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Meal delivery services can be an easy way to add more variety to your diet while helping you save time on meal prep.

Prepared meal delivery services are especially convenient, with many offering meals that can be simply reheated and enjoyed — with no cooking, cutting, or cleaning required.

However, not all prepared meal delivery services are created equal.

The prepared meal delivery services included in this article were selected based on the following criteria:

  • price
  • availability
  • menu variety
  • ingredient quality

Here are the 10 best prepared meal delivery services.

Most affordable

Real Eats

Real Eats offers fully prepared meals that are healthy and convenient.
You can choose to have 4, 6, 8, or 12 dinners delivered per week, either with or without breakfast.

The company offers a variety of plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free meals on its menu, along with add-ons like soups, snacks, smoothies, and drinks.

Meals are made using high quality ingredients free of fillers, binders, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Ingredients are also mostly seasonal and sourced from local suppliers whenever possible.

Plans start at $8 per serving, and prices vary depending on the number of meals you select.

Although shipping is currently only available in 21 states, the company’s delivery zone is quickly expanding, and shipping is free on all orders.

Best organic

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal delivery service that provides a variety of organic meals, snacks, and smoothies.

In fact, the company’s menu boasts an array of options, including oat bowls, flatbreads, soups, harvest bowls, lattes, and more.

In addition to being fully organic, all meals are vegan, gluten-free, and require just one step of preparation.

Each weekly box contains 9–24 items, which range in price from $6–$9 each.

Shipping is free, and delivery is available throughout most of the contiguous United States.

Best for athletes

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition provides fully prepared meals tailored to fit a variety of diets, with a rotating menu of paleo, keto, vegan, and vegetarian options.

While the needs of individual athletes vary, these meals may be appropriate fuel for exercise and recovery.

All Trifecta Nutrition meals feature lean proteins, complex carbs, and veggies, and the company uses organic and sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure quality.

The micronutrient ratio may differ between plans. For example, the company’s keto meals provide minimal carbs with less than 10 grams of net carbs per meal.

When signing up, you can opt to receive one to four meals per day for either 5 or 7 days per week.

Prices range from $108–$119 per week, and shipping is free anywhere in the United States.

Best for weight loss


BistroMD is a meal delivery service designed to promote weight loss.

The menu provides numerous low calorie options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the company offers several programs, including gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and heart-healthy meal plans.

You can also enter your preferences online and select meals from the full menu to create your own custom plan.

You can order meals either 5 or 7 days per week, and programs start at $98, which also includes access to the company’s team of registered dietitians.

Shipping is available throughout the contiguous United States for a flat fee of $19.95.

Best gluten-free

The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen specializes in prepared meals that are balanced, nutritious, and sustainably sourced.

All meals are produced in a gluten-free, soy-free, and peanut-free facility, making it a great choice for those with food allergies or intolerances.

You can also filter meals based on your dietary preferences, and options are available for vegetarian, ketogenic, paleo, Whole30, low fat, and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diets.

Prices range depending on how many meals you order, but subscriptions typically cost $13–$14 per serving.

The Good Kitchen is available throughout the contiguous United States, and shipping is free on all orders.

Best for older adults

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen offers a range of fully prepared meals to fit a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

Unlike other services, the company offers meal plans tailored to several specific health conditions, including dialysis-friendly, low sodium, renal, and diabetic-friendly diets.

Magic Kitchen also has a menu designed specifically for older adults, with meals that are nutritionally balanced and low in sodium.

Meals are ordered à la carte, and prices range from $12–$15 per serving. Bundles are also available, which offer meal packs at a discounted price.

Magic Kitchen offers delivery throughout the contiguous United States, and shipping fees are determined at checkout.

Best for diabetes


Diet-to-Go aims to make healthy eating easy, offering fully prepared meals that are dietitian-approved.

In addition to the company’s signature Balance menu, ketogenic and vegetarian meal plans are available.

Diet-to-Go also has a menu designed specifically for people with type 2 diabetes, which is heart-healthy, calorie-controlled, and fully customizable.

When signing up, you can select your plan, personalize your menu, and order two or three meals per day for either 5 or 7 days per week.

Prices range from $8.50–$12.50 per meal, and shipping is available anywhere in the contiguous United States for $19.98 per week.

Best for keto

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen helps take the work out of weekly meal prep by delivering healthy dishes directly to your door.

In addition to a balanced meal plan, low carb, high protein, and keto-friendly menus are available.

You can also customize your weekly meal plan by selecting your favorite dishes from the company’s full menu.

You can order either 6 or 12 meals per week, which cost between $9.58–$11.67 per serving, and shipping is free for areas within the company’s delivery zone.

Best for paleo


Featuring over 20 dietitian-designed meals each week, Factor offers a variety of paleo-friendly dishes.

When placing your order, you can filter the weekly menu to view recipes that are suitable for paleo, ketogenic, low calorie, low carb, or vegetarian diets.

Factor uses fresh, never frozen ingredients, and all meals are free of hormones, antibiotics, refined sugars, and GMOs.

You can choose either 6, 8, or 12 meals per week, which start at $11.50 per meal, and Factor provides free shipping throughout the contiguous United States.

Best for vegetarians

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that makes it easier than ever to follow a plant-based diet.

The company offers a rotating menu of breakfast smoothies, grain bowls, soups, and noodle dishes, all of which are vegan and gluten-free.

You can also select from several plans, which provide options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for 5 days per week. Some plans also include a “reset day,” which consists of light soups.

Plans range from $9–$13 per serving, depending on the meals you select.
Splendid Spoon offers free shipping, and delivery is available anywhere in the contiguous United States.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a prepared meal delivery service that’s right for you.

First, look for a company that offers a diverse menu with a variety of options to fit your specific food preferences and dietary restrictions.

You should also choose a service that uses high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Checking the ingredient lists carefully can help you steer clear of meals pumped full of excess sodium, added sugars, or artificial preservatives.

Finally, be sure to consider the cost and select a meal delivery service that’s within your budget and available in your area.

Many prepared meal delivery services are on the market, and they can help you enjoy healthy meals at home.

There are also options for many specific diets and food preferences, including services tailored specifically to older adults, vegetarians, athletes, and more.

When picking a meal delivery service, be sure to take factors like cost, availability, variety, and quality into consideration.