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The prostate is a gland that’s part of the male reproductive system. It’s about the size of a walnut, wraps around the upper part of the urethra, and is responsible for making most of the fluid in semen (1).

As a result, enlargement or inflammation of the prostate can negatively affect sexual function and urination.

In general, three main problems can occur in the prostate (1, 2, 3):

  • Prostatitis: inflammation or infection of the prostate
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH): age-related enlargement of the prostate
  • Prostate cancer: a form of cancer that occurs in the prostate. It’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men worldwide and fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in men.

While supplements cannot treat or cure these conditions, limited research suggests that some may help ease symptoms that are associated with prostate inflammation (4, 5, 6, 7).

The supplements on this list were selected based on the following criteria:

  • manufacturing occurs in a facility that follows the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations
  • third-party certification for quality and safety by organizations like NSF International, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), or United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • their content of research-backed ingredients for prostate health
  • the quality of their ingredients and content of artificial additives

Note that evidence regarding the effectiveness of prostate health supplements is often relatively weak, and it’s best to discuss their use with a medical professional.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that these supplements do not cure or treat prostatitis, BPH, or prostate cancer.

Always consult a healthcare professional if you notice any possible signs of prostate infection or cancer.

A note on price

General price ranges with dollar signs ($ to $$$) are indicated below. One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher price range.

Generally, prices range from $0.21–$1.09 per serving, or $18.65–$79.80 per container, though this may vary depending on where you shop.

Note that serving sizes vary by product.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $0.25 per serving
  • $$ = $0.25–$0.50 per serving
  • $$$ = over $0.50 per serving

Best subscription prostate health supplement

Persona Prostate Support

Price: $$

Persona Prostate Support contains three patented ingredients — Pacran, a cranberry powder, Lycopene, a tomato-based supplement that supports men’s health, and Phytopin, a source of plant sterols that may help treat prostate issues (32).

In addition, the cranberry powder in this supplement is known to help with bladder and prostate health.

This supplement is free of all major allergens, gluten, and GMO.

When ordering from Persona, a subscription-based service, you are able to take an assessment that allows users to find vitamins and supplements based on their own needs.

You are also able to speak directly to a nutritionist to ask about any ingredients and dietary information in the supplement.

Best overall prostate health supplement

Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto

Price: $

Unlike many supplements advertised for prostate health, Havasu Nutrition’s supplement only contains one active ingredient — saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is one of the more common herbs used to treat prostate issues.

Animal, test-tube, and limited human studies have shown that saw palmetto improves symptoms of BPH and reduces inflammation. It may also help protect against the growth of cancer cells in the prostate (4, 8, 9, 10).

Saw palmetto also contains a plant sterol called beta-sitosterol, which has likewise been linked to benefits for prostate health (5).

However, keep in mind that saw palmetto may not be well tolerated by all individuals. Headache, nausea, dizziness, constipation, and allergic reaction are the most commonly reported side effects (11).

Additionally, while promising, more research in humans is needed to confirm the long-term effectiveness and optimal dose of saw palmetto (12).

Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto supplements are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested in an ISO-certified lab.

Each capsule contains an extra-strength 500-mg dose of saw palmetto. It’s recommended to take one capsule per day, or as your doctor advises.

Best softgel prostate health supplement

NOW Supplements Beta-Sitosterol Plant Sterols

Price: $$

NOW Supplements is family-owned and operated. Its products are manufactured in a GMP-registered facility and certified by Underwriters Laboratories — an independent testing company that ensures quality and safety.

These softgels contain beta-sitosterol, a plant compound that’s part of a group of substances known as phytosterols.

While phytosterols have been shown to help lower cholesterol levels, beta-sitosterol, in particular, has also been studied for its potential role in prostate health due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (5).

Limited test-tube, animal, and human studies have found that beta-sitosterol may reduce urinary symptoms associated with BPH and help protect against cancer cell growth (5, 13, 14).

In addition to 400 mg of beta-sitosterol, each two-capsule serving contains 120 mg of fish oil, which has likewise been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties (15, 16).

However, research on fish oil’s benefits on prostate health specifically is currently inconclusive (16).

Best prostate health capsules

Life Extension PalmettoGaurd Saw Palmetto Nettle Root Formula with Beta-Sitosterol

Price: $$

Life Extension is a supplement company that’s known for producing high quality supplements in an NSF-registered GMP facility.

Each supplement contains a certificate of analysis that allows you to confirm the quality and accuracy of the product you’re buying.

Life Extension PalmettoGaurd is one of the better supplement options, as it consists of just five active ingredients to support prostate health — saw palmetto, nettle root extract, beta-sitosterol, boron, and rosemary extract.

