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Declared the world’s best fitness experience, Aaptiv is a fitness app that combines motivating music with structured workout programs.

Since its inception in 2016, nearly 200,000 members have joined the app to take on Aaptiv’s fitness programs.

Despite the app’s growing popularity, you may wonder whether Aaptiv is another one-size-fits-all fitness app or one that can help you live a healthier life according to your personal goals and preferences.

This article reviews the pros and cons of the Aaptiv fitness app so you can determine whether the app is the right fitness approach for you.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, run farther or faster, or simply stay fit, the Aaptiv app offers a personalized approach to fitness.

The app meets you at your current fitness level and plans your workouts based on your fitness goals, what type of workouts you prefer, and the exercise equipment to which you have access.

The app features audio-based instruction from certified personal trainers to guide you through the workouts, as well as preset musical inspiration.

For exercises that you may not be familiar with, the app includes video demonstrations on how to perform them.

Although Aaptiv plans workouts based on your fitness level and preferences, you can also browse the app’s library of workouts, which you can do at home, outdoors, or at your local gym.

These workouts target individual muscle groups or your full body, and they last anywhere from 3 minutes to over 2 hours depending on the workout type.

Here are the workout types you can choose from on the app:

  • treadmill
  • stretching
  • strength training
  • stair climber
  • outdoor running
  • yoga
  • elliptical
  • indoor cycling
  • Pilates
  • barre
  • meditation

Aaptiv also offers specialty workout regimens for those who want to train for a marathon, stay active during pregnancy, or incorporate suspension training using the TRX system, also known as Total Resistance exercises.

While you’re not assigned a specific trainer per se, you can choose workouts from your personalized plan led by a trainer who you find better suits your personality or preferences.

The app allows you to track workout-related statistics like duration, frequency, and miles run over the course of a week, while allowing you to compare trends by week, month, and all-time.

It also tracks calories burned, but this number is an estimation and may be inaccurate (1).


The Aaptiv fitness app provides audio-based instruction by certified personal trainers. The workout programs are tailored to your fitness goals and preferences.

The Aaptiv fitness app offers several benefits that may make it an ideal fitness solution for you.

Highly personalized

After you sign up for an Aaptiv membership, you’re asked a series of questions related to your fitness level, preferences, and goals.

Based on your answers to these questions, the Aaptiv algorithm provides you personalized workouts and programs.

As you meet your fitness goals or your preferences change, you have the option to change your training plan and workouts or incorporate new healthy habits into your daily routine.

You also have the power to choose how often and what days you workout to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule.

Because Aaptiv incorporates your fitness goals and preferences, you’re more likely to stay motivated and stick with the program long term, compared with a less individualized program (2, 3, 4, 5).

Highly accessible and provides a support community

Whether you’re spending a weekend at your in-laws for the holidays or traveling for work, if you have an Apple or Android device, you have access to Aaptiv workouts.

The app requires access to Wi-Fi or the use of cellular data, but you can also download any Aaptiv class ahead of time, allowing you to stay on track with your fitness goals wherever you’re at — hassle and worry-free.

Aaptiv also has a community feed where members can post messages, trade encouragement, interact with the Aaptiv trainers, and hold each other accountable.

For additional accountability, the Aaptiv app gives you the option to allow notifications on your phone to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Workouts are ever-changing

With the release of more than 40 new workout classes every week and unlimited access to 2,500 guided workouts, it’s unlikely that your workouts will ever become stale or repetitive.

The Aaptiv app also features team challenges that you can join to mix things up, feed your competitive nature, or further challenge yourself in a team setting.


The Aaptiv app provides you workouts that align with your fitness preferences and goals. Other benefits of the app include its accessibility, support community, and continuous release of new workouts and challenges.

Although the Aaptiv app has several benefits, it also has downsides you may want to consider.


The Aaptiv workout programs are audio-based and designed to be listened to without watching a screen or staring at your phone.

While the trainers provide detailed directions and guidance throughout the workouts, it can be easy to become lost or out of sync with the trainer’s directions if you’re not familiar with certain exercises.

However, each workout program includes video demonstrations for most of the exercises so that you can refresh yourself on how to perform certain them or learn new ones.

Still, these demonstrations don’t line up with the audio, so you must pause the audio before you watch the videos to stay on track with the trainer’s direction.

Having to refer back and forth to the demonstration videos for directions or guidance can be inconvenient and interrupt the flow of your workouts.

Additionally, the loudness of the background music sometimes makes it difficult to hear and follow along with the trainer’s directions.

Minimal focus on nutrition

Although the Aaptiv app allows you to add nutrition-related goals to your fitness plan, such as to drink more water, eat more slowly, and incorporate more fresh, whole foods into your diet, it lacks a strong nutrition component.

Ensuring good nutrition is not only important for optimizing workout performance and recovery but also key for weight loss — if that’s your goal.

The workout programs offered through the Aaptiv app can certainly help you burn calories, but whether you lose weight largely comes down to your diet.

Studies have shown that among people who have overweight or obesity, implementing dietary changes along with exercise leads to greater weight loss than implementing dietary changes or exercise alone, as well as that diet alone is more important than exercise alone for weight loss (6, 7).

However, for long-term weight loss maintenance, a combination of diet and exercise are likely equally essential (8).

In either case, without a strong focus on nutrition, you may experience suboptimal weight loss results — regardless of your fitness goals — with Aaptiv unless you have your diet in check.


Consider that the Aaptiv fitness app is audio-based, as well as that it lacks a strong nutritional component, in your buying decision.

You can download the Aaptiv fitness app on both Apple and Android devices.

The app offers a 7-day free trial with an Aaptiv membership, so you can determine whether you want to purchase a membership plan.

Still, to receive the free trial, you must enter your credit or debit card information.

If you don’t cancel your membership prior to the end of the free trial, you’ll be billed the annual membership fee of $99.99 plus tax.

Along with a yearly subscription, Aaptiv offers a monthly membership, which you can cancel anytime, for $14.99 plus tax.

Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel.

Note that if you decide that you don’t like the Aaptiv app, you must go to the website to cancel the trial, as you’re unable to cancel through the app itself.


You can try Aaptiv risk-free for 7 days. If you decide that you like the app, you can purchase a monthly or annual membership.

Fitness apps like Aaptiv are useful tools that can help you form healthy habits like exercising regularly.

Building healthy habits is not only the foundation for meeting your short-term fitness goals but also ensuring your long-term health — but it takes time and practice (9, 10).

When deciding whether the Aaptiv app is right for you, ask yourself if you can see yourself engaged with the app and completing the workouts 6 months or 1 year from now.

If you can’t, then Aaptiv probably isn’t right for you.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a member of Aaptiv for life, but it shouldn’t be looked at as a short-term solution.

Also, keep in mind that there may be a learning curve with the app depending on your fitness level.

Although the app provides helpful demonstration videos of certain exercises, you’re not provided feedback on your own exercise techniques.

In either case, it’s worth the 7-day free trial to see whether Aaptiv is the right fitness solution for you.

Just remember to cancel your plan if you don’t think Aaptiv will help you reach your fitness goals or find it unsustainable.


Take advantage of the 7-day free trial to determine whether the app is a sustainable fitness solution for you.

Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app that provides workout instructions from certified personal trainers accompanied by motivating music.

The app is highly personalized, taking into account your fitness level, preferences, and goals to design your fitness plan and workouts.

You can use the Aaptiv’s 7-day free trial offer to determine whether the app fits your lifestyle.

Get started with the Aaptiv fitness app here.