A ligament is a short piece of fibrous connective tissue that connects bones with other bones. Some ligaments limit movements of joints or prevent certain connections. Tendons connect muscles to bones. One difference between tendons and ligaments is that ligaments, when under stress, will lengthen and then return to their original shape when the stress is removed. The short plantar ligament is a ligament of the foot. It is also known as the plantar calcaneocuboid ligament.

It connects the heel bone (calcaneus) to the plantar (downward) surface of the cuboid bone, one of the seven tarsal bones of the foot. It is short, wide, and can withstand heavy forces. The short plantar ligament is an integral component of the lateral arch of the foot. The other parts of this structure include the long plantar ligament, calcaneus bone, cuboid bone, and the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones. The ligaments, the muscles of the little toe, and the extensor tendons maintain the integrity of this arch.