Nettle (Urtica dioica) root is commonly used in herbal medicine to help reduce pain and inflammation. Limited studies in humans have also suggested that it may reduce urinary symptoms associated with BPH (6, 17).

One study in 100 men with BPH found that taking 600 mg per day of nettle extract for 8 weeks significantly improved reported BPH symptoms, compared with a placebo (6).

This supplement also contains saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol, which may be more effective than consuming saw palmetto on its own (14).

One study in 66 men with BPH found saw palmetto supplements to be more effective at lowering levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) — a protein that can signal an issue with prostate health — and improving urinary symptoms when combined with beta-sitosterol (14).

For best results, it’s recommended to take two capsules per day, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

NOW Supplements Pygeum and Saw Palmetto

Price: $$

Along with NOW’s beta-sitosterol supplement, NOW Pygeum and Saw Palmetto is manufactured in a GMP-registered facility and certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

In addition to 160 mg of saw palmetto per 2-capsule serving, this supplement provides 50 mg of pygeum and 1.5 grams of pumpkin seed oil.

Pygeum is an herbal extract from the bark of the African cherry tree (Prunus africana). Limited test-tube and human studies have shown that it may treat prostatitis and protect against the growth of cancerous cells (18, 19).

An older review also found that it reduced symptoms of BPH (20).

However, it’s worth noting that the studies included in the review were small, short, and didn’t compare the effectiveness of pygeum with standard medical interventions (20).

Due to its high concentration of anti-inflammatory plant compounds, pumpkin seed oil has also been studied for its potential role in reducing symptoms associated with chronic prostatitis and BPH (21, 22, 23).

In one study involving 47 people with BPH, taking 320 mg of pumpkin seed oil or a mix of pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto per day was found to significantly improve symptoms of BPH within 6 months (23).

For best results, it’s recommended to take two capsules with food two times per day, or as your doctor advises.

Best vegan prostate health supplement

Pure Encapsulations ProstaFlo

Price: $$

Pure Encapsulations products are made in an NSF-registered facility and certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).
Its ProstaFlo supplement stands out, as its only active ingredient is ryegrass pollen extract.

One review of 10 studies found that pollen extracts significantly improved symptoms in people with chronic prostatitis, including improvements in pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and painful urination and ejaculation (7).

Despite containing a pollen extract, ProstaFlo is hypoallergenic, as the allergic outer husk of the rye pollen is removed during processing.

Each capsule contains 320 mg of ryegrass pollen extract and is free of major allergens and artificial colors and sweeteners. They’re also vegan-friendly.

Best probiotic prostate health supplement

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Prostate+

Price: $$$

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Prostate+ is a high-quality product that’s gluten-free, non-GMO verified, and third-party tested by NSF. It’s also unique in that it targets both your gut and prostate health.

Each two-capsule serving contains 164 mg of a shelf-stable probiotic blend. Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that have been linked to several benefits for health, including supporting your immune system and boosting digestive health (24).

While more research is needed, bacterial imbalances in the gut are thought to be another potential risk factor for prostate inflammation and prostate cancer (25).

This supplement also contains organic cranberry powder, which has been suggested to help improve prostate health.

In one 6-month study, 42 men with elevated PSA levels were given 1,500 mg of cranberry extract daily (26).

At the end of the study, those taking the cranberry extract had significant improvements in urinary symptoms and lowered PSA levels (26).

For best results, it’s recommended to take two capsules per day, with or without food.

When buying supplements, it’s always important to purchase from a brand and retailer that you trust. Additionally, look for products that are free of — or contain very few — artificial additives.

While the FDA regulates dietary supplements, it does so differently than how it regulates pharmaceuticals (27).

To ensure quality and accuracy, look for supplements that are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested by an organization like USP, NSF, or ISO.

Additionally, it’s also important to be aware that certain ingredients commonly found in supplements advertised for prostate health aren’t backed by scientific studies. Plus, some may even have negative effects on prostate health.

While more research is needed, there’s concern that consuming high amounts of vitamin E, zinc, and selenium may increase the risk of prostate cancer in some populations (28, 29, 30, 31).

Finally, many prostate supplements contain a blend of herbs. As many herbs can interact with certain preexisting medical conditions and medications, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional to check for any potential ingredient interactions.

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Issues with prostate health can negatively affect several aspects of your life due to potential urinary and sexual pain or dysfunction.

While more research is needed, some supplements may help reduce the inflammation that’s associated with symptoms of prostate issues.

Before taking any supplements, talk with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations on the type and dose of prostate supplements to take.