The superficial temporal veins are located on either side of the head. These veins start on the sides of the skull at a plexus. A venous plexus is the congregation of multiple veins in one location. 

The superficial temporal veins form branches with the frontal vein, supraorbital vein, posterior auricular vein, and occipital vein. The parietal and frontal branches of veins rise from this network of veins and unite on top of the zygomatic arches. The zygomatic arches are more commonly known as the cheekbones, which are located on the sides of the skull. 

The trunk of the superficial temporal veins is located where the parietal and frontal branches of the veins unite. The veins in this area of the skull are joined by the middle temporal vein, which is located in the temporalis muscle. The temporalis muscle is on the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects the top and bottom jaws and allows you to chew.