nutrafol is our top pick for its comprehensive approach and clinical backing. It targets multiple potential triggers for hair thinning and loss, making it a popular choice.

It’s best to work with a doctor because the best pill for hair growth will depend in your individual needs and the cause of your hair challenges, such as possible nutritional deficiencies or other health issues.

Vitamins and supplements can be a good option for improving hair growth and thickness if they are formulated with evidence-based ingredients like vitamins B, C, and D, iron, zinc, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you or someone you know has questions about hair loss, a helpful first step is talking with a healthcare professional to help determine what’s causing the hair loss and create a treatment plan based on your individual needs.